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CL Hawks Continue Climb in Sweep of La Vernia

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015
Libero Sam York showing off those floor burns after win over La Vernia

Libero Sam York showing off floor burns in win over Bears

CL Hawks finished the first half of their district games undefeated after sweeping the La Vernia Bears on Friday night at the Hawk Nest.

Methodical would best describe this year’s club as Canyon Lake had a statement set to start the match and then coasted to their 5th district game sweep.

“We were feeling some pressure as we knew that La Vernia would have a scrappy defense and we were playing cautious,” Head Coach Kim Paisley said. “The pressure is in being 6-0 and maintaining because everyone will be better the second round.”

“Now we will have teams with nothing to lose and they will set smaller goals and that can many times allow them to stay in games,” Coach Paisley said as if she has had experience in the matter.


CL Hawks Freshman Hit Home-Run in Win, 41-8

Friday, October 2nd, 2015
With Home Plate as a backdrop, Hawk's steal home in win over Lanier

With Home Plate as a backdrop, Hawk’s steal home in win over Lanier


Canyon Lake’s Freshman squad remained undefeated as the batted around the order in a win over the Lanier Viking team, 41-8 while playing on a baseball field.

The Hawks have a decent set of games as they keep piling on the runs and pitching shutouts against their opponents.

Winning Streak:
Dating back to the 8th Grade Mountain Valley games this group of students now have an 11 game winning streak as they prepare for Liberty Hill next Thursday.

 This Year's Games:
 CL Freshman   48    Lago Vista      06
 CL Freshman   34    Smithville      00
 CL Freshman   16    SA Cole         08
 CL Freshman   48    Wimberley       00
 CL Freshman   29    Lampasas        08
 CL Freshman   41    Austin Lanier   08


CLJV Volleyball in First Place after Win over Wimberley

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015
Kaylie Duke, Alysha Perez, and Hannah White showing what a 1st Place Smile looks like after win over Texans

Kaylie Duke, Alysha Perez, and Hannah White showing what a 1st Place Smile looks like after win over Texans

The Hawks have another first place team in Volleyball as CLJV won their game with Wimberley in three sets, 21-25. 25-21, 25-16 as a precursor before the Varsity game.

“We just started attacking at all the places on the court,” Head JV Coach Megan Helmey said. “Our defense was good and on their toes all night.”

“This was obviously a big game,” Coach Helmey continued. “And once we realized their weakness we finished well and we took it to a new level after that first game.”

This win was a roller coaster ride as each team had multiple rallies like a see/saw ride. Or, maybe a Fiesta Texas roller coaster, you get the idea…there was not a lead that would be considered safe, especially in that first set.


Hawk Volleyball: SWEEP

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015
Head Coach Kim Paisley excitedly talking to the Victors over Wimberley

Head Coach Kim Paisley excitedly talking to the Victors over Wimberley

Canyon Lake swept the Wimberley Texans for their first win ever over this perennial powerhouse, 25-22, 25-21, and 25-20.

The win keeps the first place Hawks in District 26-4A on top of the heap as they have just one more game left in the first round at home this Friday against La Vernia.

“A 5-0 record is a good start,” Head Coach Kim Paisley said. “La Vernia will be scrappy on defense.”

Coach Paisley, as you can see, was already thinking of her game plan for CL’s Friday match-up at the Hawk Nest.

“I think we had a mission tonight from starting to finishing,” Coach Paisley continued. “We were more fluid with our passes and offensively we were stronger.”


Hawks Need Defibrillator in Loss to Badgers, 42-14

Friday, September 25th, 2015
Thinking back on better nights as Robert Woods takes down a Smithville Quarterback

Thinking back on better nights as Robert Woods takes down a Smithville Quarterback

CL Hawks get badgered in loss to Lampasas, 42-14.

“We did not show up in the first half and we got whipped,” Head Coach Charley Drum stated. “Our effort wasn’t there we have to learn from it.”

Lampasas’ offense was a well oiled machine against Canyon Lake on this night as they ran all night long without much resistance.

“All of us are to blame as we need to figure it out,” Coach Drum continued. “We just had some success after the Marion game when we faced Wimberley and we did not handle that success very well…..we will need to heal up and get back to work and fix our bad habits.”

Canyon Lake was a no-show on Friday night as there was, nothing to see here, as they were drawing chalk around a Hawk on the sidewalk.


Hawk Freshman Do the Two Step over Lampasas, 29-8

Friday, September 25th, 2015
Brent Hemphill and Jeremiah Soliz taking care of business as an undefeated season

Brent Hemphill and Jeremiah Soliz taking care of business as an undefeated season

The Canyon Lake Freshman team continued their winning ways through non district play Thursday night against the Lampasas Badgers on their home turf, but in a most unlikely fashion of what seemed like the Texas two step all night long scoring a, 29-8 win.

