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This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, February 7th, 2016
Mason Blackburn goes to new heights in getting his kicks in

Mason Blackburn goes to new heights in with his kicks in.                                           Pictures by Lynne Carpenter

                              This Week @ Canyon Lake

 Mon. Feb 8    Llano             @   CL Hawks            500pm       Baseball

 Tue. Feb 9    CL Hawks JV       @   La Vernia           500pm Boys  Basketball
               CL Hawks JV       @   La Vernia           500pm Girls Basketball
               CL Hawks JV       @   Wimberley           500pm       Baseball
               CL Hawks Fresh    @   La Vernia           615pm Boys  Basketball
               CL Hawks Varsity  @   La Vernia           630pm Girls Basketball
               CL Hawks Varisty  @   La Vernia           730pm Boys  Basketball
               CL Hawks Fresh    @   La Vernia           730pm Girls Basketball

 Thu. Feb 11   Harper            @   CL Hawks            600pm       Softball

 Fri. Feb 12   CL Hawks          @   Georgetown (East View)          Tennis
                                     Kerry Minzenmayer Classic
               Boerne            @   CL Hawks            500pm       Baseball
               CL Hawks JV       @   Boerne              500pm       Baseball


Canyon Lake Lady’s Basketball lost their Friday game with Wimberley but with Gonzales taking some lumps from Navarro guaranteed CL to qualify after this Tuesday’s game.

Stay tuned to Hilltop and we will get you info on where and who the Hawks will be playing.


Likewise, the Boy’s Basketball squad finished the week 1-1 and will take on La Vernia this Tuesday.

The Hawks would settle things with an upset over the Bears this Tuesday.

Canyon Lake will have one other game a week later against Yoakum and the Bulldogs helped the Hawks cause immensely when they lost their game to Cuero last Friday.

The Boys team is coupled with CL’s Boys Soccer as the only team sport to yet make it out of district play by qualifying for playoffs.

Hawk Soccer has started to make some noise this season as they sport a 7-4 record and presently on a 5 game winning streak.

That will be the same until district starts up in two weeks and finding a way to also qualify for the playoffs would make this season one of the best in Hawk Sport’s history.

This week CL beat a high caliber team in San Marcos Academy on Tuesday and then followed that win with their first home win on Friday over Burnet.

CL’s Girls Soccer finished this past week with 2 ties with one of those games having the Hawks coming back from a 3 goal deficit.

Softball is still in exhibition stage with Harper’s game this Tuesday being the last game before contests start counting.

Baseball will also be starting this week as the Spring Schedule starts to get interesting.

The Varsity Tennis will have their first competition this Friday as they will travel to Georgetown’s Kerry Minzenmayer Classic.

There has to be a sport you can come and support this year’s Spring edition for Hawk sports.

Go Hawks!!

Good-Bye 2015 & Hello 2016

Thursday, December 31st, 2015
Hawks Celebrate in one of their 33 Victories this season.

                             Hawks Celebrate in one of their 33 Victories this season.

The Fall Season of 2015 had an historic moment as the CL Volleyball team pulled off a District Championship which was the first for the Hawk Nation.

If you were looking at teams for Canyon Lake and projecting the first team to get to that feat, then Volleyball would have been near the bottom as the Hawk District has been controlled by Wimberley and seeing a team upend their streak of District Championships would have been a hard sell.

Yes, Wimberley did not have a vintage year but CL’s Volleyball team would also reach the highest State Ranking for any sport when they topped out at No. 7 during this season.


Top 5 Games-2014-15 Year: Game 3

Friday, May 29th, 2015
Hawks Beat Fredericksburg for big win in last year's season.

Hawks lose to Wimberley for another close loss in last year’s season.

 Game 5: Canyon Lake   70   Yoakum          52              Basketball
 Game 4: Canyon Lake   vs.  Wimberley 25-21, 21-25, 25-23   Volleyball
 Game 3: Canyon Lake   49   Fredericksburg  31              Football

Canyon Lake had an up and down season so far up to this game with Fredericksburg and beating the Billies would go a long way in giving this team their confidence back with a total win via, offense, special teams, and defense (when they needed The stop).

