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This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Sr. Alysha Perez getting her Point Across in game with Billies.       (photo by Karen Holmes)


                   This Week         @     Canyon Lake

    Mon Oct 23     CL Hawks          @     Corpus Christi   120p       Cross Country
                                             Regional Meet

    Tue Oct 24     CL Hawks Fresh    @     Bandera           5pm       Volleyball
                   CL Hawks JV       @     Bandera JV        5pm       Volleyball
                   CL Hawks          @     Bandera           6pm       Volleyball

    Thu Oct 26     Billies Freshman  @     CL Hawks Freshman 7pm       Football
                   CLJV Hawks        @     Fredericksburg JV 7pm       Football

    Fri Oct 27    *Fredericksburg    @     CL Hawks          730p      Football

    Sat Oct 28     Fox Tech          @     CL Hawks          tba Girls Basketball

* Game Broadcast on CLB starting at 6:15pm and come to this site to link to the page.



This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, October 15th, 2017

                       Trenton Lorett taking it to the Badgers earlier this year.             (photo by Karen Holmes)

                       This Week     @    Canyon Lake

     Tue Oct 17    Hondo Fresh       @    CL Hawks Freshman       5pm   Volleyball
                   Hondo JV          @    CL Hawks JV             5pm   Volleyball
                   Hondo             @    CL Hawks                6pm   Volleyball

     Thu Oct 19    CL Freshman       @    Boerne                  7pm   Football
                   Boerne JV         @    CL Hawks JV             7pm   Football

     Fri Oct 20    Billies Fresh     @    CL Hawks Freshman       5pm   Volleyball
                   Billies JV        @    CL Hawks JV             5pm   Volleybal
                   Billies           @    CL Hawks                6pm   Volleyball
                 **CL Hawks          @    Boerne                  730p  Football

** Game will be Broadcast on CLB starting at 6:15pm


Jaren Marmolejo finished in the top 10 in the District 28-4A Cross Country Meet

The Canyon Lake Cross Country team finished 5th in District 28-4A this past week.

Jaren Marmolejo finished in 10th place overall helping the team’s overall time greatly.

Marmolejo has been moving up each year with his long distance events and this will certainly instill some momentum as he will now start preparing for the Hawk’s Track Season in the Spring.

Congrats Jaren!!

This week will be an important week for the Volleyball and Football students as both teams can advance to a good standing with wins.

For the Volleyball team, the Hawks, finished with an unblemished record this past week and now stand firmly in 2nd place with a chance of meeting Fredericksburg for a home match-up, this Friday. A win, and Canyon Lake will be tied for first with the Billies and a loss will have your Hawks looking at a 2nd place District 28-4A finish.

Those first round of playoff games will be pitted with a tough district that has La Vernia and Navarro in residence. CL will need to be in one of the top two spots in order to skip playing either of those teams during that first week of playoff meetings.

Gordon is All In for your Plumbing Needs & Way to Go Hawks!!

As it looks now, a 1st place will be matched with Gonzales and a 2nd place finish will have the Hawks matched up with Wimberley, as that will be a repeat to last year’s playoff format.

Volleyball will be home on Tuesday with a game against Hondo and then again on Friday with the Billies.

If you will not be able to make the Boerne game then a night at the Hawk Nest to help our team will be much appreciated. Then after the win, a listen party can be staged with the Canyon Lake Broadcasting live stream of the Football contest.

The Hawk Football team will have their toughest game to date when they meet Boerne for this Friday’s game.

Both teams won their first district contest and the winner of this battle will be in a good place to finish top of the heap.

Hill Country Furnishings says Go HawksCanyon Lake’s road is still tougher than the Greyhounds as their win over Fredericksburg was a much bigger hurdle cleared than CL’s first district game with Austin Eastside.

Taylor will start their district schedule this week against Eastside and a win would be expected, and then the Ducks have a gauntlet of 3 weeks of above average opponents.

The Ducks came through with flying colors last year, but that team lost some valuable senior players that has them breaking even with a 3-3 record this year going into those 4 district games.

Fredericksburg will draw a bye this week as they prepare for a road game with the Hawks that next week.

Boerne is undefeated and beat Wimberley by 13 points two weeks ago which is the only common opponent that can be used to help gauge which school that might have an advantage.

That advantage was earned by the Greyhounds and Canyon Lake will need to be ready for this battle.

                      Hawk Proud!!

