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The ReSporter shares Stats from this Past School Year

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

The Reporter would like to thank all the many readers that have frequented this website this past year.

The ReSporter would like you to Vault into next year by placing an Ad on this site.

The ReSporter would like you to Vault into next year by placing an Ad on this site.

This has been a very successful year for the website as each month this season had more visits than any previous month since we started four years ago.

The ReSporter had 315 articles this past school year and since starting this quest, The ReSporter, has finished a total of 1,159 posts or articles.

Another way of saying, a lot of stories.

Now it is time for The ReSporter to take a few months off and hopefully come back with enough energy to get another year finished.

Our apologies for these past couple of weeks, The ReSporter, has suffered ‘Burn Out’ much like many of the Seniors have suffered from Senioritis.

With that being said, The ReSporter would like to invite you to think about helping with posting an Ad through this venue.

Since, The ReSporter, likes numbers then chew and calculate how these stats might help your business.

 School Year starting August 1 through May 28
 Year             Visits       Pageviews     Ave Time     Top 3 Cities in Visits
 2013-14          25,334       62,610           3:02      CL-8689/SA-4560/NB-2388
 2012-13          21,241       49,631           2:45      CL-6035/SA-3434/NB-2164
 2011-12          16,142       43,868           2:55      CL-4940/SA-2365/NB-1868
 *2010-11          3,005       14,826           2:34      CL- 885/NB- 519/SA- 443

The * for 2010-11 represents just three months as this endeavor started after the basketball season that year, so those numbers will not have the same amount of days you could visit.

This also shows how each year has topped each previous season which should hopefully give you an idea of what might happen this coming school year.

SA and NB for the cities represent San Antonio and New Braunfels. Austin and San Marcos were right behind those two cities giving you an idea of how far this site can reach what you might be needing to sell or get across to your audience.

Thanks once again for showing support for this site and know that an Ad would cost $50 per semester and an extra $35 if you would like to have your Ad placed with articles, which many of you have noticed we started doing this past spring.

The ReSporter would also welcome ideas and thoughts that you might like to see for this upcoming school year.

Be Blessed and enjoy the Summer and tell my Advertisers you saw their Ad on my site…and Congrats to all the Seniors from Bracken and Canyon Lake. You don’t know how much I have enjoyed covering your events these past 4 years.

CL Softball & Baseball Award District and Team Players

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014
Kelsey Ahrens holding what used to be a round Softball after her walk-off 3-run homer

Kelsey Ahrens holding what used to be a round Softball after her walk-off 3-run homer

Canyon Lake’s Baseball and Softball teams celebrated their completed season last week when they held a banquet to honor their District and Team awards.

The Hawks will be ready for action next season as both these teams had youth and many players that will be returning for a better finish to their season.

Softball is classic in that regard as this team will only graduate two Seniors and basically played Varsity ball with a Junior Varsity (in grade) team.

With a total of 4 upper echelon players, this Hawk team was loaded with Freshman and Sophomores in key areas all over the diamond.

Alexis Robinson       Sophomore     District 27-3A     1st Team Pitcher
Carly Dubois          Freshman      District 27-3A     1st Team Infield
Kelsey Ahrens         Junior        District 27-3A     2nd Team Infield
Brianna Young         Senior        District 27-3A     2nd Team Catcher

That is a pretty good list for a team that finished tied for last place in district competition.

An indicator of how much respect this team had amongst other district coaches that found themselves in a battle when taking the field this past year.

The players were also honored by their peers by casting their vote for three categories.

Best Offensive Player: Brianna Young

Young was a clutch hitter this year and for her career as she now holds the all time rbi numbers as well as standing in second place with a .367 career batting average.

Young finished this past season batting .461 with an on base percentage of .554 and a well deserved honor.

Frank Phillips College will be home for the next two years for Young and this young lady will do well in the Panhandle as she proved playing for the Hawks by getting on base via a hit or walk.

Those walks might come in handy based on how far she will be from home.

Best Defensive Player: Carly Dubois

Dubois made her mark in Hawk lore when she made a circus catch in one of her first games of this past season. The game was in Navarro and CL was in a hotly contested battle when this Freshman took off from her centerfield position and laid out for a snow cone catch in the alley.

There would be more of the same as this player would make doubles into outs and by using her speed to catch up to countless balls hit past the infield.

Dubois also had a hand in helping Catcher Young get her nickname as The Wall by throwing strikes from the outfield to home plate helping to cut down a potential run by the opposition.

Ultimate Team Player: Kelsey Ahrens

Wow! What can you say about a player that has brought her ‘A’ game in the batter’s box and third base position.

Ahrens was so good at third base that this year’s first baseman might have been better served playing with a catcher’s mitt instead of a regular glove.