Two years ago Fredericksburg beat CL at home and did not take any prisoners in this game, winning, 38-14.

This time, Canyon Lake returned the favor as the Hawks not only controlled the clock with their running game, but also had quick answer touchdowns via kick-off returns.

The Billies could not muster any momentum giving up those two special team scores and then add two costly fumbles and Canyon Lake would not look back.

One of those fumbles happened on the one inch line as a Billie lost the ball jumping over the goal line after a jarring hit.

Josh DeVries only had one carry at home in the loss, but on this night, DeVries ran for 120 yards and had Robert Woods join him when he broke the 100 yard barrier too.

Canyon Lake has now rushed for 661 yards the last two years as the Hawks have had success with Fredericksburg these past few years.

The number, 165 is what helped win this game as that number was the total yardage for the two kick-off returns by DeVries and Matt Adams.

Both returns were in the first half and both happened right when the Billies had taken a lead. The first was after a Billies field goal and then Adams return nullified a 17-14 Fredericksburg lead.

Canyon Lake would hold Fredericksburg after that second return and then score with just 1 second on the clock before halftime.

The Hawks would have the ball first to start the second stanza and after taking 7 minutes off the clock ran the score to, 35-17.

Defense would stop Freddie again and Canyon Lake would score again with a little over 3 minutes left in the third quarter, 42-17, giving your Hawks their 28 unanswered points.

Hayden Dubois would score again to finish the game, his fourth touchdown run for this game.

Special Teams:  No Punts and 2 kickoff returns.                     √
Offense: Controlled the clock 33:10 and Fredericksburg 14:50.       √
Defense: 2 stops saving a td and drive giving the CL a quick score. √

The win would turn out to be a game to get Canyon Lake in the Playoff door for the second year in a row.

CL had 7 losses and of those games the Hawks would lose by a touchdown or less in 6 of those evenings.

 Losses              Score               Difference
 Blanco              07-35                  -28
 Wimberley           27-28                  -01
 Lampasas            14-21                  -07
 Liberty Hill        14-19                  -05
 Taylor              31-33                  -02
 Boerne              35-42                  -07
 Rockport-Fulton     21-27                  -06 overtime

That first game with Blanco would be the only contest that Canyon Lake was a no-show and a play here and there could have had a team with a much better season record.

That would explain how Canyon Lake would score more points than they gave up with 2 more losses on their ledger. (365 offense– 310 defense)

This win was big and would set up another run in those playoffs!!

Go Hawks!!

Top 5 Games for 2014-15 School Year-Game #4

Sunday, May 24th, 2015
CLJV celebrating after beating Wimberley

CLJV celebrating after beating Wimberley

Game 5: Canyon Lake 70 Yoakum 52    Basketball

Game 4 in the count down of the Top 5 games played this past season will certainly be a surprise to some of you since this game did not involve a Varsity team.

This year, Canyon Lake had many sub-varsity teams that finished at the top district races as Mountain Valley keeps feeding some salty classes to the halls in CL that are transferring to a sporting event.

The Hawks had a break out year in Volleyball this season, but many times when a Varsity team comes through with a good season, the Freshman and Junior Varsity might not be as talented.

You might say that those Varsity teams were successful because they needed those younger players to help get them in a better position to compete in those all important district games.

Wimberley has been a thorn in the side of Hawk fans ever since the first year of competition and this past season, the Junior Varsity made great strides as they too were a much improved group of ladies that will be ready to take the baton from those Senior Volleyball players.

Canyon Lake’s Varsity finished by hitting the 30 win plateau, but one of the better games played came during a home game against Wimberley.

The Varsity had an undefeated district record as did Wimberley in the first half of the round robin of district games and the stands would fill up with more people to ever witness a home game.


Top 5 Games for 2014-15 School Year

Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

Five Top Games of 2014-15 School Year

Will Gray will be one of several players coming back for what could be a coming out party next year

Will Gray will be one of several players coming back for what could be a coming out party next year

The ReSporter will be having a 5-Part series talking about the top 5 sporting events of this season starting with the 5th Place game down to the number 1 (according to the ReSporter) game.

