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Mountain Valley 8th A Team Runs Over Freddie, 46-0

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Another running clock and another game being played by Mountain Valley’s 8th A squad when they put a hurt on Fredericksburg winning, 46-0.

Mountain Valley's 8A Victory Run after Win over Fredericksburg

Mountain Valley’s 8A Victory Run after Win over Fredericksburg

This game would have some more runners with a chance of showing off some of their skills as Connor Rose and Landry Moore both averaged over 12 yards per carry and accounted for four touchdowns.

“We had not played much and this was the first game we could show that we were tough enough,” Rose said.

“I wanted to show that I was true asset,” Moore said with the same resolve as Rose earlier.

Mountain Valley scored on seven of their eight times with the ball.

That one time a score was not a result? The Hawks had just two plays as they were running out the first half clock.


Hawks Gobbled Up the Gobblers in Volleyball Action, Freshman-JV-Varsity All Win

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014
Sophomore Regan Mickey with her patented tip shot

Sophomore Regan Mickey with her patented tip shot

Canyon Lake gobbled up the Gobblers from Cuero in Volleyball action, taking this contest in three sets, 25-17, 25-15, and 28-26.

“We started with more energy in this game,” Head Coach Kim Paisley said. “We did not do a pre game last week and we were not mentally ready, but tonight we did a good job and I don’t want them to get comfortable.”

The Hawks have accomplished many milestones this year but the major barrier now is solving the slump that hit this club after the Wimberley loss a couple of weeks ago.

This game with Cuero will help in seeing if CL can get on a run before the ‘Second’ season gets started.

Canyon Lake started the first set with Hannah Wunderlich being the main attraction with two kills to start the action.


Cross Country Shows Improvement for District Meet

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014


Canyon Lake’s Cross Country team is preparing for their final run to the tape as District 26-4A will commence this Wednesday at Navarro (Starke Park).

Head Cross Country Coach MaryBeth Gallagher

Head Cross Country Coach MaryBeth Gallag

The Hawks have had a lot of improvement this year as in other sports, there are several young athletes ready to take over.

“Well I am excited for our team as they have been working very hard this season to continue improving their times,” Head Cross Country Coach Mary Beth Gallagher started. “We know it is going to be tough at district and we know that for us to have a shot at any medals we will have to run our best meet.”

Canyon Lake has some accomplished runners but it might be the future that holds the keys for this team.

“We have seen a lot of our younger runners improve and they have been a great addition to the team,” Coach Gallagher said breathlessly.


Hawks Parts Red Sea in Win over Bandera, 37-28

Saturday, October 18th, 2014
Skyler Tschoepe has first touchdown run in game with Bandera

Skyler Tschoepe has first touchdown run in game with Bandera

Canyon Lake got back on track as the Hawks evened their district record after beating Bandera, 37-28.

“That kick-off return switched the momentum in the game tonight,” Head Coach Charley Drum said. “We like to be balanced in every game with our running backs…but we will take our positives and just get better at our tackling for next week.”

It all started after a Bandera touchdown on an interception early in the first quarter.

Cody Thompson taking it all in after a great defensive game against Bandera

Cody Thompson taking it all in after a great defensive game against Bandera

Matt Adams then fielded the kick and it seemed as if the Red Sea had parted and Adams was the chosen one to take the ball 89 yards to the end zone and help CL take the lead it would not relinquish, 7-6.

“It was surreal,” Adams said while commenting on what it felt like running through to daylight. “Coach Troy Moses said we would return a kick-off tonight. I just tucked the ball and started running as fast as I could, then I heard the commentator talking as I got to the goal line.”

Think about it, you had Coach ‘Moses’ telling the team a kick-off would be returned and the Bandera players parted like it was the Red Sea.

This win was Biblical in many ways.

Three interceptions matched the total for this year when two of those picks came from players that had been told what to do during halftime adjustments from Coach Bret Hodges.


BCS Runs Out of Ammunition in Loss to Castle Hills, 60-13

Saturday, October 18th, 2014
Bracken has tough game with SA Castle Hills

Bracken has tough game with SA Castle Hills

Bracken Christian is in a survival stage of the season as more players were lost to injury in their loss to SA Castle Hills, 60-13.

The Warriors were matching The Hills during the first part of the game when an apparent touchdown pass was overruled for an interceptions which would have given BCS a touchdown lead during that first quarter.

Castle Hills responded with a one play 79 yard run and from their the Warriors would play catch up.

Bracken would drive again on their next possession and score on a Noah Boriack pass to Freshman Christian DeLeon, which would bring the score to 15-13 deficit.

Boriack started the scoring for BCS when he took his first play from scrimmage for 65 yard run, but there would not be many fireworks for the rest of this game as this Warrior team ran out of ammunition.

Castle Hills has a reason for being the Defending State Champion on this night as they have approximately 29 boys in their high school and this team dressed 19 players which would give them the advantage as Warriors would fall out of the lineup as this game progressed.


