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Coaches Corner with Girl’s Basketball Zach Burleson

Monday, December 19th, 2016

Girl’s Basketball Coach Zach Burleson

The ReSporter: What is one of the biggest improvements you have seen since the first tip-off for this year?

Coach Burleson: “Probably our confidence. We have had a couple close calls that haven’t gone our way. And hopefully we are getting to where we can get over that and just move on to the next contest. I hope winning in Wimberley and Navarro would be deposits in the bank for when we need them down the road.”

The ReSporter: How has the Basketball IQ improved?

Coach Burleson: “We are trying to get better at what we do every day. I think we are starting to realize what it’s going to take for us to be successful down the road. Now we have to execute that.”

The ReSporter: The games during your tournaments were rough, what do you hope to achieve from those contests?


Coaches Corner with Basketball’s Luke Chapman

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Head Basketball Coach               Lucas Chapman

The ReSporter: How low does your turnovers need to be in order to be in games and a chance for wins? You are averaging right at 20 per game after 12 games.

Coach Chapman: “Our goal is to have 15 or less turnovers a game or a 20% turnover rate. Right now we are at a 28% turnover rate, which is way too high. We just have to be more disciplined with the ball and make more crisp passes. That has been our emphasis for a while now, so we will continue to work on it.”

The ReSporter: The team blocks seem to be coming from anyone on the court is that just the athleticism of the team or do you look for match-ups that can give you that type of advantage?

Coach Chapman: “Well we have a lot of size, which always helps. Really we don’t ever talk about blocks. We are more focused on not fouling and taking a charge when we get dribble penetrations, but obviously in certain situations it is nice to have some length and size and get some blocks.” (more…)

Coaches Corner with Girls Basketball’s Zach Burleson

Sunday, November 13th, 2016
Head Girl's Basketball Coach Zach Burleson

Head Girl’s Basketball Coach Zach Burleson

The ReSporter: Well, you had your first week of games….what is your overall feeling bout this years group of girls?

Coach Burleson: “Well we have seen some positive things. We are getting more comfortable with each other and with what we want to do.”

The ReSporter: You have been short handed to start this year’s games, when do you expect to be with a full squad?

Coach Burleson: “It’s always a fluid situation. Lineups will change, not necessarily because someone isn’t playing well, but more due to us just needing to see how a particular group plays together. Injuries will also happen, so we need to be prepared to play with multiple lineups.”


Volleyball: Coaches Corner with Kimberley Paisley

Friday, October 28th, 2016
Head Volleyball Coach Kim Paisley

Head Volleyball Coach Kim Paisley

The ReSporter: In comparison to the last 2 playoff teams, what is it about this team that gives you an idea of how they will approach the tournament?

Coach Paisley: “The Varsity teams from the last 2 years, were made of some astounding athletes with raw talent! They worked hard and were fighters! This year’s team is made of determined and relentless athletes, therefore I know they will fight until the end. I’m excited to see where this team takes us in the postseason!”

The ReSporter: How important was it to have a convincing win against Bandera?

Coach Paisley: “After the loss to Fredericksburg, we had a discussion about “Doing Your Job” and “What is your job?” This conversation combined with a great practice lead us to a win over Bandera and set the tone. This momentum from the match and ending district in 2nd place will launch us positively into the playoffs.”


Football: Coaches Corner with Charley Drum

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016
Head Coach Charley Drum

Head Coach Charley Drum

The ReSporter: You have mentioned in past talks on how this younger group of players on how their winning ways might change on the mindset for this team. How has that mentality played through this group of players?

Coach Drum: “Starting with our off season last year, this group has been very competitive. Whether is is football, academics, or video games, they enjoy competing and winning.”

The ReSporter: How would you grade your defense up to this point of the season? (more…)

Football: Coaches Corner with Charley Drum

Thursday, October 20th, 2016


Defense played a key factor in last week's Boerne game

Defense played a key factor in last week’s Boerne game.            (mjrphotog.com)


The ReSporter: Do you feel that with so many passing offenses these days that a running offense like the Hawks have installed help when facing defenses that are always preparing for passing teams rather than a rushing offense?

Head Coach Charlie Drum

     Head Coach Charlie Drum

Coach Drum: “Definitely, our offense is very physical and it is hard to simulate in practice while preparing for it.”

The ReSporter: What are your concerns this week as you prepare for Fredericksburg?

Coach Drum:  “Facing a team that is coming off a bye week, while we are playing our 9th game in a row is somewhat worrisome.  We expect a very intense and emotional game and need to bring the same mindset we had last week against Boerne.”