We will set up what was happening during the season of that sport and rehash that event.

If you would like to comment, then please feel free to give us your thoughts on that game or event and your thoughts.

This will be The ReSporter’s 1500th article since we started with this venture a little over 5 years ago.

We would like to remind you that The ReSporter needs your help with advertisements for this coming season as this is just a break even adventure at the moment.


MVMS Beats Canyon MS with Two Come-Backs, 9-8

Friday, May 15th, 2015
Brian Robinson and Derek Peters were both instrumental in 2 comebacks over CMS

Brandon Robinson and Derek Peters were both instrumental in 2 comebacks over CMS

Mountain Valley Baseball team had a different ending to their game on Thursday against Canyon than the previous week in their loss to Smithson Valley Middle School.

First, the Hawks won, but more than that was how these two games played out.

Last week, MVMS had an incredible comeback in their last inning, only to lose the game in the first extra inning after the comeback by two runs.

This game, the Hawks not only forged back like their previous week, but on this night took things further and had a two for one in regards to coming back.

“One of those games that gives our team some experience as they want to win and they never quit,” Head Coach Raymond Amaro said. “In our very first game with Canyon we came back and we had to focus in practice and when we had bad things happen we needed to be positive.”


All-Hawk Baseball Team (Continued)

Saturday, May 9th, 2015
Daniel Camarillo making the fly balls look easy

Daniel Camarillo making the fly balls look easy

Baseball All-Hawk Team continues with some very tough decisions. With six players already on the scorer’s sheet, The ReSporter, will try to fill that sheet with three more entries.

Yes, this could easily go in several different directions and certainly open for discussion as their would be no argument with another deserving student making a case for a spot.

The ReSporter has two good pitchers and having Cody Powell would only help pitching Coach Bret Hodges when he wanted to make a change on the mound.

Powell’s only drawback was his walk ratio but needing a southpaw would help in those certain situations needed in what is probably the most complicated sport because of all the different variable that play into a game result.


MVMS Hawks Run out of Innings in Loss, 10-8

Friday, May 8th, 2015
Pitcher Cody Daily keeps game close for a 6 run 2-out rally

Pitcher Cody Daily keeps game close for a 6 run 2-out rally

Mountain Valley Baseball team made things interesting as their rally just fell short in extra innings losing to Smithson Valley Middle School, 10-8.

This comeback would not have been possible if reliever Cody Daily had not made an appearance in the fourth inning to stop the bleeding.

“Throw strikes and just try to bring my team up and win,” Daily said while answering what his thinking was as he took the mound for those middle innings. “We just are going to get a winning attitude.”

SVMS had forged into a, 7-2 lead as the Rangers had scored in all but one inning as they could start coasting going into those middle innings.

The Hawks decided they had better start a comeback and that was what happened as MVMS had two outs when the improbable started.


Hawk’s Baseball All-Time Players

Thursday, May 7th, 2015


So far The ReSporter has Michael Brady, Travis Walker, and Ross Waglardo as three of the best baseball athletes during their stay at Canyon Lake.

Picking this team is a much tougher task than softball as there has been many more players to play while most of softball students were 3 or 4 year players.

This is to say, there will be several people that can make a case for a different set of players for this team and The ReSporter would not be hurt by that assessment.

With the 3 players that have been picked, The ReSporter feels that those 3 students would need to be on everyone’s ballot.

Drew Riccio will be our next pick as this young man could bring more than just his athletic skills, he would be that player needed in the dug out for preparing the team for any battle no matter what inning in the game.


Baseball’s All-Hawk Team

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015
Travis Walker was a four year starter for the Hawks

Travis Walker was a four year starter for the Hawks

The ReSporter had requests of having an All-Star Baseball team to mirror recent articles made for Hawk Softball team.

Hope you enjoy this two part rendition.

Giving you thoughts on who should be on this team will be tough with so many players that deserve mention.

The ReSporter will start with giving four players for this two part series.

Michael Brady will be our catcher for this team as this young man was very good in throwing out base runners while leading all players with the best batting average at .364, while having more walks than strikeouts (48 bb/44 so) during his career.