Boerne has outscored CL, 113-57 combined in their last 3 home dates with your Hawks.

One of those losses was a 35-14 loss, during Canyon Lake’s best season in 2011, when that squad finished with an, 8-2 record. That set back would be the loss that kept that Hawk team from reaching the playoffs.

Can’t get much bigger in importance and a win is certainly possible as the running team meets up with the passing team.

Big Week and Go Hawks!!

This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, October 8th, 2017


                  Defensive Line goes to work in win over Akins.          (photo by Karen Holmes) 

                   This Week          @     Canyon Lake
Thu Oct 12         CL Freshman        @     Liberty Hill        5:00p   Football
                   CL Hawks JV        @     Liberty Hill JV     7:00p   Football
                   CL Hawks           @     Hondo               TBD     Cross Country
                                            District Meet

Fri Oct 13         CL Hawks Freshman  @     Boerne              5:00p   Volleyball
                   CL Hawks JV        @     Boerne JV           5:00p   Volleyball
                 **Austin Eastside    @     CL Hawks            7:30p   Football

** Game will be 'on the Air' with the Canyon Lake Broadcasting team starting at 6:15pm



This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Micah St. John scoring one of two touchdowns in win over Lampasas.           (photo by Karen Holmes)


                 This Week            @     Canyon Lake

     Tue Oct 3   CL Hawks Freshman    @     Fredericksburg    5pm   Volleyball
                 CL Hawks JV          @     Fredericksburg    5pm   Volleyball
                 CL Hawks             @     Fredericksburg    6pm   Volleyball

     Thu Oct 5   CL Freshman          @     Austin Akins      6pm   Football
                 CLJV Hawks Fresh.    @     Austin Akins      730p  Football

     Fri Oct 6   Bandera Freshman     @     CL Hawks Fresh    5pm   Volleyball
                 Bandera JV           @     CLJV              5pm   Volleyball
                 Bandera              @     CL Hawks          6pm   Volleyball
                *Austin Akins         @     CL Hawks          730p  Football

     Sat Oct 7   CL Hawks             @     Comfort           am    Cross Country

     * Canyon Lake Broadcasting with Pre/Game starting at 6:15p and Game Time 7:30p



This Week @ Canyon Lake

Monday, September 25th, 2017

C. J. Parrish and Ross Snowden showing how to tackle a Buffalo.                    (photo by Karen Holmes)

                          This Week       @    Canyon Lake

       Tue. Sept. 26     Boerne Freshman   @    CL Hawks Freshman     5pm    Volleyball
                         Boerne JV         @    CL Hawks JV           5pm    Volleyball
                         Boerne            @    CL Hawks              6pm    Volleyball

       Thu. Sept. 28     Lampasas Freshman @    CL Hawks Freshman     5pm    Football
                         Lampasas JV       @    CL Hawks JV           7pm    Football

       Fri. Sept. 29     CL Hawks Freshman @    Hondo Freshman        5pm    Volleyball
                         CL Hawks JV       @    Hondo JV              5pm    Volleyball
                         CL Hawks          @    Hondo                 6pm    Volleyball
                        *CL Hawks          @    Lampasas              730pm  Football

       Sat. Sept. 30     CL Hawks          @    Round Rock            AM     Cross Country
                                                McNeil Invitational

       * Game Broadcast on CLB



This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, September 17th, 2017

                                            Lining UP for another Week @ Canyon Lake.      (photo by Karen Holmes)

                         This Week      @    Canyon Lake

         Sept. 19   CL Hawks Freshman   @    La Vernia        5pm     Volleyball
                    CL Hawks JV         @    La Vernia        5pm     Volleyball
                    CL Hawks            @    La Vernia        6pm     Volleyball

         Sept. 21   Canyon Lake JV      @    Wimberley JV     7pm     Football
                    Wimberley Freshman  @    CL Freshman      7pm     Football

         Sept. 22  *Wimberley           @    CL Hawks         730pm   Football

         Sept. 23   Canyon Lake         @    Fredericksburg   AM      Cross Country

         * Indicates Game to be Broadcast by CLB



This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, September 10th, 2017

Hawk Defense will be tested this Week in Giddings.                                                                          (photo by Karen Holmes)


                       This Week   @   Canyon Lake

  Sept. 12    CL Hawks Freshman    @   Austin Akins        5pm   Volleyball
              CL Hawks JV          @   Austin Akins JV     6pm   Volleyball
              CL Hawks             @   Austin Akins        7pm   Volleybal

