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Canyon Lake Sweeps Smithville in Volleyball Tuesday Night

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014
Bailey Drum going for the Kill

Bailey Drum going for the Kill

Smithville started the match scoring the first two of three points and with that 2-1 lead, the Hawks would run away with a victory in three games and Smithville would not have a lead again.

Canyon Lake (13-5) would have won all of their games even by adding all the points scored by Smithville which added up to just 24 points.

A 25-13 first game, 25-4, and 25-7 whitewash set the table for an earlier than usual time for supper with the family.

Canyon Lake had won their previous match against Smithville in tournament play in Bastrop but this game would be at home and this young team would not disappoint.

Addison Farley led the team with 15 kills as Bailey Drum was not that far behind with 13 put downs.

Mariah Ellis had to have her arm put in a sling with ice as she served 12 points. Ellis started her serve with a Hawk 7-2 lead and when she finished her serve the score was a comfortable 19-3 lead.

Grace Allen finished the game serving, as CL only needed four players serving to win this game, 25-4.

Head Coach Kim Paisley had a chance in letting all the players in the game which will hopefully pay dividends as this season closes in on district play.

“This was a developing game,” Coach Paisley said. “We were able to add depth from our bench.”

Canyon Lake has reached the 13 win total earlier than any previous year in their history. Finishing has been their downfall for many of those five losses.

 Season         Game Reached 13 Wins           Total Record
 2014                Game 18                      13-5
 2013                Game 25                      18-20
 2012                Game 26                      16-22
 2010                Game 28                      20-20
 2009                Game 28                      25-15
 2011                Game 39                      13-27

“We played our level and we did our jobs,” Coach Fields closed. “We had a chance to work on more plays for our offense.”

One of those plays was having Bailey Drum being set from the back row.

“It is fun,” Drum said while commenting on getting some kills from the back court. “They usually don’t see it coming and it is more of a quick offense.”

Drum also talked about some of those losses when the team might not be in sync for the whole game, “We are trying to shake things off and play our game and we definitely were able to get a sneak peak in this win.”

Canyon Lake will be busy for another weekend of non-stop games. The San Marcos Tournament starts on Thursday and then a break on Friday when your Hawks travel to Blanco for a tough opponent before a Saturday of more games in tourney play.

Lot’s of games in a short amount of time and you can feel that this might be a special year as Canyon Lake continues to rack up wins before district comes calling.

Game Stats: CL Wins 25-13, 25-4, 25-7
 Kills:   Addison Farley 15,  Bailey Drum   13
 Assists: Regan Mickey   26
 Blocks:  Destiny Riccio  2
 Digs:    Regan Mickey    8
 Aces:    Mariah Ellis    8


Canyon Lake JV also pulled off a convincing win which would also mark their first victory, 25-11 and 25-13.

Kaylie Duke and Faith Hasness are all smiles after recording their first win of the season.

Kaylie Duke and Faith Hasness are all smiles after recording their first win of the season.

This win was JV Coach Helmey first and she was all smiles after a winnable game last week in Lockhart that just got away.

“Yeah, that was my first win as a coach,” Helmey stated proudly. “I thought the girls were more comfortable and I had noticed before play started they were playing more as a team.”

Coach Helmey made these comments in response to how many girls had moved in which was hurting their communication and just getting to know each other better.

“In practice this last week, Faith (Hasness) has been getting more vocal and leading, before the girls were not prepared for the Lockhart game,” Coach Helmey closed. “I could tell in warmups that they would be ready tonight.”

Freshman Faith Hasness scored on her serve with 8 aces for the match. Hasness finished the first game and helped give the Hawks enough space to coast to their first game win scoring on her seven serves.

“We started talking a lot more and we would talk after each point,” Hasness talked. “We minimized our errors and we are just getting to know each other and we are starting to play better together.”

Hasness started the second game serving while the Hawks raced off for a 6-0 lead and helping CLJV dominate through the rest of this contest.

Sophomore Kaylie Duke is another newcomer who came on in that second game when she had 4 kills.

“This was a home game,” Duke duked it out. “After losing our last game, we did not want to have that feeling again and wanted to correct it and have a better outcome.”

That Lockhart game was a tough loss as CLJV had a chance to win the match but just could not finish.

“My approach to the ball is what I wanted to be better with,” Duke finished. “In that last game (Lockhart) we had a really big lead and then lost it and that was not going to happen again.”

True to form, Canyon Lake now has all three teams starting to jell and this will be a good time to come out and watch these teams come together.

Blanco is this Friday come out and fill the stands in Blanco.

Go Hawks!!!

CL Hawks Finish 2nd in Bastrop Silver Bracket

Sunday, August 24th, 2014
Sophomore Regan Mickey is setting the stage for Senior Lillie Sander

Sophomore Regan Mickey is setting the stage for Senior Lillie Sander

The Canyon Lake Hawk’s Volleyball team will be returning home this Tuesday when they play Smithville.

Canyon Lake has reeled off 12 wins thus far and being just two weeks into their season they have averaged 1.2 games per day.

Two tournaments, in Wimberley and Bastrop, helped in adding to that total. The Hawks will end their tournament tour this weekend when they travel to San Marcos.

The Hawks best win was against Navarro in Wimberley’s tournament and worst loss might have been in their last game at Bastrop when they faced Thrall, a 2A team for that Championship game in the Silver Bracket.


Warriors Have ‘Blahh’ Scrimmage

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Bracken Christian ended their preseason scrimmages on a ‘blahhhh’ note as the Warriors went

Senior Coy Zunker

Senior Coy Zunker

through the motions in a game with San Antonio New Life.

