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This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, February 19th, 2017

Goal Keeper Jenna Pritzkau and Defender Lis Ellery protecting their goal. (mjrphotog.com)

                 This Week          @        Canyon Lake

 Feb. 20 Mon     CL Hawks JV        @        Llano              6:00p        Baseball
                 Llano              @        CL Hawks           6:00p        Baseball

 Feb. 21 Tue     Johnson City       @        CL Hawks           4:00p        Tennis
                 CL Hawks JV        @        Bandera            5:00p Girls  Soccer
                 Bandera            @        CL Hawks JV        5:00p Boys   Soccer
                 CL Hawks JV      XXXX       Luling             5:00p        Softball
                 CL Hawks         >>>>       Luling             7:00p        Softball
                 CL Hawks           @        Bandera            7:00p Girls  Soccer
                 Bandera            @        CL Hawks           7:00p Boys   Soccer
               **Navarro            vs.      CL Hawks           7:00p Boys   Basketball
                                             Canyon High School

 Feb. 22 Wed     CL Hawks           @        Seguin             All Day      Golf

 Feb. 23 Thu     Bandera            @        CL Hawks           8:00a        Softball
                 SA Christian       @        CL Hawks          12:00p        Softball
                                             Hill Country Tournament
                 CL Hawks           vs.      Blanco             9:00a        Baseball
                 CL Hawks           vs.      La Vernia         11:00a        Baseball
                                             Marion Tournament
 Feb. 24 Fri     Navarro            @        CL Hawks           8:00a        Softball
                                             Hill Country Tournament
                 CL Hawks           vs.      St. Anthony       11:00a        Baseball
                 CL Hawks           vs.      Marion             5:00p        Baseball
                                             Marion Tournament
                 CL Hawks JV        @        Fredericksburg     5:00p Boys   Soccer
                 Fredericksburg     @        CL Hawks JV        5:00p Girls  Soccer
                 CL Hawks           @        Fredericksburg     7:00p Boys   Soccer
                 Fredericksburg     @        CL Hawks           7:00p Girls  Soccer

 Feb. 25 Sat     Luling             @        CL Hawks          10:00a        Softball
                 John Paul II       @        CL Hawks          12:00p        Softball
                                             Hill Country Tournament
                 CL Hawks           @        Marion Tournament   TBD         Baseball
                 CL Hawks           @        Lobo Relays       All-Day       Track
                                             Hays High School

 ** Playoff Game Broadcast starts at 6:30p with Tip-Off 7:00p



Baseball’s All-Time Top 5

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

                                Gavin Dietrich is ready to get Baseball Going!!

                                 Baseball’s All-Time Top 5

 average                         at bats                        runs
 Michael Brady       .364        Travis Walker         272      Travis Walker         65
 Nick Cahill         .354        Garrett Winters       192      Garrett Winters       52
 Ross Wagliardo      .338        Cody Powell           188      Kyler Huff            38
 Zach Jenkins        .336        Michael Brady         184      Daniel Camarillo      37
 Corey Shedrock      .320        Logan Felch           184      Corey Shedrock        36
                                                                Drew Riccio           36
                                                                Logan Felch           36

 hits                            rbi’s                          doubles
 Travis Walker         80        Travis Walker          44      Travis Walker         19
 Michael Brady         67        Logan Felch            43      Corey Shedrock        16
 Daniel Camarillo      52        Michael Brady          38      Logan Felch           14
 Jeff Nabors           49        Zach Jenkins           29      Michael Brady         13
 Logan Felch           49        Nich Cahill            27      Zach Jenkins          12
                                 Drew Riccio            27
                                 Jeff Nabors            27
                                 Cody Powell            27

 triples                         home runs                      base on balls
 Kyler Huff             6        Logan Felch             6      Michael Brady         48
 Daniel Camarillo       3        Travis Walker           6      Travis Walker         39
 Gavin Dietrich         2        Nick Cahill             4      Daulton Winters       37
 Eric Nelson            2        Joe Shone               4      Garrett Winters       30
 Tyler Vinson           2        Cody Breest             4      Kyler Huff            30
 J. J. Nance            2

                           pitching based on 30 or more innings
 innings pitched                 earned run average             strikeouts
 Cody Powell       114.1         Cody Breest          2.48      Cody Powell          128
 Ross Wagliardo     96.1         Zach Jenkins         3.03      Ross Wagliardo       109
 Logan Felch        93.2         Cody Powell          3.62      Cody Breest           87
 Cody Breest        79.1         Travis Walker        3.98      Logan Felch           64
 Nick Kissell       66.1         Gavin Dietrich       4.35      Jeff Nabors           56