MV 7th B Team Comes up Short in Loss, 20-6 to Liberty Hill

Friday, October 17th, 2014

Mountain Valley 7th B club won the clock battle but was left short on their quest for a win over Liberty Hill losing, 20-6.

Chase McCutchen likes running and is all smiles

Chase McCutchen likes running and is all smiles

Running back Ramirez for Liberty Hill had two runs for 27 and 28 yards for touchdowns in that first half would help the Panthers claim their lead.

Mountain Valley did respond with their opening drive of the second half when they drove 50 yards on nine play drive.

The drive was highlighted with a run from Chase McCutchen for 27 yards that help the Hawks to finish off with a touchdown when Brandon Robinson ran the ball in from one yard out on a fourth down play.

This drive almost took the whole third quarter and with one defensive stop another chance for a score with a chance to tie the game.


MV Hawks 7A Squad Has Pancake Sale in Win over LH, 8-0

Friday, October 17th, 2014

Mountain Valley 7th A team did not waste any time in their win over Liberty Hill, last Thursday night at the Hawk Stadium winning, 8-0.

Nash Young and Derek Peters thinking about ordering a Short Stack

Derek Peters and Nash Young thinking about ordering a Short Stack

An opening drive for 85 yards with 19 plays while converting three fourth downs was all it took to take the sails from this Panther team.

Ethan Slater ran the last four yards on that first drive and for all they knew at the time, a win, with that touchdown.

MV did not let Liberty Hill have the ball until there was just 1:28 left on the second quarter clock.

No, the drive did not last that long but the Hawks executed an on-side kick twice in this game and that allowed the visitors just five plays from scrimmage in that first half.

It was a three for one evening as MV had 39 plays to Liberty Hill’s 13 and a 21 to 7 minute advantage on the game clock.


Hawk’s Freshman Take Best Rides in Win over Bandera, 42-0

Thursday, October 16th, 2014
Canyon Lake's Freshman squad taking it all in after, 42-0 win over Bandera

Canyon Lake’s Freshman squad taking it all in after, 42-0 win over Bandera

Canyon Lake unleashed a secret weapon on Bandera which happened to be an undercover player that at one time lived in Bandera and is now a member of Hawk’s Freshman class.

Tanner Faris (the Bandera transfer student) brought everything to this game but a Faris Wheel as he spun the Bulldogs all around the field with runs, catches, interceptions, you name it he was part of the action.

“We wanted to have him (Faris) have more chances to play against his buddies,” Coach Greene said. “He scored when he busted his route and then came open.”

Coach Greene was speaking of the 68 yard pass and catch Faris had early in this game.

This carnival had the vendors going home empty handed as Canyon Lake won everything on this midway.

The Hawks had the ball six times and scored on every possession and where they started with the ball did not matter.

“We like to spread it out and get everyone a chance to score,” Head Freshman Coach Bill Greene started. “We have good skill people.”

Bandera Ex-Tanner Faris after taking a ride on the Faris Wheel

Bandera Ex-Tanner Faris after taking a ride on the Faris Wheel

With 60 yards of penalties the Hawks were able to get 60 more yards of offense. That is called domination.

Explosive plays are identified with plays that have 10 yards or more made on any given play.

This game had the Hawks with 21 total offensive snaps and 10 of those plays had more than 10 yards and two of those plays were cut short because the runners yardage ceased to count since that player had passed the goal line for a score.

Oh yeah, that 68 yard pass play? It was the wrong route that was executed….result? Touchdown.

Defensively, Canyon Lake gave up eight first downs but four of those first downs was a result of a Hawk penalty.


Hawks Take care of Business in Win over Gonzales, 25-13, 25-15, 25-20

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014
Two Blocks are better than one in win over Yoakum

Two Blocks are better than one in win over Yoakum

Canyon Lake’s Volleyball team took care of business against Gonzales winning, 25-13, 25-15, 25-20.

The win clinches a playoff spot for the Hawks as they are now guaranteed a winning District 26-4A record and if CL lost their remaining four district games they would still have a better record than Cuero, Yoakum, and Gonzales.

This win was the 27th for the Hawks as they keep flying away from their previous 25 win season back in 2009.

Addison Farley and Mariah Ellis after their win over Gonzales

Addison Farley and Mariah Ellis after their win over Gonzales

CL scored a 10-3 run as the first game got started with the Hawks running this set to a 12 point lead.

Bailey Drum led the Hawks with six kills in that first set and six other Hawks also got in on the scoring for a run-a-way, 25-13 win.

Addison Farley duplicated that same number of kills when she had six kills in the second set and playing a pivotal role in another win by more than 10 points, 25-15.

Farley finished with 15 kills and with Drum’s 16 kills, the Hawks had a good one-two punch.

“Usually, when we change up our lineups we struggle,” Farley deduced. “But talking more and playing as a team showed that we were ready from point one!”


Warriors Scores Quick in Win over Wildcats, 51-0

Sunday, October 12th, 2014
Noah Boriack looking for a Freshman receivers, Christian DeLeon and Thomas Johnson

Noah Boriack looking for a Freshman receivers, Christian DeLeon and Thomas Johnson

Bracken Christian was in and out of New Braunfels Wildcats so fast that Coach Lloyd Fields made sure that he could get through another week without injuries in the Warriors, 51-0 mercy game against the Cats.

