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This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, October 29th, 2017

                                      Jr. Riley Mickey on target in win over Hondo.                       (photo by Karen Holmes)

                        This Week        @     Canyon Lake

 Tue Oct 31           *Wimberley          vs.    CL Hawks            7pm         Volleyball
                 Bi-District Canyon High School

 Fri. Nov 3            SA Brooks           @     CL Hawks JV 1/JV 2  5pm  Girls  Basketball
                       SA Brooks           @     CL Hawks         6:30pm  Girls  Basketball
 Sat. Nov 4            Green/White Alumni  @     CL Hawks            9am  Boys   Basketball
                                                 Scrimmage          10am  Boys   Basketball
    * If Hawks win game Tuesday then Area Game will be played on Thursday/Friday



Top Ten Countdown #5: CL Hawks 63 Boerne 56

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

Coach Chapman coaching Hawk Student Section when win was realized over Boerne, 63-56 (photo by mjrphotog.com)

Coming in at #5 for the Top Ten Countdown will be Canyon Lake’s win over Boerne in Boy’s Basketball.

The Boy’s Basketball program has struggled for many years and made the playoffs for the first time last year but with a losing record.

This time around the Hawks had a solid Senior Class and that group of players will be known for having the first CL winning record along with an, ‘IT’ game, played against the Boerne Greyhounds during the first round of district contests.


Boy’s & Girl’s Basketball All-Time Lists

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

       Rory Preiss finished his Hawk Career high in several categories.

The ReSporter was asked to print the Final Basketball All-Time Stats for the Boys and Girls teams.

So, your wish is The ReSporters command.

It was a good year for the round ball teams and the ladies look to be primed for a break out season next year while the Boys have laid a good foundation for continuing their climb to respectability.

Each year will have surprises but continuing the climb that has been seen these past few years has been a sight not seen on the Boys Hardwood courts ever.

The Ladies did have some problems this year but with a very young club and another year of honing in their skills will certainly be a fun time when the late Fall season arises and the season can start in earnest.

Thanks for those Seniors that have been a part of these past few years and the Hawk Nation wishes you the best as you prepare for the next field goal.


 total points                     3pt goals                   made free throws
 Rory Preiss      760             Andrew Riali       122      Rory Preiss         154
 Andrew Riali     594             Chris Green         77      Andrew Riali        121
 Matt Magness     555             Jacob Ramirez       76      Matt Magness        120
 Brandon Ward     498             Garrett Winters     71      Tyler Williams      105
 Stuart Lowry     407             Matt Magness        52      Christian Pena      102
 Caleb Kreiger    406             Brandon Ward        49      Brandon Berger       90
 Jacob Ramirez    363             Will Gray           37      Gerrit Wilkins       82
 Skyler Tschoepe  362             Rory Preiss         35      Doug Hubnik          80
 Christian Pena   356             Paul Davis          34      Brandon Ward         74
 Tanner Jones     348             Skyler Tschoepe     34      Caleb Kreiger        72
 Chris Green      348

 total rebounds                   steals                      assists
 Rory Preiss      499             Rory Preiss        123      Doug Hubnik         187
 Sean Nolan       368             Neal Whitehead      78      Matt Magness        136
 Tyler Williams   357             Tanner Jones        76      Rory Preiss         113
 Heath McDonough  338             Matt Magness        69      Gerrit Wilkins      113
 Andrew Riali     296             Skyler Tschoepe     69      Tanner Jones         90
 Skyler Tschoepe  249             Doug Hubnik         62      Brandon Ward         87
 Caleb Kreiger    218             Brandon Ward        58      Brandon Berger       78
 Neal Whitehead   203             Javier Mendez       58      Garrett Winters      77
 Eric Nelson      184             Brandon Berger      56      Will Gray            72
 Joseph Boyd      174             Heath McDonough     56      Jacob Ramirez        61

 blocks                           season points        #      year
 Tyler Williams    96             Caleb Kreiger      406      2012
 Sean Nolan        85             Rory Preiss        406      2017
 Caleb Kreiger     59             Christian Pena     356      2009
 Neal Whitehead    47             Tanner Jones       348      2009
 Rory Preiss       35             Andrew Riali       328      2014
 Skyler Tschoepe   29             Stuart Lowry       282      2010
 Eric Nelson       29             Matt Magness       278      2012
 Heath McDonough   25             Andrew Riali       267      2013
 Joseph Boyd       18             Paul Davis         259      2013
 Kevin Nolan       15             Brandon Ward       256      2015
 Ancel Morel       15


