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CL Hawks Lose, 27-21 but ‘We will be Back’!

Friday, November 21st, 2014
Great Game

Great Game

Canyon Lake has been down this road before….it was four years ago when the Hawks lost in the second round on a field goal try that missed crossing the bar by inches.

This time the heartbreak was in the form of an overtime game, a first for Canyon Lake and Rockport-Fulton pulled out a squeaker, 27-21.

Senior Linebacker Austin Acosta making the stop

Senior Linebacker Austin Acosta making the stop

“My hat goes off for them,” Head Coach Charley Drum said. “They made the stop and we didn’t.”

Coach Drum was speaking about the two possessions during that overtime period.

“This is one of the toughest losses,” Drum said with finality. “Especially when you are looking at the Seniors after the game….I’m proud of our Seniors.”

CL started this game with a lot of energy as the defense held the Pirates to two punts on their first two possession while Canyon Lake sandwiched those defensive stops with a Josh DeVries 60 yard bolt down the left sideline and a quick Hawk lead, 7-0.

That drive encompassed just two plays for 63 yards and a huge momentum shot.


Bracken Uses Gravitas in Win over Covenant, 39-8

Sunday, November 16th, 2014
Spread Back Noah Boriack passing in a game with Veritas earlier this year

Spread Back Noah Boriack passing in a game with Veritas earlier this year

Bracken Christian won their playoff game against a tough and frustrated Conroe Covenant team, 39-8.

“This was the first time we dressed out all of our team,” Head Coach Lloyd Fields said. “There is always safety in numbers.”

Another game with a box of band-aids needed at it’s conclusion.

“The game was pretty physical,” Coach Fields said while fixing an owlee. “We had some bumps and bruises but everyone gets those by this time of year.”

The Warriors stepped out to a quick 19 point lead as Noah Boriack found a target that will be on top of all the receiving marks when this season comes to a close in Jeff Camp for a 24 yard touchdown pass.


LaVega Pirates Walk their Own Plank in Loss to CL Hawks, 49-26

Sunday, November 16th, 2014
CL Hawks after win over Waco LaVega

CL Hawks after win over Waco LaVega

Canyon Lake won their Bi-District game for the third time in a row as the Hawks walked all over the Plank(ton) Pirates of Waco LaVega, 49-26 last Friday night.

“This was our first complete game for this whole season,” Head Coach Charley Drum beat. “We dominated the whole game and it just shows you how a team with seniors versus a team that was lacking with seniors can help with that experience.”

The Hawks have made the playoffs for the fourth time and this was their third time of punching their ticket for the next round.

 Year      Game            Score       Record
 2010      Burnet          27-20       6-5
 2013      Pleasanton      24-21       4-7
 2014      Waco LaVega     49-26       5-6

It will be the next game that will make history for Canyon Lake, with a win, they will be realizing a goal of seeing just how high this playoff ladder will take this upstart group of players.


Lady Hawks Start Basketball with Tough Loss to Lehman, 84-40

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

The Girl’s Hawk Basketball team started their year off with a tough home loss to Lehman on Tuesday night at the Hawk Gym, 84-40.

Young would be a good way of describing how this season will go and for their first game it was not good playing a Senior loaded team in the Lobos.

Freshman Reagan Heun was the leading scorer with 13 points for the Hawks and Sophomore Mia Riali finished with 9 in a game that was over after the first quarter.

There were some glimpses of good play when Senior Kelsey Ahrens finished with 4 assists on some beautiful passes inside the paint.

The Hawks did finish with 17 points in the fourth quarter which was two more points scored in their first half.

A lot more games to go and see how the maturation of this team jells as the year gets older and some of those injured players come back and give CL some depth.

name            fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta  or-dr tot a  s  b  to pts
Kelsey Ahrens     2-4     0-0     0-0     1-1   2  4  1  0  2   4
Bailey Marley     0-0     0-0     0-0     0-0   0  0  0  0  2   0
Alexis Fullen     1-2     0-0     0-0     1-3   4  0  0  0  0   2
Destini Riccio    0-3     0-2     0-0     2-2   4  0  0  0  1   2
Reagan Heun       4-16    0-6     5-5     2-5   7  0  2  0 10  13
Lexy Jackson      2-4     0-0     2-4     0-2   2  1  2  0  7   6
Kirsten Jones     0-4     0-0     1-2     1-2   3  2  0  0  5   1
Mia Riali         3-6     1-3     2-6     1-1   2  0  0  0  1   9
Gabby Sanchez     1-1     0-0     3-5     1-2   3  0  0  0  8   5
Sarah Schneider   0-2     0-0     0-0     1-0   1  0  1  2  0   0
Team Totals      13-43    1-11   13-22    8-16 24  7  6  2 35  40

BCS Have Some Aces Missing in Loss to Cedar Park

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

Bracken Warriors did not play with a full deck in their loss to Cedar Park Eagles, 60-46 on Friday night.