“No starters got injured,” Coach Fields said short and sweet. “This win helped get us to the five wins in the season threshold.”

Freshman receiver Christian De Leon had three touchdowns to go with his four receptions setting a Warrior record for number of TD’s by taking the ball in the air.

The ReSporter could not go back to those first two years of Bracken games, but since that time there has not been a receiver to break what was two TD receptions by several players.

Noah Boriack also had two interception returns for scores which is also a Warrior record and those scores also helped Bracken Christian to get out of town even quicker to avoid a chance for injuries.

Fourteen plays from scrimmage and six touchdowns will give a team a percentage you can have a good night’s rest with.

There were a few touchdowns called back by penalty which would have made that an even higher percentage.

Y4 Custom Homes says Go Bracken Christian from a former 6-Man Football player.

Y4 Custom Homes says Go Bracken Christian from a former 6-Man Football player.

New Braunfels Christian is another team without enough players to give this Cat team the depth needed to spell some players. New Braunfels was a predominantly freshman team lacking in any depth.

That is becoming a similar situation for Bracken and the reason for needing to protect their players.

Making it to the end of the season in tact will indicate how Bracken will be able to play during the playoff season.

The Warriors scored on their very first run when Boriack took the pitch from quarterback Jeff Camp for 50 yards and a quick, 7-0 lead.

Camp was playing quarterback for the first time this season replacing an injured Brady Beene.

Boriack helped Warriors get to 45 points as fast as ‘Usain Bolt’ can use ‘Lightning’, when he intercepted the Wildcats pass on their third play from scrimmage, going untouched for another touchdown before the first minute had gone off the clock.

New Braunfels Christian had their best drive of the night on their next drive when they reached the Warriors’ four yard line before a fumble and squashing any hope of scoring in this contest.

NBC had three first downs in this game and they were all spent on that one drive.

Bracken would take their longest drive of four plays to score when another freshman, Thomas Johnson scored on a 10 yard pass from Boriack.

After an NBC punt, Bracken Christian would squeeze, two more scores, before the end of that first quarter with another Boriack interception return and a pass to De Leon for one of his three touchdown catches.

Joshua Chu (a first year player that is not a freshman) would highlight the next drive with a 24 yard run that helped set up another pass to De Leon for a score and a commanding, 44-0 score.

Coy Zunker who had 12 tackles which is a good percentage based on NBC’s 19 total plays from scrimmage, scored the final touchdown from running 10 yards out and letting Chu finish the wrapping paper on this victory.

Bracken will need to have all hands on deck this coming Friday when Defending TAPPS Division II Champion, San Antonio Castle Hills comes calling to Bracken field.

“Reality will hit us when the State Champions comes next week,” Coach Fields said. “We will need to learn how to finish a game.”

This game will define where Bracken will stand in district as they get ready for that second season.

Important game considering how many players they hope to have when that time of year approaches!!

Go Warriors!!!!

                              1   2   3   4   Final
 Bracken Christian           31  20   x   x   51
 New Braunfels Christian      0   0   x   x    0
 Scoring Summary:
 BCS-Noah Boriack 50 yard run (Coy Zunker run), 9:45, 1st
 BCS-Noah Boriack 29 yard interception return (pass failed), 9:01, 1st
 BCS-Thomas Johnson pass from Noah Boriack (run failed), 3:21, 1st
 BCS-Christian De Leon 30 yard pass from Noah Boriack (run failed), 1:11, 1st
 BCS-Noah Boriack 35 yard interception return (run failed), 0:45, 1st
 BCS-Christian De Leon 9 yard pass from Jeff Camp (Joshua Chu run), 7:47, 2nd
 BCS-Christian De Leon 30 yard pass from Jeff Camp (run failed), 4:21, 2nd
 BCS-Coy Zunker 10 yard run (Joshua Chu run), 3:06, 2nd

 Game Stats:            Cats       Warriors
 Total Yards            42         276
 First Downs            3          9
 Rushes/Yards           14/-4      7/163
 Comp/Att/Int           5/12/3     7/8/0
 Passing Yards          46         113
 Punts/Average          3/20.0     0/0
 Fumbles/Lost           2/2        0/0
 Penalties-Yards        1-5        4-30

 Passing             Comp   Att   Pct.  Yds  Int  TD
 Noah Boriak         4      4   1.000   68   0    2
 Jeff Camp           3      4    .750   45   0    2

 Rushing             Att    Yds    Ave   Lg   TD
 Noah Boriack        4      124   31.0   50   1
 Joshua Chu          2       29   14.5   24   0
 Coy Zunker          1       10   10.0   10   1

 Receiving           No    Yds    Ave   Lg   TD
 Christian De Leon   4     75    18.8   30   3
 Thomas Johnson      2     28    14.0   18   1
 Coy Zunker          1     10    10.0   10   0