Coaches Corner with Football’s Charley Drum

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

The ReSporter: How is the team health wise as you enter the Boerne game?

Canyon Lake's Head Coach Charlie Drum

Canyon Lake’s Coach Charley Drum

Coach Drum: “We are in good shape, just the usual bumps and bruises that come after 7 straight games.”

The ReSporter: Luck might not be a good word for this, but you have 3 games left and now have an off week between some games, knowing that most teams off date is in the middle of the schedule. Do you think this year’s bye week might help in how this team can finish better in district play?

Coach Drum: “We will learn a lot after this weeks game with Boerne, I expect a very intense and physical game. As we do the next week at Fredricksburg, so an off week before we finish up with Taylor may be ideal.” (more…)

Coaches Corner with Volleyball’s Kim Paisley

Monday, October 10th, 2016
Head Volleyball Coach Kim Paisley

Head Volleyball Coach Kim Paisley

The Hawk Volleyball Team will have this Tuesday off, so The ReSporter caught up with Head Coach Kim Paisley for a Coaches Corner to help fill the void of not having a game.

The ReSporter: How and where do you assess this Hawk team as you prepare for the next two weeks?

Coach Paisley: “We have taken care of business with 2 road matches in Boerne and Bandera, took care of the Owls at home, and fell short to the Billies in a grueling, exciting 5 set match at home. We are hungry and  focused on continuing our ride down the road to 1st in district (even if that means co-district champs). We need to keep the intensity and carry momentum from the first round into this second round starting Friday with Boerne.”

Coach Paisley continued, “We are sitting in 2nd to close out the the 1st round, and the pressure will be on the Billies when we go to their gym. We will be ready for them.”

The ReSporter: What happened in the Fredericksburg game? (more…)

Coaches Corner with Canyon Lake’s Charlie Drum

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

The ReSporter: What is the overall attitude for the team as they prepare for a 6A school this Thursday?

Head Coach Charlie Drum

       Head Coach Charlie Drum

Coach Drum: “Practices after a win always help with the enthusiasm in practice. The boys are excited about playing a 6A team, and hopefully play with great energy.”

The ReSporter: What were some good things you took away from last week’s win over Lampasas?

Coach Drum: “Two things. Our special teams were definitely a plus, we were perfect on extra points and recovered an onside kick while cleanly recovering two of their onside kicks. Secondly, the way our offense took over the second half, controlling the clock and scoring points.”

The ReSporter: It seems that Akins running game is a little more advanced than their passing game, how do you see there offense? (more…)

Coaches Corner with Volleyball’s Kim Paisley

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016
Head Volleyball Coach Kimberley Paisley

Head Volleyball Coach Kim Paisley

The ReSporter: You traveled 948 miles in-between your two home dates this season….how do you feel those road games might help as you get into district play?

Coach Paisley: “We have experience for the road games, and we will put that to good use for those district matches on our opponents home court.”

The ReSporter: There was a lot to replace from last year’s group, what are your thoughts going into next week’s game with Boerne?

Coach Paisley: “Boerne is known for their “crowd/student section heckling”. Maybe one of the best in the hill country as far as heckling during a volleyball match. They have been this way since I played in high school. We just have to block them out and focus on our match and our goals for district play. Boerne is going to battle it out and play some good volleyball. We must be ready to play and play our game!”

The ReSporter: What will you be working on this week and into the Boerne game?

Coach Paisley: “Passing and defense is the main skill to work on. We must always be perfecting this skill because we cannot do the rest without a pass.”

Hancock Mini-Mart Says Go Hawks

Hancock Mini-Mart Says Go Hawks

The ReSporter: Fredericksburg had a pretty tough schedule and is coming into district play on an upswing, how do you see your competition and what attribute will need to be emphasized in winning district?

Coach Paisley: “Fredericksburg is going to be tough just like Boerne! They will have big girls at the net. We’ve got to be ready defensively by making sure our blocks are in the right spot and closing so our defense in the back row can do their job. Offensively, we must move the ball around and run quick stuff in order to score.”

The ReSporter: What does or has Regan Mickey meant for your program as she enters her last district competition?

Coach Paisley: “She has been an outstanding member of the team and program. She understands this is her last district season as a Senior in High School. Like all of the seniors, we talked about what will be the legacy they leave behind. “What will be their final days as a High School Volleyball player be?” We regrouped after Tuesday nights match against La Vernia and discussed our goals we set at the beginning of season. We are ready and we believe and will achieve.

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and enjoy this time off before district season next week.