Coy 'Mr. Intensity' Zunker

Coy ‘Mr. Intensity’ Zunker

“We are running out of gas by the fourth quarter and with this being late in the season and with the defections it is making it hard,” Head Coach Lloyd Fields said. “All of our players just get banged up and we just don’t have the bodies to rep ace them on the sidelines.”

BCS has been dealt a deck of cards with some aces missing this year as a lot of players decided to not play this season. That has left this Bracken team trying to stay fresh as each game matures into the second half.

Bracken has scored 312 points in that first half while giving up just 86 points for those same two quarters.


CL Hawks Volleyball Lose to Sealy Tigers

Sunday, November 9th, 2014


Mariah Ellis is goes all out in game with Sealy

Mariah Ellis is goes all out in game with Sealy

Canyon Lake’s Volleyball season came to a close last Thursday in Smithville when the upstart Sealy Tigers took a bite out of these Hawks, 25-22, 25-22, 27-25.

“This was a tough battle from the very beginning,” Head Coach Kimberley Paisley said. “We did not do a good job of executing and did not go downside well.

The Hawk’s ‘Bucket List’ year has come to a close as this three set match seemed like a five set affair with Sealy looking just better than this Hawk club.

Senior Kacee Vrana plays punch a ball in making a save in game with Sealy

Senior Kacee Vrana plays punch a ball in making a save in game with Sealy

Sealy opened play with a 7-2 lead, when CL had a tying six point serve and tied game at eight all.

Addison Farley was called on on that rally as she responded with four kills to help in bring the Hawks back into the game.

After another mini run by the Tigers, CL could not get closer than two points, when they fought back to a 21-23 score.

This sequence would be the same story same verse for the remainder of the next two sets as CL did find themselves with their biggest lead in the second set, when they raced to an 8-3 lead and matched that lead again when they had an 11-5 lead moments later.


CL Hawks Roll Snake Eyes in Loss to Boerne, 42-35

Sunday, November 9th, 2014
Robert Woods in run against Bandera earlier this year.

Robert Woods in run against Bandera earlier this year.

Like four of the five losses this year by seven or fewer points, the River Boat Gambler Hawks, needed just one touchdown for a win, losing to Boerne, 42-35.

“They (Canyon Lake) played their butts off tonight,” Head Coach Charley Drum started. “We have to learn to finish ball games…we were playing to win and we needed to make plays and that is something that we need to fix.”

The Hawks were either tied or led throughout this contest except when it mattered most, when the game clock hit 0:00.

 Losses this year with seven or fewer points:
 Wimberley      27-28
 Lampasas       14-21
 Liberty Hill   14-19
 Taylor         31-33
 Boerne         35-42


Mountain Valley 7th and 8th Grade Wins District

Friday, November 7th, 2014


Braden Ford showing the way to High School for next year to Running Back Ross Snowden

Braden Ford showing the way to High School for next year to Running Back Ross Snowden

Mountain Valley 7th and 8th Grade Football teams completed their seasons with District Championships as the Greyhounds could only place in a ‘Dog Run’.

The MVMS 8th Grade started where they left off in their previous match-up with Boerne by applying that suffocating defense while the offense just ran up and down the field like they were Greyhounds.

The ReSporter had too many games on it’s plate on Thursday as the CL Volleyball Playoff game against Sealy took precedence on coverage.

However the following two articles were penned by Coaches Juan Lopez and Brandon Pawelek. Thanks Coaches for helping The ReSporter with these write-ups.


Volleyball: CL Hawks Make History in Win over Taylor

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014
Hawks getting ready for their Playoff run after Honoring America!

Hawks getting ready for their Playoff run after Honoring America!

Canyon Lake can now mark another item off their ‘Bucket List’ when they took care of the Taylor Ducks in three sets and getting their first playoff win in three playoff tries, 25-15, 25-13, and 25-21.

“It was a good win,” Head Coach Kimberley Paisley said. “This means we get to keep playing.”

Pick your poison on who you Block Ducks

Pick your poison on who you Block Ducks

The Hawks jumped out to big leads in their first two sets as they continued the same type of game against Taylor they had enjoyed in their match that was played earlier in the Cedar Park Tournament.

“Taylor played better in their third set,” Coach Paisley continued. “This was another bucket list that we set out to accomplish this season in winning the first playoff game. Now everything we do from hear on out is accomplishing another bucked list.”

