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This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

Michael Harwell and Anthony Zavala will be in action for a chance of Winning District. (photo Karen Holmes)

                      This Week             @          Canyon Lake

 Feb 14 Tuesday       CL Hawks              @          Llano          All-Day  Girls  Golf
                      CL Hawks JV           @          Wimberley      5:00p           Softball
                      CL Hawks              @          Burnet         5:00p           Baseball
                      Burnet                @          CL Hawks JV    5:00p           Baseball
                      CL Hawks Freshmen     @          Boerne         5:30p    Boys   Basketball
                      CL Hawks JV           @          Boerne         5:30p    Boys   Basketball
                      CL Hawks              @          Boerne         7:00p    Boys   Basketball
                      CL Hawks              @          Wimberley      7:00p           Softball

 Feb 16 Thursday      CL Hawks              @          Llano          All-Day  Boys   Golf
                      CL Hawks              vs.        Jefferson      1:00p           Softball
                      CL Hawks              vs.        Pearsall       5:00p           Softball    
                              Huber Tourney  All-Day         Softball

 Feb 17 Friday        CL Hawks              vs.        Cuero          9:00a           Softball    
                              Huber Tourney  All-Day         Softball
                      Marion                @          CL Hawks JV    4:30p           Baseball
                      CL Hawks              @          Wimberley      5:00p    Boys   Soccer
                      Wimberley             @          CL Hawks       5:00p    Girls  Soccer
                      Marion                @          CL Hawks       6:00p           Baseball
                      CL Hawks              @          Wimberley      7:00p    Boys   Soccer
                      Wimberley             @          CL Hawks       7:00p    Girls  Soccer

 Feb 18 Saturday      Hawk Relays           @          CL Hawks       9:00a           Track
                      CL Hawks              @          Huber Tourney  All-Day  Girls  Soccer



CL Hawks Has Another 1st, in Win Over Bandera, 58-51

Friday, February 10th, 2017

Senior Rory Preiss is looking for a big finish to season after win over Bandera.      (photo by Karen Holmes)

CL Hawks set up battle for 2nd place after win over Bandera, 58-51. Canyon Lake will now see if they can secure the 2nd Seed next Tuesday when they once again take to the road in preparation with their showdown with the Greyhounds.

District 28-4A just had a big development after a Boerne win over Fredericksburg and throwing a 3 way tie for the top spot.


This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, February 5th, 2017

This Foursome had a 5th and 8th Place Finish at Region Meet, Taylor Isley, Dante Ortega, Alex Borremans, Josh White

                          This Week      @     Canyon Lake

 Monday    Feb.  6      CL Hawks JV      @     Wimberley JV         4:30p         Baseball
                        CL Hawks         @     Llano                5:00p         Baseball
                        CL Hawks         @     Navarro              All Day Boys  Golf
                                               Starke Park Seguin

Tuesday    Feb.  7      CL Hawks JV      @     Pleasanton JV        4:00p   Boys  Soccer
                        CL Hawks Fresh   @     Bandera Fresh        5:30p   Boys  Basketball
                        CL Hawks JV      @     Bandera JV           5:30p   Boys  Basketball
                        Bandera JV       @     CL Hawks JV-1        5:30p   Girls Basketball
                        Bandera Fresh    @     CL Hawks JV-2        5:30p   Girls Basketball
                        CL Hawks         @     Pleasanton           6:00p   Boys  Soccer
                        CL Hawks         @     Bandera              7:00p   Boys  Basketball
                       *Bandera          @     CL Hawks             7:00p   Girls Basketball

Wednesday  Feb.  8      CL Hawks         @     Navarro              All Day Girls Golf
                                               Starke Park Seguin
                        Blanco           @     CL Hawks             4:30p         Softball

Friday     Feb. 10      CL Hawks         @     Comal ISD Tourney    All Day       Tennis
                        Boerne JV        @     CL Hawks JV          5:00p   Boys  Soccer
                        CL Hawks JV      @     Boerne JV            5:00p   Girls Soccer
                        Navarro          @     CL Hawks             6:30p   Boys  Baseball
                        Boerne           @     CL Hawks             7:00p   Boys  Soccer
                        CL Hawks         @     Boerne               7:00p   Girls Soccer

Saturday    Feb.11      CL Hawks         vs.   Tidehaven           10:45a         Softball
                        CL Hawks         vs.   Gonzales            12:30p         Softball
                                               Both Games @ Gonzales
* Represents game being Broadcast on CLB



CL Hawks Fall Off Truck in Loss to the Billies, 64-49

Sunday, February 5th, 2017

             Jacob Ramirez playing keep away in earlier game with Boerne

Canyon Lake fell off the truck in the 3rd quarter in their loss to Fredericksburg on Friday night at the Hawk Nest, 64-49.

The Hawks carved out a 27-25 advantage going into the halftime locker room after Sophomore Parker Mott had a steal underneath CL’s basket on an inbound pass and scoring at the horn for the lead.

That was the type of plays needed and for those first two quarters the Hawks had held their own in a battle with the top two teams in District 28-4A.


CL Hawks Beat Hondo, 55-45

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017


Ryner Martin getting more playing time on Hawk B-Ball Team              (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake (15-12) wins their first road game since the Christmas Break opening a nice, 55-45 present at Hondo this past Tuesday.

“I thought we did good as we grinded out a tough win against a desperate team,” Head Coach Lucas Chapman assessed. “Defensively we really locked in and played well.”

CL held the Owl’s leading scorer to pedestrian numbers helping the Hawks to keep a comfortable lead.

