Softball | April 28, 2017

CL Hawks are Down One Game after 6-2 Loss to LV Bears

Bailey Bryan has been nails with her at bats during her Sophomore Year. (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake is down to a one game season on Saturday an Noon after loosing to La Vernia, 6-2 at Steele High School in a best of three series.

“We have go to hit better and get contact,” Head Coach John Gallagher stated. “We are not seeing good pitches…..with what I saw, I was happy with our defense.”

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CL Boys Soccer Bring Home Honors

James Alexander with a powerful kick as Canyon Lake unveiled one of the best Hawk Playoff Runs (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake’s Boys Soccer team made new trails this year for the Hawks as they played into a battle with Progresso for a chance to be grouped in the Elite 8 this month.

You need to understand on how out of nowhere this team started and ended their season in McAllen, Texas.

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News | April 27, 2017

Jason York for CISD Board of Trustees

Jason York for CISD Board of Trustees

Game Article, Softball | April 26, 2017

Hawks Lose Energy and Game with the Billies, 6-4

Marley Carrizales enters into the playoffs with a .571 batting average.

Canyon Lake did not finish well as the Hawks lost in all three facets of their game against Fredericksburg, 6-4 for a seeding game in Boerne.

Now CL will have a date this Friday with La Vernia at Steele High School with a game time of 7:00pm.

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Player Profile, Softball | April 24, 2017

Carley Dubois Signs Letter of Intent to Play Softball at UofH-Victoria

                              Carley Dubois at her signing for UofH Victoria earlier this year

Canyon Lake had another Athlete sign for a chance of furthering their sports career, when Carley Dubois signed her letter of intent earlier this year with the University of Houston-Victoria.

The Jaguars have a good team and adding a player like Dubois will certainly be a benefit as you can’t teach speed and that is an asset UH-V will be getting with this signing.

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Hasness and Isley Finish 4th in Region Tennis Meet

Tennis has some Odd Balls, Congrats Ian Hasness and Isley Taylor

Canyon Lake’s District 28-4A Champions, Ian Hasness and Taylor Isley finished 4th at the Region Meet held in Corpus Christi last week.

Hasness and Isley beat Wimberley on their way to their 4th place finish as it took 3 sets for the win over the Texans.

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CL Softball has Date with Billies Today in Boerne @ 6pm

                                                         Senior Carley Dubois is ready for a run in the Playoffs!!

Now the fun times begin as Canyon Lake will have an opportunity to have a good opponent to do battle with before facing the 2nd or 3rd seeded team in District 27-4A.

La Vernia is ranked in some polls as they have a decent record of, 24-4-1 and CL can vouch for how tough the Bears can be after spending two years in the same district.

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Track & Field | April 23, 2017

CL Hawks Boys Region IV Track Meet Get Ready, Get Set, Go

Lester Boehm will be at it again this Week-End in Kingsville                                  (photo by Karen Holmes)

Track Regional Meet for the Guys

Canyon Lake will be taking 11 Hawksters to Region !V track meet to be held in Kingsville on April 28-29 for a chance for competing in State.

Competition will be tough for the Boys as there are several teams and athletes that have put up some good times and distances.

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CL Lady Track Team Count Down for the Region Meet

                                               Skylar Hurst is Focused          (photo Karen Holmes)

Track Regional Meet for the Ladies

Canyon Lake has had a few State qualifiers in the past and on the girls side, Marisa Ellis, not only made that final meet but came away as the High Jump Champion that season.

The Region Meet will be a two day event this April 28-29 in Kingsville, Texas.

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Game Article, Softball | April 22, 2017

Hawks Beat Bandera, 12-0 after No-Hit Effort by Mentzer

             Lauren Mentzer pitches a No! No! against Bandera while striking out 14 Dogs!

Canyon Lake goes out in style for their last regular season game with a no-hitter, 14 strikeout, grand slam victory over the Bandera Bulldogs, 12-0.

“They knew what they needed to do,” Head Coach John Gallagher commented after being drenched by the team in recognition of his 100th Hawk win. “We stayed focused all week and went to work right away.”

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Softball’s Season Top 3 and All-Time Top 5

                                                  Bailey Bryan is moving up with a good Sophomore season.