That Bucket List is pretty full now as, CL will now see about getting some bigger buckets while this season continues into Thursday’s game with Sealy.

The dynamic dual of Bailey Drum and Addison Farley were once again lethal to the Ducks as both players had double digit kills, 16 and 15 respectfully.


BCS Loses Tough Game to OLH, 76-73

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014
Jeff Camp continues to need more ink for writing down his receiving records for this year.

Jeff Camp continues to need more ink for writing down his receiving records for this year.

Bracken Christian lost a shoot-out with Kerrville OLH on Friday night when the Hawks kicked a field goal with no time left on the clock, 76-73.

“This game hurt as bad as the Abilene Christian game three years ago and that game cost us from taking a trip to State,” Head Coach Lloyd Fields said. “We have been playing with a short stick…but these players are playing with a lot of heart and you just can’t expect these Freshman and Sophomores to play like Juniors.”

One of those Freshman is Cristian DeLeon who finished with 102 yards receiving giving Bracken two receivers with over 100 yards for the game.

“DeLeon, honestly could very well be the best receiver in Bracken’s history when he finishes,” Jeff Camp said after covering 202 yards of receiving in this game. “He (DeLeon) made some clutch catches in this game.”

Another ‘Young’ player that is playing out of his shoes is QB Brady Beene who also had over 100 yards passing with just one pass that fell incomplete. Beene had been an important part of this machinery as he has responded defensively and offensively for Bracken.

Both teams combined for 1,123 yards of offense and the last 34 yard pass play by OLH was a thing of beauty and a beast for Bracken as that play led to their loss.

With less than 10 seconds left on the clock a well defended pass play for Bracken had the Hawk’s receiver jump up into the air and tip the ball to himself as he was falling to the ground with just over three seconds left on the clock.

That next play was the field goal that just made it through the lunging Noah Boriack for what would be a typical, BCS vs. OLH football affair.

Two quarters in this game had 50 and 55 points scored in them as Bracken Christian had to go through the valley to get more bulbs from HEB to keep up with this scoring contest.

There were several records that will go down in the Warriors annals as Jeff Camp and Noah Boriack went crazy with a few other Warriors that came along for the ride.

The 645 yards has only been topped one time when Bracken played Gustine two years ago in their 98 point win.

This brawl had 349 yards passing for Bracken which beat the previous best by 171 yards and Camp ran away with several records with his receiving.

 New Records                  Previous High Player           Camp's Fire
 Touchdowns for Game             3 Cristian DeLeon                8
 Yardage                       138 Jeff Camp                    202
 Number of caught passes         9 Grant Granato                 12
 Touchdowns for Career          21 Grant Granato                 23
 Yardage                      1276 Grant Granato               1071
 Number of caught passes        87 Grant Granato                 53
 Team Passing Stats Top Five
 Yardage       Game                    Year
 349           Kerrville OLH           2014
 210           Austin Hill Country     2014
 180           Concordia               2014
 165           CASA                    2014
 161           Gustine                 2012

Kerrville OLH will not go down as Mr. Congenial, as this team topped more yardage in penalties then what Bracken had faced in their previous eight football games combined.

For the year, Bracken’s opponents had run up 116 yards of penalties and OLH passéd that total by themselves when they left the field with 125 yards of flags being thrown to the ground.

“Overall they weren’t nasty but the penalties kinda speak for themselves,” Defensive End and Receiver Camp said holding a yellow napkin to his nose.

The game started with Bracken holding OLH to two three and punt series. No yardage gained, two fumbles, and three incomplete passes.

Bracken responded with two touchdown drives with that first drive being their longest drive of the evening when they ran 11 plays and 63 yards.

Sophomore Brady Beane is a solid player on both sides of the ball this year for Bracken.

Sophomore Brady Beane is a solid player on both sides of the ball this year for Bracken.

Boriack had a 28 yard run in the series with this drive capped off when QB Brady Beene passed to Camp and drawing first blood.

A key play was a Boriack nine yard pass play to Zack Fasenmeyer for a first down down to the Hawk’s three yard line.

The Warriors would respond with a three play 34 yard drive next when another pass play to Camp found the end zone and a quick, 13-0 lead.

OLH held Bracken in-between two touchdowns to take their first lead of this contest, 14-13.

Then this game became a lights out scoring for the remainder of this first half.

The lead change seven times in the eight minute span as the crowd had to be taken to the medics to have neck braces as they watched this game like they were at the US Open Tennis matches.

“We knew that this game would be a shoot out but I did not think it would be like this,” Boriack said. “Our offense just needs to make better plays.”

Both teams continued their back and forth scoring spree when BCS had a would be touchdown missed by a fumble on the one yard line to stop a chance of putting some distance between the two teams.