  Sept. 14    Giddings Freshman    @   CL Hawks Freshman   5pm   Football
              Giddings JV          @   CL Hawks JV         7pm   Football

  Sept. 15    Wimberley Freshman   @   CL Hawks Freshman   5pm   Volleyball
              Wimberley JV         @   CL Hawks JV         5pm   Volleyball
              Wimberley            @   CL Hawks            6pm   Volleyball
             *CL Hawks             @   Giddings          730pm   Football

  Sept. 16    CL Hawks             @   Texas Lutheran       AM   Cross Country
                                       Bulldog Invitational 

  * Game will be on CLB starting with Pre/Game @ 6:15pm Game Time 7:30pm



This Week @ Canyon Lake

Monday, August 28th, 2017

(from left to right) Elena Vargas, Reagan Cowan, Riley Mickey, Caroline Kullberg, Eden Farley, Anna Bettersworth, Cassidy Felps, Paige Bower, (bottom row), Alysha Perez, Hanna White, Faith Hasness, Amber Voigt, Lainee Moses, Mariah Haight, Savanna Cox (photo by Karen Holmes)

                       This Week     @    Canyon Lake

 Tuesday  Aug. 29      Marion Fresh  @    CL Hawks Fresh.       Volleyball     5pm
                       Marion JV     @    CL Hawks JV           Volleyball     5pm
                       Marion        @    CL Hawks              Volleyball     6pm

 Thursday Aug. 31      CL Fr         @    St. Anthony’s         Football       5pm
                       CLJV          @    Blanco JV             Football       6pm

 Friday   Sept. 1      Blanco        @    CL Hawks Varsity      Football     730pm

 Saturday Sept. 2      CL Hawks      @    New Braunfels         CrossCountry    am


Canyon Lake’s Volleyball team will be back in action after having an undefeated week of contests that were cut short with the arrival of Harvey.

          Go Hawks Beat Blanco

Last Tuesday the Hawks swept a very good SubVarsity Poth squad as both of the Freshman and Junior Varsity continued their early season battles.

The Hawk Varsity Volleyball team went 5 games in their match with the Poth Pirates as CL continues their ascension in taking care of their home court advantage.

Canyon Lake continued their week with a quick 2 game sweep against two 6A foes in Del Valle from the Austin area and Keller Central from the Dallas metroplex.

The Hawks will continue their season with another home game on Tuesday against Marion.

Tis the season for CL Football in getting started this Thursday and Friday as the dress rehearsal with La Vernia and Smithville helped the Coaches to see what needs to be worked on.

Canyon Lake is coming off one of their better seasons in a while as a 7-4 squad was one win away from having their first varsity district championship.

                        Go Hawks!

The Hawks had their best offensive output that would have CL scoring at a 39 point clip average for the season.

Blanco will once again be in the Hawks crosshair as this will be the 10th year of competition and Canyon Lake has a chance of evening the score with our friends up Highway 281.

Come early for the 7:30pm start time and if you cannot make the home opener then tune into the live stream of the 2nd year CLB Network.

 Let’s Go Hawks!!

CL Hawks Start Their 10th Year of Sports

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Tanner Faris finishes Taylor game with 215 total yards.  (mjrphotog.com)

Canyon Lake’s 10th year of competition will get started this week as the 3 Fall Sports start preparing for competition.

The Hawk’s Volleyball squad will have a scrimmage against Blanco on Friday while both the Cross Country and Football crews will start their first week of getting in shape coming this Monday.


Coaches Corner with Zach Burleson

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Head Girl’s Basketball Coach Zach Burleson

The ReSporter: First off, Coach…has this district panned out as expected in how strong the teams are?

Coach Burleson: “Yeah, we knew going in it would be tough. Not only are there no nights off, there are no quarters off. Meaning, 1 bad quarter will cost you the game. That’s what we are up against.”

The ReSporter: What can you take away from the loss to Fredericksburg on Tuesday based on your earlier loss and how this game finished?

Coach Burleson: “It was our best effort in a month. Win or lose, I am very proud of our effort. I felt our 1st half was great meaning that our intensity level was where it’s needs to be. We gave ourselves a chance, just were not able to score enough tonight. But, if we can match that intensity that we displayed, it will give us opportunities to knock somebody off.”