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CL Hawks Take Luling to the Wood Shed in Win, 57-30

Boys Basketball, Game Article | December 7, 2016

Canyon Lake took Luling out to the wood-shed in their win over Eagls after spotting the home team to a 2 point first quarter lead before laying the wood in a, 57-30 victory. “We started off slow, but really picked it up on the defensive end, which led to steals and easy points,” Head Basketball […]

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Lady Hawks Beat Austin Crockett, 52-37

Canyon Lake took a 5 point first quarter deficit and finish with a 15 point win over Austin Crockett on Tuesday night in Austin, 52-37. “It was rough at the beginning,” Head Coach Zach Burleson started. “We were frustrated but battled through it. It’s good to come back from adversity. Then again, I need to […]

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This Week @ Canyon Lake

This Week @ Canyon Lake Tuesday December 6 CL Hawks Freshman @ Luling 5:00pm Boys Basketball CL Hawks JV 2 @ Aus Crockett 5:15pm Girls Baskeball CL Hawks JV @ Luling 6:30pm Boys Basketball CL Hawks JV 1 @ Aus Crockett 6:30pm Girls Basketball CL Hawks @ Luling 7:45pm Boys Basketball CL Hawks @ Aus […]

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Boys Basketball Season Top 3 & All-Time Top 5

Boys Basketball | December 5, 2016

Hawks Top Three field goals made 3pt field goals free throws made Rory Preiss 35 Bennie Brownlee 7 Rory Preiss 19 Joseph Boyd 21 Rory Preiss 6 Bennie Brownlee 17 Bennie Brownlee 14 Ryner Martin 6 Joseph Boyd 7 offensive rebounds defensive rebounds total rebounds Rory Preiss 19 Joseph Boyd 25 Joseph Boyd 37 Heath […]

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Lady Hawks Top 3 and All-Time Top 5 Basketball

Girls Basketball | December 4, 2016

Girl’s Basketball 2016-17 Season Top 3 field goals 3pt goals free throws Reagan Heun 47 Reagan Heun 20 Reagan Heun 61 Alexa Ramos 38 Sarah Russell 12 Alexa Ramos 18 Sarah Russell 32 Char Hutson 2 Jessie Melendez 13 Chelsea Tschoepe 2 offensive rebounds defensive rebounds total rebounds Jessie Melendez 32 Jessie Melendez 56 Jessie […]

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Lady Hawks Learning to Walk before they Sprint to Wins after Canyon Tourney

Canyon Lake Lady Hawks wrestled through another tough tournament while going 1-3 this weekend in New Braunfels at Canyon High School. The Hawks were in all of their games but having such a diverse team that ranges from freshman to seniors on the roster will many times produce those parts of the game where climbing […]

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Somersits on Hawks in Marion Tournament Final

Somersits on Canyon Lake in Championship Game Canyon Lake forged a good two game stint in Marion’s Tournament this week-end but meeting up with Somerset for the second time in one week did not produce any positive results in losing, 80-54 in the Championship contest. The Hawks beat Gregory-Portland and Marion to reach the final […]

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Advertiser’s Pick’em Contest

Football | November 30, 2016

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Top 3 & All-Time Stats for Lady Hawks

Girl’s Basketball 2016-17 Season Top 3 field goals 3pt goals free throws Reagan Heun 36 Reagan Heun        16 Reagan Heun 38 Alexa Ramos 25 Sarah Russell 8 Alexa Ramos 14 Sarah Russell 21 Emily McDonald 1 Jessie Melendez 9 Alexa Ramos 1 Chelsea Tschoepe 1 Char Hutson 1 offensive rebounds defensive rebounds […]

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Lady Hawks Take Down Badgers, 48-38

The Hawk Ladies beat up on the Badgers this past Tuesday with a 10 point victory improving their record to 5-4 for this young season winning, 48-38. “This was a good win for us,” Head Coach Zach Burleson started. “Lampasas is a tough place to play and to be able to come out with a […]

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Hawk’s Find Tough Going in Loss to Somerset, 63-45

Boys Basketball, Game Article | November 29, 2016

Canyon Lake took one on the chin from Somerset as the Bulldog’s bite was bigger than their bark in this loss, 63-45. “It was a learning experience,” Head Coach Lucas Chapman said while trying to shed some positive vibes into this evening’s game. “We did have some players that had good individual effort.” The game […]

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