Another mistake off an interception for OLH would also give the Hawks a lead and putting Bracken in a catch up mode as this game was coming to a close.

That interception ended up being a two touchdown swing as OLH would score after the pass play and consequently keeping Bracken from tacking on more points.

BCS took their final lead with just 50 seconds left on the clock when a Beene pass to Camp would tie the score and a Boriack run tacked on that important one point lead, 73-72.

“We did not fold,” Boriack said passing the ball. “When we needed guys to step up they did and the younger players did what they were told to do, while playing positions they had not played this season.”

That drive would also have DeLeon catching a 40 yard bomb from Boriack to set up that touchdown next play.

With 111 plays in this game, those little mistakes would add up to a field goal that was just missed for a block and a loss.

“This game, we had a chance and it shows that we can hang in there with anyone,” Camp closed. “If we clean up on the little stuff then we can win some games….We will tell the younger players that we can win this next game and that we need to play hard to get this win….If we play like we did against OLH, then we can win.”

Boriack who had 495 yards of total offense, offered up one more pass for the team, “Even though we lost this game….it was a big confidence booster and now everyone knows what they can play up to, especially for the younger players.”

Bracken has just one more regular season game in Cedar Park next week and the good news is that game is in Cedar Park as the Warriors are working on a 11 game road winning streak and that could not have come at a better time.

Go Warriors!!

                     1   2   3   4   Final
 Kerrville OLH       8  28  16  24   76
 Bracken Christian  13  27   7  26   73
 Scoring Summary:
 BCS-Jeff Camp 4 yard pass from Brady Beene (DeLeon pass from Beene), 5:23, 1st
 BCS-Jeff Camp 7 yard pass from Noah Boriack (pass failed), 2:43, 1st
 OLH-Matthew Williams 5 yard run (kick good), 1:04, 1st
 OLH-Matthew Williams 10 yard run (pat failed), 7:53, 2nd
 BCS-Jeff Camp 28 yard pass from Brady Beene (Camp pass from Beene), 5:48, 2nd
 OLH-Matthew Williams 7 yard run (kick good), 3:56, 2nd
 BCS-Noah Boriack 3 yard run (pass failed), 3:06, 2nd
 OLH-Gabriel Gutierrez 64 yard kick-off return (pat failed), 2:55, 2nd
 BCS-Jeff Camp 25 yard pass from Boriack (Camp from Beene), 1:01, 2nd
 OLH-Zach Ramsey 35 yard pass from Hernandez (kick good), 0:39, 2nd
 BCS-Jeff Camp 50 yard pass from Beene (Noah Boriack run), 0:19, 2nd
 BCS-Noah Boriack 31 yard run (DeLeon pass from Beene), 8:31, 3rd
 OLH-Corwin Knight 9 yard pass from Hernandez (kick good), 7:18, 3rd
 OLH-Connor Corwin 79 yard pass from Hernandez (kick good), 1:26, 3rd
 BCS-Cristian DeLeon 10 yard pass from Beene (pass failed), 9:55, 4th
 OLH-Matthew Williams 20 yard run (kick good), 7:46, 4th
 BCS-Jeff Camp 35 yard pass from Boriack (Thomas Johnson pass from Boriack), 6:43, 4th
 OLH-56 yard kick-off return (pat failed), 6:31, 4th
 BCS-Noah Boriack 30 yard run (pass failed), 2:02, 4th
 OLH-Matthew Williams 15 yard interception return (pat failed), 1:12, 4th
 BCS-Jeff Camp 5 yard pass from Brady Beene (Noah Boriack run), 0:50, 4th
 OLH-24 yard field goal, 0:00, 4th

 Game Stats           Hawks       Warriors
 Total Yards          478         645
 First Downs          12          23
 Rush/Yards           22/174      35/297
 Comp/Att/Int         14/24/1     23/30/1
 Passing Yards        304         349
 Punts/Average        1/32.0      1/27.0
 Fumbles/Lost         2/0         1/1
 Penalties-Yards      11-125      2-25

 Passing              Comp   Att   Pct   Yds   Int  TD
 Noah Boriack         16     22   .727   225   1    3
 Brady Beene           7      8   .875   124   0    5

 Rushing              Att   Yds   Ave    Lg   TD
 Noah Boriack         29    270   9.3    31   2
 Jeff Camp             4     15   3.8     7   0
 Zack Fasenmeyer       2     12   6.0    10   0

 Receiving            No    Yds    Ave   Lg   TD
 Jeff Camp            12    202   16.8   50   8
 Cristian DeLeon       5    101   20.2   40   1
 Brady Beene           2     24   12.0   17   0
 Zack Fasenmeyer       4     22    5.5    9   0