“Our focus was stopping their point guard,” Coach Chapman said. “He averages about 15 points a game, and we held him to 5 point and that came at late in the game.”


District 28-4A Basketball Standings

Monday, January 30th, 2017

Gerrit Wilkins will try a bounce pass next time.  (photo by Karen Holmes)

                             District 28-4A Basketball Standings

           Overall          W    L    Pct.         District            W    L      Pct.
           Boerne          20    8   .714          Fredericksburg      5    0    1.000
           Fredericksburg  20    8   .714          CL Hawks            4    1     .800
           CL Hawks        15   12   .556          Boerne              2    2     .500
           Hondo           10   16   .385          Bandera             1    4     .200
           Bandera          8   14   .364          Hondo               0    5     .000

                                 This Week’s Schedule
           Tuesday Jan. 31       CL Hawks       55        Hondo       45
                                 Fredericksburg 72        Bandera     39           
                                 Boerne                   Bye

           Friday Feb. 3         Fredericksburg  @        CL Hawks
                                 Hondo           @        Boerne
                                 Bandera                  Bye

                                 Last Week’s Results
           Tuesday               Fredericksburg  57       Hondo       52
                                 Boerne          72       Bandera     38
                                 CL Hawks                 Bye

           Friday                CL Hawks        63       Boerne         56
                                 Bandera         59       Hondo          39
                                 Fredericksburg           Bye

Hawk Freshman on Short-End in Loss with Boerne, 44-36

Sunday, January 29th, 2017

Damien Nichols giving a dribbling exhibition in game with Boerne.    (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake’s Freshman team started with a spark but in those two middle quarters that spark was doused with some shaky shooting and 12 turnovers giving Boerne all they needed to survive, 44-36.

The Hawks finished with 3 players getting to double figures but the other players were as cold as ice totaling 4 points as reinforcements did not get back in time to save this Hawk Team.


This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, January 29th, 2017

Tyler Williams is fighting for a Great Hawk Year.   (photo by Karen Holmes)

                 This week        @      Canyon Lake

 Mon Jan 30      Johnson City     @      CL Hawks Scrimmage     5:00p       Softball

 Tue Jan 31      Harlandale JV    @      CL Hawks JV            5:00p Girls Soccer
                 CL Hawks JV      @      La Vernia JV           5:00p Boys  Soccer
                 Hondo Freshman   @      CL Hawks JV 2          5:30p Girls Basketball
                 CL Hawks Fresh   @      Hondo Fresh            5:30p Boys  Basketball
                 Hondo JV         @      CL Hawks JV 1          5:30p Girls Basketball
                 CL Hawks JV      @      Hondo JV               5:30p Boys  Basketball
                 CL Hawks         @      La Vernia              7:00p Boys  Soccer
                 Harlandale       @      CL Hawks               7:00p Girls Soccer
                 CL Hawks         @      Hondo                  7:00p Boys  Basketball
                *Hondo            @      CL Hawks               7:00p Girls Basketball

 Thu Feb  2     CL Hawks          @      Rosenberg              All-Day     Swimming
                                         Regional Swim Meet

 Fri Feb  3     Liberty Hill JV   @      CL Hawks JV            5:00p Boys  Soccer
                Fredericksburg Fr @      CL Hawks Freshman      5:30p Boys  Basketball
                CL Hawks JV 2     @      Fredericksburg Fresh   5:30p Girls Basketball
                Fredericksburg JV @      CL Hawks JV            5:30p Boys  Basketball
                CL Hawks JV 1     @      Fredericksburg JV      5:30p Girls Basketball
                CL Hawks          @      Floresville            6:00p Girls Soccer
                San Marcos Aca    @      CL Hawks               7:00p Boys  Soccer
               *Fredericksburg    @      CL Hawks               7:00p Boys  Basketball
                CL Hawks          @      Fredericksburg         7:00p Girls Basketball

 Sat Feb  4     CL Hawks          @      Canyon High School     All-Day     Softball
 * Indicates games to be Broadcast on CLB



CLJV Get Rabbit Before a Greyhound in Win, 44-36

Saturday, January 28th, 2017


Hawk Boy’s JV got their 11th straight win after catching the *rabbit and game, 44-36 over Boerne JV.

CLJV is now 4-0 in District 28-4A play and will start the 2nd round next week when they travel to Hondo.

Mike Miller Time on the Court in Win over Boerne 

The Hawks beat the Greyhounds to the rabbit as Canyon Lake had to work out of a 22-17 deficit in starting the 2nd half.

This game was won in the 3rd quarter when the Hawks raced out with a, 19-5 advantage. Offense and Defense was on a grand scale as everything in this 3rd quarter went like clock work.

Starters and the bench were on the same page as foul trouble did not deter the resolve this Hawk team that has one goal and that is finishing this year with a 15 game winning streak.

During that second half blitz, Zach Taliaferro had a nifty no-look perfect pass to Anthony Zavala for a high octane points that put the crowd in hyper speed.


Hawks Find ‘IT’ in Win over Boerne, 63-56

Saturday, January 28th, 2017

Heath McDonough driving to basket in win over Boerne (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake finds ‘It’ in win over Boerne, 63-56 at the Hawk Nest, as this game finished the first round of District 28-4A contests. CL stands all alone in 2nd place and now will work on bigger goals as this season continues.

“That was awesome,” Head Coach Lucas Chapman started. “I am proud of the guys…our team executed and competed for the majority of the game and that was the most emotion this year.”

Coach Chapman studied hard for this game and the fruits of that labor tasted good.

“Boerne was constantly playing catch-up and we really prepared for it as the kids were locked in,” Chapman said excitedly. “They executed the scouting report….especially on defense.”