Having home field advantage when you’re from Lampasas is definitely an advantage over a team, especially as you travel from Canyon Lake and the sand man keeps you drowsy on the bus all the way to kickoff time, or so it would seem.

The Badgers opened up on offense to begin the game and methodically as they drove the Hawks backwards on their heels after starting off with good field position on a failed onside kick from the Hawk’s forty nine yard line.

The Badgers picked up 18 yards on four plays and got help from a Hawk defense with a fifteen yard personal foul and putting the Badgers just outside the twelve yard line after a couple small gains up the middle.

After a false start by the Badgers and a team tackle by Triston Chacon and Greyson Lee, the badgers faced a second and eleven in which their pass ended incomplete.

The Hawk defense came to life after a wall of Hawk jerseys piled up the middle for a one yard gain.


CL Strikes Gold with Win over Lampasas, 22-0

Friday, September 25th, 2015
Fullback Rolando Maronge helped in dispatching the Badgers finding Gold

Fullback Rolando Maronge helped in dispatching the Badgers finding Gold

The Canyon Lake Gold team that is mixed full of sophomores and freshman struck Gold by winning Thursdays game against the Lampasas Badgers, 22-0.

The CL Gold team started the game on offense and probably because of the long bus rides being still asleep as their first offensive series ended up with -3 yards and an interception on the Hawks own 41 yard.

As the Badgers took the field and moved down field for 29 yards, they had a holding call but 19 yards later it appeared it would pay off until Linebacker Charles Madzy for CL stepped up and sacked the Badgers for a 5 yard loss igniting a sleeping giant and turning away the Badgers from a score.

The Hawks got the ball on a turnover of downs and never looked back.

The Hawks first two runs from the line of scrimmage totaled 52 yards and after a holding call Johnny Soliz took the pig skin home from 17 yards out for the first score for Canyon Lake.

After this point the meager Badger offense had six possessions and averaged 18.5 yards per possession with six first downs totaling 111 yards for the night.


MV 7th Grade Hawks can’t Fly in Loss to Badgers, 16-0

Friday, September 25th, 2015
Y4 Custom Homes supports Mountain Valley Middle School Sports

Y4 Custom Homes supports Mountain Valley Middle School Sports

The MVMS Hawks came to Lampasas to run down the Badgers but it was the Badgers who took down the Hawks, 16-0.

The Hawks immediately felt the sting of a badger defense on their first possession, as the Hawks moved the ball down field 32 yards only to have a fumble ruin their début in Badger country come to an end.

Once the Badgers got the ball on their first possession it took six plays to score and to tac on a two point conversion.

The Hawks would mount some offensive drives in this game all evening long but costly penalties and an oversized defensive line of the Badgers held tight and kept the Hawks out of the end zone for this bout.


CLJV could not Percolate in time in, 20-6 loss to Lampasas

Friday, September 25th, 2015
Coaches giving instructions after tough loss to Lampasas

Coaches giving instructions after tough loss to Lampasas

Canyon Lake’s JV team had a rough time in their game with Lampasas as the Hawks could not get going when the Badgers scored the first 20 points and the win, 20-6.

“We haven’t looked that bad all year,” Head JV Coach John Barthels stated. “We did not create, it was Lampasas doing the creating.”

The game started with CL having the ball and losing a fumble on their second snap. CL did not seem in this game as some coffee might have helped on this evening.

Lampasas would methodically march down the field for 50 yards in 10 plays with one 14 yard burst for some added flavor for that Badger first score.


MV 8th A team Shoots Fireworks but the Badgers had more, 28-20

Thursday, September 24th, 2015
Roberto Vargas totaled 163 yards of offense in the Hawk's loss to Lampasas

Roberto Vargas totaled 163 yards of offense in the Hawk’s loss to Lampasas

Mountain Valley 8th Grade A squad started with a bang but could not hold off the Badgers in a 8 point loss, 28-20.

Running Back Roberto Vargas started the game with a 40 yard touchdown run on the Hawks first offensive play but that excitement was greeted with some reality pills as Lampasas would answer all night until the end of the game with the lead.

That first drive for the Badgers had some good news for the MV when the defense forced a fumble giving the Hawks a chance to start with that one play drive.

Lampasas answered MV’s first score with a 6 play 47 yard drive to tie the game three minutes later in that same quarter.

Mountain Valley would have their longest drive in terms of plays on their next drive, going 13 plays and a 21 yard pass from QB Cody Kline to a wide open Vargas and another lead.

This drive had MV converting two 4th down plays before the pass play for a touchdown.