  Wins                           Saves
 Cody Breest          11         Kyler Huff              3
 Cody Powell           7         Cody Breest             2
 Ross Wagliardo        5         Ross Wagliardo          2
 Logan Felch           4         Nick Kissell            1
 Ryan Hutcheson        4         Gavin Dietrich          1
                                 Jeff Nabors             1
                                 Avery Montgomery        1

This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

Michael Harwell and Anthony Zavala will be in action for a chance of Winning District. (photo Karen Holmes)

                      This Week             @          Canyon Lake

 Feb 14 Tuesday       CL Hawks              @          Llano          All-Day  Girls  Golf
                      CL Hawks JV           @          Wimberley      5:00p           Softball
                      CL Hawks              @          Burnet         5:00p           Baseball
                      Burnet                @          CL Hawks JV    5:00p           Baseball
                      CL Hawks Freshmen     @          Boerne         5:30p    Boys   Basketball
                      CL Hawks JV           @          Boerne         5:30p    Boys   Basketball
                      CL Hawks              @          Boerne         7:00p    Boys   Basketball
                      CL Hawks              @          Wimberley      7:00p           Softball

 Feb 16 Thursday      CL Hawks              @          Llano          All-Day  Boys   Golf
                      CL Hawks              vs.        Jefferson      1:00p           Softball
                      CL Hawks              vs.        Pearsall       5:00p           Softball    
                              Huber Tourney  All-Day         Softball

 Feb 17 Friday        CL Hawks              vs.        Cuero          9:00a           Softball    
                              Huber Tourney  All-Day         Softball
                      Marion                @          CL Hawks JV    4:30p           Baseball
                      CL Hawks              @          Wimberley      5:00p    Boys   Soccer
                      Wimberley             @          CL Hawks       5:00p    Girls  Soccer
                      Marion                @          CL Hawks       6:00p           Baseball
                      CL Hawks              @          Wimberley      7:00p    Boys   Soccer
                      Wimberley             @          CL Hawks       7:00p    Girls  Soccer

 Feb 18 Saturday      Hawk Relays           @          CL Hawks       9:00a           Track
                      CL Hawks              @          Huber Tourney  All-Day  Girls  Soccer



This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, February 5th, 2017

This Foursome had a 5th and 8th Place Finish at Region Meet, Taylor Isley, Dante Ortega, Alex Borremans, Josh White

                          This Week      @     Canyon Lake

 Monday    Feb.  6      CL Hawks JV      @     Wimberley JV         4:30p         Baseball
                        CL Hawks         @     Llano                5:00p         Baseball
                        CL Hawks         @     Navarro              All Day Boys  Golf
                                               Starke Park Seguin

Tuesday    Feb.  7      CL Hawks JV      @     Pleasanton JV        4:00p   Boys  Soccer
                        CL Hawks Fresh   @     Bandera Fresh        5:30p   Boys  Basketball
                        CL Hawks JV      @     Bandera JV           5:30p   Boys  Basketball
                        Bandera JV       @     CL Hawks JV-1        5:30p   Girls Basketball
                        Bandera Fresh    @     CL Hawks JV-2        5:30p   Girls Basketball
                        CL Hawks         @     Pleasanton           6:00p   Boys  Soccer
                        CL Hawks         @     Bandera              7:00p   Boys  Basketball
                       *Bandera          @     CL Hawks             7:00p   Girls Basketball

Wednesday  Feb.  8      CL Hawks         @     Navarro              All Day Girls Golf
                                               Starke Park Seguin
                        Blanco           @     CL Hawks             4:30p         Softball

Friday     Feb. 10      CL Hawks         @     Comal ISD Tourney    All Day       Tennis
                        Boerne JV        @     CL Hawks JV          5:00p   Boys  Soccer
                        CL Hawks JV      @     Boerne JV            5:00p   Girls Soccer
                        Navarro          @     CL Hawks             6:30p   Boys  Baseball
                        Boerne           @     CL Hawks             7:00p   Boys  Soccer
                        CL Hawks         @     Boerne               7:00p   Girls Soccer

Saturday    Feb.11      CL Hawks         vs.   Tidehaven           10:45a         Softball
                        CL Hawks         vs.   Gonzales            12:30p         Softball
                                               Both Games @ Gonzales
* Represents game being Broadcast on CLB



Hawk Baseball is Next on the Spring Sports Calendar

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

                                Gavin Dietrich is ready to get Baseball Going!!

Canyon Lake’s Baseball team has not had many good year’s, record wise, since their trip to the playoffs during the 2010 season.

That team was the first Hawk team to win a first round in the playoffs and that group of players were also able to give a scare to their next opponent in taking that series in 3 games.

Back in those days, the Hawks, had some good pitching and timely hitting that allowed a chance of making noise in the playoffs.


