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Lady Hawks Start District 27-4A with Win over Yoakum, 43-29

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Canyon Lake Lady Hawks are 1-0 in District 27-4A play as they rushed out to a 22-8 half-time lead and finished off the Yoakum Bulldogs on Friday night.

Reagan Heun starts District 27-4A with 21 points in win over Yoakum

Reagan Heun starts District 27-4A with 21 points in win over Yoakum

The Hawks had a 15 point run in the second quarter while holding Yoakum to three in taking this first game.

Freshman Reagan Heun was deadly from beyond the arc as she finished the night with 21 points and scored 9 of the 11 points in the last quarter.

“I had my rhythm in this game and then the bench got into it and I was just ready to do my thing,” Heun said. “This win means so much because we are so young and it will get us on our way up.”

Canyon Lake was down 10 turnovers from their average so far this season, which certainly helped CL take advantage of getting more shots off.


CLJV Hawks Leave Eagles in the Clouds in Win, 37-26

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

Canyon Lake Junior Varsity did all their damage in the first quarter as they used that seven point cushion for the rest of this game against Pleasanton winning, 37-26.

McIntosh and Ramirez help lead the team effort in win over Pleasanton Eagles JV

McIntosh and Ramirez help lead the team effort in win over Pleasanton Eagles JV

The Hawks had a height advantage and used that part of their game defensively in keeping Pleasanton Eagles under 10 points per quarter.

Brownlee sunk his first shot from beyond the arc which was enough to match Pleasanton’s points in that same first quarter.

The Eagles’ first points came at the 4 minute mark and then were held without a point for another five minutes.

Tyler Williams used his inside game to garner 10 points and seven rebounds helping CL to keep their pressure throughout the game.

Ramirez was also active with six offensive rebounds and five steals. Ramirez also led the team with three assists.

“I like to pass the ball,” Ramirez said eloquently. “We can all assist.”


CL Hawks Hide ‘Krytonite’ in Win over Pleasanton, 78-60

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

Canyon Lake got rid of their krytonite quarters and finished with 78 points in their win over Pleasanton on Tuesday night at the Hawk gym.

Sophomore Rory Preiss and Junior Brandon Ward help take care of the Eagles

Sophomore Rory Preiss and Junior Brandon Ward help take care of the Eagles

“We got into what we are suppose to do and we have been working on that more in practice,” Head Coach Lucas Chapman said. “No turnovers and that allowed us to work do more stuff.”

For most of this year, CL has had problems scoring in the second and third quarters. With each game a good first stanza in scoring would be followed by a second or third quarter of less than 10 points.

On this night, Canyon Lake solved those two quarters and finished in a flurry scoring 40 points combined for those quarters culminating in an 18 point victory.

Junior Brandon Ward started the game with his first points off an assist from Sophomore Rory Preiss.

Both players finished with double digit scoring while seniors Sean Nolan and Garrett Winters also joining the double digit party with 10 and 14 points respectfully.


CL Hawk’s Freshman Beat Pleasanton, 37-29

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014
                      1   2   3   4   Final
 Pleasanton Freshman  7   6  12   4   29
 CL Hawks Freshman   11   9   7  10   37
 Scoring: Boyd 21, Cole 8, Anderson 2, Jordan 2, Navarro 1,
 McDonough 1, Harwell 1, Ford 1.

Canyon Lake’s Freshman squad helped in the whitewash of Pleasanton as they set the stage in their first quarter and beat the Eagles, 37-29.

Navarro, Fulton, and Boyd team up for an 8 point win over Pleasanton

Navarro, Fulton, and Boyd team up for an 8 point win over Pleasanton

“We started strong and had a good first two quarters,” Head Freshman Coach Javier Almanza said. “We let our guard down in the third but finished in the fourth quarter.”

The Hawks had Boyd finishing with 21 points and Cole was next with 8 points in a game that showed a lot of needed energy as this semester draws to a close.

“Our third quarter was a combination of bad defense and turnovers,” Coach Almanza stated. “We let them back into the game and I had to throw in guys who could handle the pressure and Navarro and Fulton did that.”

Ben Fulton did not show numbers in scoring, but his game shows how a player can influence a game in other ways.

“Hustle plays and taking care of the ball with good defense and grabbing rebounds,” Coach Almanza closed.


Hawks Lose Twice in CL Tourney Action

Saturday, December 13th, 2014

Canyon Lake Basketball Tourney continues today (Saturday) as the Hawks suffered two losses in the first day of action.

The Hawks continue to suffer in the third quarter as both games on Friday, Canyon Lake was only able to score 9 points total adding those two games together in that dismal third stanza.

In the game with Somerset, Sean Nolan did have a double/double, scoring 16 points and pulling down 10 rebounds against the Bulldogs.