                              LADY HAWKS ALL-TIME TOP 10

 total points                     3pt goals                   made free throws
 Reagan Heun       781            Reagan Heun         90      Reagan Heun        213
 Katie Williams    755            Sarah Russell       62      Ashley Pfaff       152
 Tiffany Tschoepe  515            Olivia Flores       42      Tiffany Tschoepe   139
 Alexa Ramos       510            Ashley Pfaff        39      Megan Browning     133
 Ashley Pfaff      493            Megan Browning      23      Alexa Ramos        122
 Amber Ramsey      443            Mia Riali           20      Katie Williams     119
 Megan Browning    428            Alexa Ramos         19      Tiffany Arredondo   99
 Sarah Russell     388            Jessica McMurray    14      Mia Riali           87
 Kyndall Drum      374            Amber West          10      Kyndall Drum        82
 Amber West        358            Hannah St. John     10      Sarah Russell       82

 total rebounds                   steals                      assists
 Tiffany Tschoepe  579            Alexa Ramos        214      Tiffany Arredondo  125
 Katie Williams    559            Amber Ramsey       201      Alexa Ramos        100
 Amber Ramsey      558            Mia Riali          152      Ashley Pfaff        89
 Kyndall Drum      377            Katie Williams     139      Megan Browning      83
 Reagan Heun       315            Amber West         128      Reagan Heun         81
 Mia Riali         305            Reagan Heun        109      Amber West          74
 Sarah Schneider   257            Ashley Pfaff        96      Caitlyn Gillum      63
 Megan Browning    235            Tiffany Arredondo   90      Mia Riali           57
 Ashley Pfaff      199            Kyndall Drum        67      Katie Williams      56
 Alexa Ramos       194

 blocks                           season points        #      year
 Amber Ramsey       99            Ashley Pfaff       493      2010
 Katie Williams     73            Reagan Heun        455      2017
 Sarah Schneider    71            Tiffany Tschoepe   342      2011
 Tiffany Tschoepe   48            Katie Williams     326      2013
 Alexis Fullen      40            Reagan Heun        326      2015
 Emma Gray          32            Jessica McMurray   266      2010
 Ashley Pfaff       29            Katie Williams     241      2012
 Reagan Heun        25            Tiffany Arredondo  240      2010
 Jessie Melendez    16            Alexa Ramos        229      2017
 Kyndall Drum       10            Emma Gray          184      2016
 Caitlin Mabry      10

Baseball: CL Hawks Find Way to Win in Beating Hondo, 3-2

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Catcher Lee Stafford throws out 2 Owls on winning night

Canyon Lake won a must win game at home after scoring on a wild pitch in the bottom of the 7th inning with a final of, 3-2.

“This win was huge for us,” Head Coach Trent Dunavant said. “Guys are starting to come around and believe in themselves. We played well against Hondo at their place minus a couple of critical mistakes…So we knew we could win.”

Hondo struck first scoring a run in the top of the 2nd inning after a lead off single and then two batters later a double had the Owls looking good.

With just one out and a batter on 2nd a fly-out to Parker Reno in centerfield and then the last out came from a foul ball behind home plate to end the inning.


Boy’s Basketball Awards-Season Top Ten-Coaches Corner

Saturday, March 4th, 2017


Ryner Martin with his patented 3point stroke

The ReSporter wanted to spend some time going back to Round-Ball for the Girls and Boys teams.

Share some All-Time and Season Records and Post-Season District Awards along with a Coaches Corner as next season has started the clock.

The information below has first place in Hawk Green.

All the other Hawk Green is based on players that played this season. So a player might be 7th on the Top Ten List but if he made that cut then he will have his name highlighted.

The ReSporter hopes you enjoy this article and thanks to all the parents of the Seniors and good luck with these young man as they prepare for their next journey.

Many times is not only the players that are missed but the supporters and Parents are also top on that list for The ReSporter and Canyon Lake.


District 28-4A Accolades:

Rory Preiss was voted First Team

Heath McDonough made Second Team
Jacob Ramirez made Second Team

Honorable Mention
Gerrit Wilkins
Tyler Williams
Ryner Martin





                             All-Time Top 10 and Top 3 Season Stats

     Total Season Points            Year               Rebounds                      Year
     Rory Preiss            406     2017               Caleb Krieger         218     2012
     Caleb Krieger          406     2012               Heath McDonough       211     2017
     Christian Pena         356     2010               Sean Nolan            211     2015
     Tanner Jones           348     2010               Rory Preiss           189     2016
     Andrew Riali           328     2014               Eric Nelson           184     2010
     Stuart Lowry           282     2011               Tyler Williams        162     2017
     Matt Magness           278     2012               Rory Preiss           159     2015
     Andrew Riali           267     2013               Andrew Riali          159     2014
     Paul Davis             259     2013               Rory Preiss           151     2017
     Brandon Ward           256     2015               Sean Nolan            145     2014