Canyon Lake Broadcasting’s Future

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016


Canyon Lake Broadcasting’s Future

The idea was a simple one as we started thinking through the next phase of having the students at Canyon Lake highlighted in a market that leaves CL in the dark for the most part.

Yes, the New Braunfels’ paper covers the Hawks but for obvious reasons this paper has many other schools that are much larger that demands their attention.

Hence, The ReSporter and now Canyon Lake Broadcasting (CBL) is in their first year of working football games for the Hawk Nation.


Canyon Lake Broadcasting will Kick-Off this Thursday

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

Canyon Lake Broadcasting is on the air LIVE!

Go CL Hawks Broadcasting

Go CL Hawks Broadcasting

Howdy! Canyon Lake Broadcasting (CLB) is now live and on the air covering Canyon Lake High School & Mountain Valley Middle School sports for the 2016 -2017 season.

CLB is an affiliate of K-MAC sports and will begin coverage starting August 25th with the CLHS JV football team starting at 630pm CST- live from CLHS.

Then CLB will broadcast the Canyon Lake Varsity Football game from Blanco Texas as the season opener begins against the Panthers.

The pregame show will start at 7pm.

CLB is now part of a 50 city team covering central and south Texas with live games in 26 towns and cities every Friday night.


CL Hawks Player Awards for 2015-16 School Year

Saturday, June 18th, 2016
Recent Graduate Haden Lee

Recent Grad Haden Lee

Canyon Lake was blessed with many students that excelled with their sport from the football field to soccer field and diamond to hard wood.

Two athletes were voted as the MVP of their sport which was a record for the Hawks and the list below has all the athletes The ReSporter was told of accomplishments.

Bailey Drum in Volleyball and Haden Lee for Football topped the list for this past season and as Seniors will look forward to seeing how these two will adjust to College as Drum will be off to Angelo State University and Lee as aspirations of walking on and compete for an opening at Texas State.

Congratulations for an entertaining year as the Hawk Nation will now look forward to seeing more CL students this coming school year.


CL Hawks Finish with Good Taste in Mouth, Win 6-1

Sunday, May 1st, 2016
Senior Dylan Hodges leaves game with a smile

Senior Dylan Hodges leaves game with a smile

Canyon Lake finished their year with a win and on a night of celebrating Senior Night, you can note that the word Senior is not plural.

Dylan Hodges finished his career for CL by turning a double play and knocking in the final run of a 4 run third inning that iced the game.

Finishing with a .545 on base percentage, the Hawks, were clicking on all cylinders as the game only had one hiccup by giving up one run in that first inning.

Gonzales was first ball hitting in that first frame and a first pitch strike was stroked for a triple and the Hawks found themselves like so many other games this year, fighting from behind.


This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, April 17th, 2016


Senior Dylan Hodges holding down Second Base

Senior Dylan Hodges holding down Second Base           (picture by Tysha Dunavant)

                    This Week @ Canyon Lake
 Mon 4/18      Yoakum         @    CL Hawks JV             5&7pm       Baseball

 Tue 4/19      CL Hawks       @    La Vernia                 6pm       Softball 
               CL Hawks       @    La Vernia                 7pm       Baseball

 Wed 4/20      MVMS           @    Canyon MS                 6pm       Baseball
               MVMS           @    Canyon MS                 6pm       Softball
                                   Canyon High School

 Thu 4/21     CL Hawks JV     @    Navarro                   TBA       Baseball
                                   JV Dist. Tournament
              CL Hawks        @    Liberty Hill             All-Day    Track 
                                   Area Meet

 Sat 4/23     CL Hawks JV     @    La Vernia                 TBA       Baseball
                                   JV Dist. Tournament


Canyon Lake Sports start to wind down as the Hawk Softball team will playing their last game of the season on Tuesday in La Vernia.ads-300-x-600

This was a difficult year for Hawk Softball as this team had a very successful pre district record but just could not get out of the circle in district play.

What made last week win over Wimberley so satisfying was that the win was against the Texans and that would be the last district game for the next two years since Canyon Lake will moving west for their district games.

Baseball is entering into their last 3 games with one game this week in La Vernia and then an off day on Friday.

CL will have their last week of action next week when they play Yoakum away and then Senior Day with Gonzales on that Friday.

Track & Field will be in action in Liberty Hill this Thursday as the Hawks will do battle with District 25-4A Schools and our district qualifiers for a chance to compete the next week in TAMU-Kingsville.

Canyon Lake has a chance of sending several athletes this Thursday as the Hawks will need to finish in the top 2 to keep their eyes on getting to Austin.

The ReSporter added some Mountain Valley schedules for this week as you can have a chance of seeing some future CLHS Hawks compete.

Go Hawks!!