CL also raced out to an eight point half-time lead before the second half buzzer started action and with only four points scored, the Hawk defense allowed 17 points.

Having Canyon Lake going into their final quarter five points down.

The basket did open up but Somerset continued their strong half and won, 48-39.


Lady Hawks left Short Handed in Loss to Lago Vista

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

CL Lady Hawks were left short handed in loss to Lago Vista last Tuesday night, 40-36.

Lexy Jackson made all six of her points from the Free Throw line in game with Lago Vista

Lexy Jackson made all six of her points from the Free Throw line in game with Lago Vista

The Hawks had a one point lead at halftime but they were living on borrowed time as injuries and foul trouble help reduce Canyon Lake’s roster to five players at the end of this game.

“We showed good hustle,” Head Coach Mary Beth Gallagher said. “But our lack of experience hurt us at the end when the game was time to close it out.”

In starting this contest, Senior Kelsey Ahrens was nursing a sore back and Freshman Reagan Heun was ill, which had two starters taken out of their line-up before the opening tip-off.

A turned ankle for Alexa Ramos, then adding Alexis Fullen and Mia Riali, and Sarah Schneidr leaving for the bench after committing their fifth foul left Coach Gallagher looking at an empty bench for substitutions.

That speaks volumes, for a team that has had problems in many areas but being able to be competitive to the end without having players that are used to playing significant minutes.


Hawks Have Hard Fought Win over Comfort, 39-37

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Canyon Lake is presently on a two game winning streak and in years past that would not have happened, as both of these games were ugly and ugly games have a way of being more repulsive with a loss.

Garrett Winters made Comfort a cold place in leading the Hawks with 11 points

Garrett Winters made Comfort a cold place in leading the Hawks with 11 points

Comfort was swept in all three games as the Hawk Varsity finally came back for a two point win, 39-37.

“We picked it up on defense which led to easy shots,” Head Coach Luke Chapman said. “We did a good job of moving the ball during that part of the game.”

“We are unsure of what to do on offense,” Coach Chapman continued. “It was good to win another close one but with this ugly win, it will still give us a lot of stuff to improve on in practices.”

Garrett Winters reached double digits when he hit three ‘behind the arc’ shots in a row to help get a lead and extending that lead in the fourth quarter.

“After I hit that first one (three pointer) it became a confidence thing,” Senior Guard Winters said coldly. “That last one was a miscommunication on Comfort’s defense and I just took advantage of it.”

Winters was reacting to his wide open three pointer on a break that help seal the deal for the Hawks.


CL Hawks Win Consolation Bracket in Marion Tourney

Saturday, December 6th, 2014

Canyon Lake won their last game with Lytle as the Hawks broke even in their Marion Tournament set of games, finishing 2-2.

The Hawks need to bottle whatever they are doing in that first quarter as those two middle stanza’s are just not adding up.

Canyon Lake shot a dismal 17% in their two games on Saturday during the third quarter resulting with 10 points total for those two games.

In the game with Lytle, big man Sean Nolan was a rock of Gibralter with 14 points and 12 rebounds. Add on another three blocks and CL put their team on this man’s broad shoulders to finish off these Pirates.

Tommy Clark finished with 10 points in the first game with Marion as he was the only player that could scare that double figure points mark in basketball lore.

Nolan and Clark both had 7 block shots in their first game as the Hawk team finished with 9 rejected shots total.

Sophomore Rory Preiss had the most impressive rejection as he had just committed a turnover and raced back down the court to swat the shot by the Bulldog into the wall.


Hawks Split Games Friday in Marion Tourney

Saturday, December 6th, 2014

Canyon Lake split their two games in the Marion Tournament on Friday as they will look for two wins on Saturday, after manhandling St. Girard in their opening match, 79-34.

The Hawks had three players finish in double digit scoring as the team shot lights out in this contest.

Brandon Ward led all scorers with 14 while Trendon Martinez finished one point less (13) and Tommy Clark had 10 points.

Every player scored in the game as CL scored 79 points in a win over Jourdanton four years ago. Canyon Lake scored 81 points in their game with Ingram Moore the year before that game which stands as most ever for the program.

All phases of this game was clicking as CL Hawks shot 60% from the field and 53% from beyond the three point arc.


Lady Hawks Lose Two in New Braunfels Tourney

Friday, December 5th, 2014

Lady Hawks finished their first day at the New Braunfels Tournament 0-2 with losses to Dripping Springs and Bridge City last Thursday.

Canyon Lake continues to struggle from the field and in their game with Bridge City had a brash of turnovers that just buried this young team.

Things will certainly turn around as this team continues to mature as this season continues.

Freshman Alexa Ramos will soon help with her play while Junior Sarah Schneider had her best game with Bridge City.