     Field Goals                                       3 Pointers
     Caleb Kreiger          161     2013               Andrew Riali           62     2013
     Rory Preiss            150     2017               Andrew Riali           60     2014
     Christian Pena         130     2010               Jacob Ramirez          45     2017
     Tanner Jones           124     2010               Garrett Winters        36     2014
     Rory Preiss            103     2016               Garrett Winters        33     2015
     Matt Magness            99     2012               Jacob Ramirez          31     2016
     Andrew Riali            96     2014               Brandon Ward           31     2016
     Paul Davis              95     2013               Paul Davis             31     2013
     Sean Nolan              91     2015               Ryner Martin           31     2017
     Andrew Riali            85     2013               Rory Preiss            27     2017

     Free Throws                                       Assists
     Rory Preiss             79     2017               Doug Hubnik           151     2013
     Andrew Riali            78     2014               Tanner Jones           90     2010
     Caleb Kreiger           72     2013               Gerrit Wilkins         64     2016
     Christian Pena          68     2010               Rory Preiss            60     2017
     Matt Magness            66     2012               Christian Pena         59     2010
     Doug Hubnik             65     2013               Will Gray              55     2016
     Tanner Jones            55     2010               Matt Magness           53     2012
     Tyler Williams          53     2017               Brandon Ward           49     2016
     Brandon Ward            49     2016               Gerrit Wilkins         46     2017
     Matt Noyola             47     2012               Jacob Ramirez          41     2017

     Steals                                            Blocks
     Tanner Jones            76     2010               Caleb Kreiger          59     2013
     Rory Preiss             46     2017               Sean Nolan             57     2015
     Isaac Mendez            46     2014               Tyler Williams         39     2016
     Matt Noyola             44     2012               Tyler Williams         32     2017
     Rory Preiss             43     2016               Neal Whitehead         31     2011
     Christian Pena          42     2010               Eric Nelson            29     2010
     Brandon Ward            41     2016               Tyler Williams         26     2015
     Skyler Tschoepe         41     2014               Sean Nolan             24     2014
     Tyler Clark             41     2014               Heath McDonough        18     2016
     Will Gray               39     2016               Neal Whitehead         16     2010



The ReSporter: Give us your overall thoughts on this past season.

Ranger Cleaners says Go Hawks!!

Coach Chapman: “It was obviously the best season in program history, so we were pleased with what we did. We had some really memorable moments and games that will stay with the coaches and players for a long time. I told my wife the other day that I really miss the season and the games, bus rides and practices. She looked at me like I was crazy, but I do really miss being able to coach our players and seniors and get ready to compete against someone else. It was a lot of fun, and we accomplished a lot of good things.” 

The ReSporter: Tell the Hawk Nation bout this Senior Class and what they have accomplished for round-ball.

Coach Chapman: “Up to this point this senior class has been our most accomplished. They led us to two playoff births, our first winning season and a lot of big wins. Like I told them last week, they were the pioneers to take our program to new heights, which is very difficult to do. It is always difficult to be the first ones to knock down a wall and plow through it. They have really opened up our program, and made a path for future teams and players to walk through. Our young guys now expect to be in the playoffs and compete for district championships, and that is because of our seniors. Aside from all of the basketball accolades, they are fine young men with very bright futures. There will undoubtedly go on to accomplish some big things in their lives, and I look forward to seeing those things.”

The ReSporter: What type of activity do the players do now during this time of year?

Coach Chapman planning strategy in Hawk Victory

Coach Chapman: “Right now we are back at it working for next year. We have told our returners that the 2017-18 season has already started. We are in the weight room and in the gym working to get bigger and stronger as well as more fundamentally sound. In May we will compete in our spring league and then probably play in summer league over the summer. We also have a solid group of players getting into the gym before school and working on their game, which is exciting to see. We are only a week into the off-season, but our players have really done a great job of working with energy and excitement.” 

The ReSporter: The Track team just inherited a lot of points from this crew of basketball players. What does that say bout their athletic skills?

Coach Chapman: “We were a very athletic group this year, which carries over well to track. Obviously the McDonoughs will earn a ton of points each week in several events. Gerrit has always done well in the hurdles, and now Charlie has come out to compete in a few jumping events. Bennie is also competing in the distance events, which he is very committed to and good at. It’s exciting to see them doing so well in track in just their first meet.” 

The ReSporter: You will have a lot of holes to fill next year….your JV team won district, what are your thoughts as this group of players start their quest for another round in the playoffs for next season?

The Club at Rebecca Creek says Hit them Straight & Go Hawks

Coach Chapman: “Just looking at who we have coming back and who other teams have coming back we feel we can and will be very successful next year. Like I alluded to earlier, our younger guys just expect to be in the playoffs because of what our seniors have done. They understand that we have to have a great off-season and need to improve, but they just have a confidence and belief in what we can accomplish. We are losing 8 seniors, so a lot of our younger guys look at that as an opportunity to fill a spot. I fully expect us to battle for a district championship this year, and hopefully make some noise in the playoffs.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach for your time this year and we look forward to next year’s Basketball Chapter.