In other words, she could bring it, and those laser throws almost broke the sound barrier several times.

Ultimate player also translates to the offensive side of the ball where Ahrens continues to improve each season at the plate.

Who can forget her walk-off 3run home run to beat Bandera this year. The ball she hit might still be climbing over the hills of Canyon Lake or who knows….the ball might have even made the lake.

A well deserving honor for Ahrens as this honor also tells the casual fan that she commands the respect of her teammates.

Congrats to all of these players as Canyon Lake will say good-bye to Young and Emma Broussard while welcoming a good group of players from Mountain Valley and bringing back every position but catcher and outfield spot.

The ReSporter will find it hard waiting to see how this team will respond to their new district as this team will be a fun team to follow.


HAWK BASEBALL also had their ceremony and honored many players that performed this past season.

Nick Cahill interviewing for work at a Hardware store after bringing home several awards at the Hawk Baseball Banquet

Nick Cahill interviewing for work at a Hardware store after bringing home several awards at the Hawk Baseball Banquet

Yes, it was a disappointing end, but Canyon Lake will also have a good chance of raising the bar when they throw out the ball next year.

This past season this team saw a two out 7 run rally for a win while having their defense complete a triple play.

Those are two accomplishments that will be hard to duplicate.

Canyon Lake had seven players that were named for a spot for District 27-3A squad.

First Team All-District Players:
 Cody Powell        Junior            Pitcher
 Nick Cahill        Junior            Outfield
 TJ Jones           Senior            Utility

Second Team All-District Players:
 Garrett Winters    Junior            Third Base
 Nick Kissell       Junior            Pitcher
 Peyton Sipila      Senior            Shortstop
 JJ Nance           Senior            Outfield

 Canyon Lake also honored players voted on by their teammates:

110% Award: Tie
 Kyle Krohn         Senior            Catcher
 TJ Jones           Senior            Infield

Offensive MVP:
 Nick Cahill        Junior            Outfield

Defensive MVP:
 Garrett Winters    Junior            Infield

Team MVP:
 Nick Cahill        Junior            Outfield

Academic All-District:
 JJ Nance           Senior            Outfield
 TJ Jones           Senior            Infield
 Peyton Sipila      Senior            Infield

Nick Cahill certainly put himself with several other Hawk best players this season as this young man came on strong as the season progressed.

Anytime a player starts the season near the bottom of the batting order and then ends the year in the top four batters, then is a high compliment as Coach Trent Dunavant saw the value of having Cahill’s bat further up in the order.

Garrett Winters will need to use a glove for next year's ceremony to protect his hand while holding this plaque.

Garrett Winters will need to use a glove for next year’s ceremony to protect his hand while holding this plaque.

Garrett Winters also found out he can hit with power when he has a finger in a splint and keeping this player healthy for a full season has to be on the need to happen category for Coach Dunavant next season.

Winters is an automatic out when a ball is hit in his vicinity of third base and it is a joy watching how effortless he can turn a well placed ball into an out.

Both these players will be returning next year to build on their goals with one of those hopes being translated to a post-season slot.

Nick Kissell and Cody Powell will be instrumental in realizing that goal as both players will return for another year on the mound.

Congratulations to all the players and The ReSporter will be waiting with ‘bated’ breath as next season comes calling.

Hawks Baseball All-Time Top 10

Monday, April 28th, 2014
JJ Nance finishes his Hawk Baseball Career high on several categories

JJ Nance finishes his Hawk Baseball Career high on several categories

Baseball just finished their season and the ReSporter will share the position these athletes stand in All-Time Baseball Stats with a Top 10 category. The bold Green indicates players returning for next season.

For batting the player will need 50 at bats and pitching is based on 30 or more innings pitched.

 batting average               at bats                    runs
 Michael Brady      .364       Travis Walker      272     Travis Walker      65
 Ross Wagliardo     .338       JJ Nance           187     Kyler Huff         38
 Zach Jenkins       .336       Logan Felch        184     JJ Nance           37
 Nick Cahill        .318       Michael Brady      184     Daniel Camarillo   37
 Drew Riccio        .317       Daniel Camarillo   178     Joe Shone          37
 Jeff Nabors        .316       Kyler Huff         161     Garrett Winters    36
 Joe Shone          .302       Jeff Nabors        155     Drew Riccio        36
 Logan Chappell     .300       Cody Powell        144     Logan Felch        36
 Travis Walker      .294       Daulton Winters    142     Ross Wagliardo     33
 Daniel Camarillo   .292       Drew Riccio        142     Zach Jenkins       31
                                                          Daulton Winters    31