Both teams were short on having companions for their head coach on the sideline as New Life dressed 7 players while BCS could only muster two more.

New Life started their first series with a 60 yard run that helped up the ante for Bracken to get a game face on.

That would be New Life’s final score of the game.

“We only had 15 offensive plays and scored on four of them,” Head Coach Lloyd Fields started. “To play on this level (High School), the younger players will have to get better and we have three days to get there.”


Hawks Ready for Prime Time after Scrimmage

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Canyon Lake last pre season scrimmage was staged on a Thursday in front of a home crowd that had a chance to grasp what type of entertainment will be performed starting next Friday in Blanco.

Serious Junior Robert Woods

Serious Junior Robert Woods

Medina Valley was our guest this Thursday evening and from a Varsity stand point both teams seemed pretty even as these two clubs finished their battle with two live 12 minute quarters.

Canyon Lake won that part of scrimmage with a 7-0 score after scoring in the second quarter when Senior Josh DeVries broke a 45 yard run around the right end helping set up a score four plays later moving16 yards.


CL Hawks Beat Lockhart Lions, Improved to 7-2

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Canyon Lake’s Volleyball Team now possess a 7-2 record after taking care of Lockhart in three games last Tuesday night in Lion Country.

Senior Mariah Ellis

Senior Mariah Ellis

The match started with Lockhart scoring their first three points, but that would be their last multiple point outburst for that game, as the Hawks systematically finished off these Lions and their den, 25-12.

In the next two games, CL played multiple lineups while giving their deep bench some game action in winning the next two games, 25-17 and 25-20.


CL Hawks Finish 2nd in TexFest Tournament Gold Bracket

Saturday, August 16th, 2014
Bailey Drum making a Point.

Bailey Drum making a Point.

Canyon Lake finished in 2nd Place in the Tex Fest Tourney. The Hawks won their first two games before meeting a tough Kerrville Tivy team and bowing in defeat in that championship match.

First Place was not possible, but this Hawk club had several other Firsts on this weekend.

First time they were able to compete in the Gold Bracket.

First time they have had a 6 game winning streak in their history with 5 game winning streak being reached 3 times previously during the 2013, 2012 and 2009 season.


BCS Beats the Heat in Scrimmage

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Bracken Christian results from their Mystery Tour are in with a resounding scrimmage in Prairie Lea yesterday.

Warriors taking a break during practice.

Warriors taking a break during practice.

In Coach Lloyd Fields talk earlier this week, he had mentioned that this year’s team is a mystery without knowing how some players would react.

Well, scoring 11 times and only giving up three touchdowns would be considered a successful day of work.

Granted, this group of teams will not be carrying any banners in a Parade this year, but when you are on a mystery tour yourself, then surviving and playing well would be a good barometer.


CL Hawks Sweep to Saturday’s Games in Wimberley

Friday, August 15th, 2014
Addison Farley defeating Gravity.

Addison Farley defeating Gravity.

CL Hawk Volleyball will go into Saturday games in Wimberley Tournament with a 4-1 record after sweeping through their Pool on Friday.

Lampasas, Hamshire-Fannett, and Uvalde all fell prey to a Hawk team that was only tested in their second game with Uvalde when they finally succumbed those Lobos, 25-20 for a chance of playing in the Gold Bracket.

Canyon Lake was quick and to the point(s) as all three games had their opponent collecting brooms after being swept.

The Hawks are in a groove with players grasping their roles on this team early.

Junior Addison Farley has made her presence known as she deprives gravity with any it’s rules when flying for a kill.


Hawks End 8 Game Losing Streak in Win over Clemens

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014
Coach Paisley making a point in practice last week.

Coach Paisley making a point in practice last week.

Canyon Lake made a statement in their first game for this 2014 Volleyball season.

Schertz Clemens went down in defeat, 3-1 after winning their first game. CL took care of their unforced net violations and swept Clemens in their next three games.

Last year, the Hawks, started with a 0-3 whitewashing to this same school and with some good passing, rallies, and communication Canyon Lake had an ‘A’ game with this win.

Canyon Lake also said good-bye to that nasty 8 game losing streak they had in district play to end last season.

The Hawks had a similar situation as last year when CL started their season with these same two teams.

Clemens won in three games with little resistance as graduate Amber Ramsey finished with 7 kills and 3 blocks. Hayley Melone counted 10 digs and then freshman Regan Mickey with 11 assists.


Present Beats Past in Alumni Hawk Volleyball Game

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Present Beats Past in Canyon Lake Volleyball, 2-1 as the Alumni rallied

Alumni will be sore tomorrow as they put on a good show against the Hawk Varsity

Alumni will be sore tomorrow as they put on a good show against the Hawk Varsity

from a 18-8 deficit to make it an interesting finish to lose 25-23 final score.

The Past had some height and this Present team had to do some digs to keep the game out of reach for those Past players.

Present team one the first match with a little resistance, but as that second game got going, the Past hit their stride and won in overtime, 26-24.

Coach Kim Paisley will be fielding her second team at Canyon Lake and one thing should be apparent, this team will be one year older.

There were not many Seniors on last year’s squad and with a freshman playing and a few sophomores, CL could not count on having experience to help answer some shortcomings in last year’s season.

“They have come a long way,” Head Coach Paisley said when asked about how the younger players had progressed since the end of last season. “This group has always been competitive and they have kind of grown into themselves. During the off-season I started seeing it.”