                               SEASON TOP 3
 average                       at bats                    runs
 Marley Carrizales    .571     Maddy Puente        66     Carley Dubois       33
 Carley Dubois        .472     Bailey Bryan        63     Bailey Bryan        29
 Maddy Puente         .455     Marley Carrizales   57     Marley Carrizales   27

 hits                          rbi’s                      extra base hits
 Marley Carrizales      31     Maddy Puente        29     Maddy Puente        11
 Maddy Puente           30     Bailey Bryan        25     Lauren Mentzer       6
 Bailey Bryan           27     Lauren Mentzer      15     Kat Weber            6
                                                          Bailey Bryan         6

 walks                         stolen bases               current hitting streak
 Carley Dubois          13     Carley Dubois       20     Maddy Puente        11
 Bailey Bryan           13     Marley Carrizales   14     Bailey Bryan         8
 Kat Weber              12     Bailey Bryan         9     Marley Carrizales    6

 wins                          earned run average         strikeouts
 Lauren Mentzer         10     Maggie Banks      1.98     Lauren Mentzer     108
 Maddy Puente            5     Lauren Mentzer    2.88     Maddy Puente        19
 Maggie Banks            2     Maddy Puente      2.99     Maggie Banks        16


                               ALL TIME TOP 5
 average (100 or more ab)      at bats (ab)               runs
 Carley Dubois        .448     Alexis Robinson    360     Carley Dubois     121
 Bailey Bryan         .377     Carley Dubois      328     Alexis Robinson   117
 McKenna Beseda       .376     Kelsey Ahrens      328     Kirsten Jones      89
 Alexis Robinson      .375     Vicky Henderson    289     McKenna Beseda     80
 Brianna Young        .367     McKenna Beseda     274     Missy Romero       77

 hits                          runs batted in             doubles
 Carley Dubois         147     Alexis Robinson     94     Alexis Robinson    27
 Alexis Robinson       135     Kelsey Ahrens       76     Brianna Young      24
 Kelsey Ahrens         109     Brianna Young       75     Missy Romero       24
 McKenna Beseda        103     Kat Weber           55     Kelsey Ahrens      24
 Kat Weber              90     Missy Romero        55     Lauren Mentzer     15
 Missy Romero           90

 triples                       home-runs                  singles
 Alexis Robinson        15     Alexis Robinson     11     Carley Dubois     134
 Missy Romero            9     Kelsey Ahrens        7     McKenna Beseda     89
 Carley Dubois           4     Maddy Puente         4     Alexis Robinson    82
 Kat Weber               4     Carley Dubois        2     Kirsten Jones      81
 Kelsey Ahrens           4     Missy Romero         2     Kelsey Ahrens      75
                               Brianna Young        2

 sacrifice hits                hit by pitch               stolen bases
 Kirsten Jones          16     Megan Browning       7     Carley Dubois      98
 Kat Weber               9     Kat Weber            7     Kirsten Jones      45
 Vicky Henderson         9     Carley Dubois        7     Tiffany Arredondo  39
 McKenna Beseda          7     Kirsten Jones        5     McKenna Beseda     33
 Bailey Bryan            6     Lilimae Daily        5     Vicky Henderson    27

 innings pitched               wins                       earned run ave.
 Alexis Robinson     528.1     Missy Romero        41     Maggie Banks     1.58
 Missy Romero        498.1     Alexis Robinson     40     Maddy Puente     2.73
 Lauren Mentzer      168.0     Lauren Mentzer      14     Missy Romero     2.77
 Kelsey Ahrens        57.2     Kelsey Ahrens        7     Alexis Robinson  3.35
 Megan Blackburn      42.2     Maddy Puente         5     Lauren Mentzer   3.42
                               Maggie Banks         5

 strikeouts                    walks per inning           saves
 Alexis Robinson       682     Missy Romero      0.22     Maggie Banks        3
 Missy Romero          641     Maddy Puente      0.22     Alexis Robinson     2
 Lauren Mentzer        181     Megan Blackburn   0.26     Lauren Mentzer      1
 Kelsey Ahrens          31     Maggie Banks      0.29
 Maddy Puente           19     Laruen Mentzer    0.51
Game Article, Track & Field | April 21, 2017

Hawks Track Teams Graduated up from a Van to Bus for Area Meet

                                                       Canyon Lake will need a Bigger Bus for Region Meet

Canyon Lake upgraded their vehicle from a Van to a Bus this year for Track & Field as the Hawks qualified 19 athletes and will be on the road for their next round in Kingsville on April 28-29.

The Hawk Ladies keep climbing as they finished in 2nd Place for the Area Meet and now have two Meets in a row where they have had their best ever finish.

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