 rbi                           doubles                    triples
 Travis Walker        44       Travis Walker       19     Kyler Huff          6
 Logan Felch          43       Logan Felch         14     Daniel Camarillo    3
 Michael Brady        38       Michael Brady       13     Eric Nelson         2
 Zach Jenkins         29       Zach Jenkins        12     TJ Jones            2
 Jeff Nabors          27       Jeff Nabors         11     Tyler Vinson        2
 Drew Riccio          27       Drew Riccio          9     JJ Nance            2
 Kyler Huff           25       Joe Shone            8     8 players tied      1
 Cody Breest          23       Cody Breest          8
 Nick Cahill          22       Corey Shedrock       7
 Daulton Winters      22       Ross Wagliardo       7

 home runs                     walks                      strikeouts
 Travis Walker         6       Michael Brady       48     Daulton Winters    60
 Logan Felch           6       Travis Walker       39     JJ Nance           49
 Nick Cahill           4       Daulton Winters     37     Kyler Huff         45
 Cody Breest           4       JJ Nance            31     Michael Brady      44
 Joe Shone             4       Kyler Huff          30     Daniel Camarillo   36
 Kyler Huff            2       Ross Wagliardo      28     Cody Powell        35
 Ross Wagliardo        2       Logan Felch         28     Logan Felch        35
 Damian Crafton        2       Zach Jenkins        26     Jeff Nabors        34
 Jeff Nabors           2       Garrett Winters     24     Travis Walker      34
 Eric Nelson           1       Drew Riccio         23     Drew Riccio        32
 Logan Chappell        1

 innings pitched               strikeouts                 walks 30 or more innings
 Ross Wagliardo     96.1       Ross Wagliardo     109     Michael Brady      14
 Logan Felch        93.2       Cody Breest         87     Tanner McGill      14
 Cody Powell        91.1       Cody Powell         84     Zach Jenkins       16
 Cody Breest        79.1       Logan Felch         64     Logan Chappell     16
 Travis Walker      51.0       Jeff Nabors         56     Travis Walker      18
 Nick Kissell       50.1       Zach Jenkins        43     Logan Felch        25
 Kyler Huff         49.2       Kyler Huff          39     Kyler Huff         28
 Jeff Nabors        43.2       Nick Kissell        38     Nick Kissell       29
 Ryan Hutcheson     43.2       Travis Walker       29     Cody Breest        29
 Zach Jenkins       39.1       Logan Chappell      29     Ryan Hutcheson     35

 era                           wins                       saves
 Cody Breest        2.48       Cody Breest         11     Kyler Huff          3
 Zach Jenkins       3.03       Cody Powell          6     Cody Breest         2
 Nick Kissell       3.63       Ross Wagliardo       5     Ross Wagliardo      2
 Cody Powell        3.88       Nick Kissell         4     Jeff Nabors         1
 Tanner McGill      3.93       Logan Felch          4     Nick Kissell        1
 Travis Walker      3.98       Ryan Hutcheson       4
 Ross Wagliardo     4.52       Jeff Nabors          3
 Jeff Nabors        5.02       Zach Jenkins         2
 Logan Felch        5.26       Logan Chappell       2
 Michael Brady      5.47       6 players tied with  1

CL Hawks Baseball Team Beat Navarro 8-1

Friday, April 25th, 2014

Canyon Lake lived to see another day as Cody Powell pitched a complete game one hitter in dominating the

Southpaw Cody Powell pulls out a must win game pitching CL into a 3 team playoff

Southpaw Cody Powell pulls out a must win game pitching CL into a 3 team playoff

Panthers for the second time this season with the win.

Nick Cahill also had a decent day going 4 for 4 from the plate with 3 rbi helping to raise his batting average from .339 to .383.

Canyon Lake will be playing again tomorrow against Fredericksburg as the three way tie will be played out in order to see who finishes 3rd and 4th. With one of the three teams leaving without their uniform and out of the dance.

This game also broke a losing streak just in time to help with that all important confidence builder type of contest.


District 27-3A Standings & What Happens Next

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

District 27-3A Baseball Standings

                     W   L   Pct.
 Boerne             13   1  .929
 Wimberley           9   5  .643
 Navarro             6   8  .429
 Fredericksburg      5   9  .357
 CL Hawks            5   9  .357
 Bandera             3  11  .273

 Tuesday Scores
 Navarro          8   CL Hawks   4
 Fredericksburg  15   Bandera    3
 Boerne          12   Wimberley  3

 Friday Games
 CL Hawks         @   Navarro
 Wimberley        @   Boerne
 Bandera          @   Fredericksburg


Hawks Lose to Navarro, 8-4

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Hawks could not pull out a win over Navarro losing in extra innings, 8-4 losing their fifth game in a

Dan Krueger running for County Commissioner Pct. 4, Supports Hawks Baseball

Dan Krueger running for County Commissioner Pct. 4, Supports Hawks Baseball

row and 7 out of their last 8 games.