Hawks Hope Win becomes Contagious after Victory over Seguin, 8-6

Saturday, March 4th, 2017

                             Dylan Compton going for the catch.             (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake breaks the drought after opening with a 5 run lead and holding on against Seguin on a cool Friday night contest, with the Hawks winning, 8-6.

Seguin started this game like many CL contests as they had just one out with the bases loaded. Drew Tyra executed a perfect pitch on a squeeze play that resulted in a pop-up and a nice easy underhanded throw to 3rd for the double play.

Defense is always one of those keys on securing a win and that play would end up being one a turning point in getting some rain clouds for this Hawk drought.


Basketball Seniors Leave Hawks Near the Rim

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017


Rory Preiss left everything on the floor each night as a Hawk.    (photo by Karen Holmes)

How good was this year’s Seniors for the Hawk Basketball team?   This will go down as the best Senior Class, as this group of players had to overcome years of bad karma in the Hawk Hoop World.

The ReSporter will base this article on the past two years, but some of these Seniors contributed to the Hawk basketball team for a 3 year period.

Tyler Williams and Rory Preiss were two of those mainstays that played well enough as Freshman to catch the eye of Head Coach Lucas Chapman.

Canyon Lake only had platitudes for that old saying, ‘ we will get them next year’.


Last 5 Seconds Go Silent in Hawk Loss to Navarro, 46-43

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Tyler Williams gets things started in the 2nd Playoff in their history (photo Karen Holmes)

The Hawks could not get their last 3point shot off as time ran out on Canyon Lake in a razor thin loss to Navarro in Bi-District Playoffs, 46-43.

“I was very proud of our guys and how hard we competed. We certainly didn’t come out on top due to lack of effort,” Head Coach Lucas Chapman stated. “We had some guys step up and play really good games. Tyler did an outstanding job for us. He protected the paint and basket well and pretty much shut down their big man. Charlie (McIntosh) came in and gave us some great minutes.  Jacob (Ramirez) played a really solid all around game. There were others too.”

Canyon Lake had the opportunities as the Hawks started the game with a solid first quarter but a repeat of their first game with the Panthers boomeranged after scoring 7 points while Navarro poured in 18 in taking a halftime lead, 30-23.


“CLEAR”! Hawks Miss Bus with Boerne and Lose, 68-39

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

  Go Hawks!!

Canyon Lake’s Bus was seen at Boerne High School for their final District 28-4A contest, however, the players did not get off the bus as the Hawks laid an egg in their loss to the Greyhounds, 68-39.

CL will now wait for Wimberley and Navarro to decide which team will play the Hawks as these two schools will have a playoff this Friday in New Braunfels to decide the 1st and 2nd seed for District 27-4A.

The Hawks will have the loser of that contest and they will have the Bi-District contest next Tuesday.


This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

Michael Harwell and Anthony Zavala will be in action for a chance of Winning District. (photo Karen Holmes)

                      This Week             @          Canyon Lake

 Feb 14 Tuesday       CL Hawks              @          Llano          All-Day  Girls  Golf
                      CL Hawks JV           @          Wimberley      5:00p           Softball
                      CL Hawks              @          Burnet         5:00p           Baseball
                      Burnet                @          CL Hawks JV    5:00p           Baseball
                      CL Hawks Freshmen     @          Boerne         5:30p    Boys   Basketball
                      CL Hawks JV           @          Boerne         5:30p    Boys   Basketball
                      CL Hawks              @          Boerne         7:00p    Boys   Basketball
                      CL Hawks              @          Wimberley      7:00p           Softball

 Feb 16 Thursday      CL Hawks              @          Llano          All-Day  Boys   Golf
                      CL Hawks              vs.        Jefferson      1:00p           Softball
                      CL Hawks              vs.        Pearsall       5:00p           Softball    
                              Huber Tourney  All-Day         Softball

 Feb 17 Friday        CL Hawks              vs.        Cuero          9:00a           Softball    
                              Huber Tourney  All-Day         Softball
                      Marion                @          CL Hawks JV    4:30p           Baseball
                      CL Hawks              @          Wimberley      5:00p    Boys   Soccer
                      Wimberley             @          CL Hawks       5:00p    Girls  Soccer
                      Marion                @          CL Hawks       6:00p           Baseball
                      CL Hawks              @          Wimberley      7:00p    Boys   Soccer
                      Wimberley             @          CL Hawks       7:00p    Girls  Soccer

 Feb 18 Saturday      Hawk Relays           @          CL Hawks       9:00a           Track
                      CL Hawks              @          Huber Tourney  All-Day  Girls  Soccer