This loss will put Friday’s in game in desperation mode as Canyon Lake will be trying to salvage a playoff spot.

Now CL will need to win in Navarro on Friday or face the possibility of not making the playoffs.

Fredericksburg won their game over Bandera and share the same district record as the Hawks and a CL win over Navarro would result in a 3-way tie for two playoff spots.

A coin flip would determine which teams that would need to play an elimination game for that 4th spot.


This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, April 20th, 2014

This Week @ Canyon Lake

Another year is almost over as Canyon Lake is now down to two sports still running their engines.

Pitcher Nick Kissell will be trying to turn the tide to wins this week against Navarro

Pitcher Nick Kissell will be trying to turn the tide to wins this week against Navarro

Track & Field will be in Kingsville this week, as they will be attempting to make a trip to State a reality.

The ReSporter has an article about that event posted if you would like to read about these students.

This Track team is very young and you will have many opportunities to watch these athletes improve on their marks made this season and hopefully a few more to come after this week.

Baseball is down to their last two regular season games.

Navarro will be in town this Tuesday and a win by Canyon Lake will allow you to not just pencil the Hawks for a post season spot—-you can also use ink.

Canyon Lake has been on a downward spiral the past couple of weeks but baseball is a sport that can change on a dime based on pitching and fielding.

Hitting is also in that formula, but pitching and defense can usually trump those batters which makes this game an intriguing affair to behold.

The Hawks won their first round game with the Panthers and you can bet that team is no longer around as Navarro is also in a place where they can also reach the playoffs by beating Canyon Lake in their two games this week.

Fredericksburg is the other team vying for a spot and if they are swept by Bandera, then both Navarro and CL will be playing more games next week.

Canyon Lake needs to get off to a good start and have some wins to craft some momentum going into the post season.

With a 3rd or 4th place finish, CL will certainly be playing a 1st or 2nd place team in District 28-3A giving a tough first round.


District 27-3A Standings & What Needs to Happen

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

District 27-3A Baseball Standings

 team              W    L    Pct.
 Boerne           12    1   .923
 Wimberley        10    3   .769
 CL Hawks          5    8   .385
 Navarro           5    8   .385
 Fredericksburg    4    9   .308
 Bandera           3   10   .231

 Upcoming Games
 Tuesday April 22nd
 Navarro           @     CL Hawks
 Boerne            @     Wimberley
 Fredericksburg    @     Bandera

 Friday April 25th
 CL Hawks          @     Navarro
 Wimberley         @     Boerne
 Bandera           @     Fredericksburg

 Last Week's Results
 Boerne           4      CL Hawks        3
 Wimberley        7      Fredericksburg  4
 Navarro          6      Bandera         3

 Boerne          11      CL Hawks        3
 Navarro         11      Bandera         3
 Wimberley       10      Fredericksburg  3


Baseball: Standings, Stats, and Finishing Strong

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

District 27-3A Baseball Standings

                    W    L    Pct
 Boerne            11    1   .917
 Wimberley          9    3   .750
 CL Hawks           5    7   .418
 Navarro            4    8   .333
 Fredericksburg     4    8   .333
 Bandera            3    9   .250

 Thursday's Games
 Boerne         @      Canyon Lake
 Navarro        @      Bandera
 Fredericsburg  @      Wimberley

 Tuesday's Scores
 Boerne         4      CL Hawks         3
 Wimberley      7      Fredericksburg   4
 Navarro        6      Bandera          3

 Next Week's Games
 Navarro         @     CL Hawks
 Fredericksburg  @     Bandera
 Boerne          @     Wimberley

 CL Hawks        @     Navarro
 Bandera         @     Fredericksburg
 Wimberley       @     Boerne



This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, April 13th, 2014
Triple Jumper Bailey Drum will be in the hunt for continuing her Track Season in Area Meets

Triple Jumper Bailey Drum will be in the hunt for continuing her Track Season in Area Meets

This Week @ Canyon Lake

The Hawks are now entering the time of a close of another year with three sports still in motion.

Track & Field will have a handful of athletes still competing this week in an Area Meet that will either have them practicing another week to 10 days for Region Meet being held in Kingsville.

One of those Area Meets will be at Canyon Lake this coming Wednesday with those running events, while field events will commence in La Vernia on Monday.

Canyon Lake has several athletes with a legit chance of continuing their season.

Christian Dittman would be first on that list as he has had a top notch jumps with the Pole Vault all season.

Mariah Ellis might be a pleasant surprise in the 800 Meter Run and Bailey Drum could be an enrollee for the Triple Jump.