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Coaches Corner with Zach Burleson

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Head Girl’s Basketball Coach Zach Burleson

The ReSporter: First off, Coach…has this district panned out as expected in how strong the teams are?

Coach Burleson: “Yeah, we knew going in it would be tough. Not only are there no nights off, there are no quarters off. Meaning, 1 bad quarter will cost you the game. That’s what we are up against.”

The ReSporter: What can you take away from the loss to Fredericksburg on Tuesday based on your earlier loss and how this game finished?

Coach Burleson: “It was our best effort in a month. Win or lose, I am very proud of our effort. I felt our 1st half was great meaning that our intensity level was where it’s needs to be. We gave ourselves a chance, just were not able to score enough tonight. But, if we can match that intensity that we displayed, it will give us opportunities to knock somebody off.”


Hawks Fall Flat in Loss to Fredericksburg, 56-34

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Caimen McDonough is surrounded by Orange in earlier game this season.

Canyon Lake fell flat in loss to Fredericksburg, 56-34, as the Hawks will go back to work this Friday when Bandera comes to town.

Alternative Pest Control says          Go Hawks

Fredericksburg beat Bandera, 73-22 giving the Hawks a bragging point in that they scored 12 points more than the Bulldogs.

Not what most teams need to be contemplating but CL had a chance to have a win that they could point to in giving them some stature. That game will have to wait a while longer.

Rory Preiss was the only Hawk to get into double digit scoring with 11 points and leading the team accounting for 8 rebounds.

Preiss has averaged 14 points in his past 7 games where he has reached double digit points consecutively.

Not much else to see hear as Canyon Lake will need to forget this game quickly as a 34 point game will not instill much confidence in this offense.

This week’s Friday game will be broadcast on the CLB network and you can get linked up on this site if you are wanting to hear or see how Canyon Lake will respond after this loss.

Go Hawks!!

                 1  2  3  4  Final
 CL Hawks        8 11 12  3  34
 Fredericsburg   9 20 15 12  56

                          3pt tot rebounds
                  fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta pts or-dr tot  a  s  b  to
 Jacob Ramirez      2-6     1-5     0-0    5   1-0   1   2  1  0  2
 Bennie Brownlee    0-1     0-0     0-0    0   2-0   2   0  1  0  4
 Gerrit Wilkins     1-4     0-2     2-2    4   0-2   2   1  0  0  2
 Ryner Martin       1-5     1-5     0-0    3   0-1   1   2  0  0  2
 Rory Preiss        2-9     1-3     6-8   11   2-6   8   0  0  1  2
 Heath McDonough    0-2     0-0     0-2    0   2-5   7   0  1  0  4
 Caimen McDonough   0-2     0-0     0-2    0   1-1   2   0  1  0  0
 Charlie McIntosh   0-0     0-0     1-2    1   0-0   0   0  0  0  1
 Parker Mott        1-4     1-4     0-0    3   0-0   0   1  0  0  0
 Joseph Boyd        2-2     0-0     0-0    4   1-2   3   0  0  0  1
 Tyler Williams     1-2     0-0     1-3    3   2-1   3   0  0  0  1
 totals            10-37    4-19   10-19  34  11-18 29   6  4  1 19

CL Ladies Lose to Billies, 49-34

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Head Girl’s Basketball Coach Zach Burleson looking for answers in district play

The Canyon Lake Lady Basketball team is showing improvement within one of the toughest districts in Texas this year.

The Hawks lost to the Billies by 14 points and showed some spark after a blow out loss during the Burnet Tournament during the Christmas break. In that contest, CL was on the short end losing, 61-23.

Canyon Lake cannot afford a lost quarter during these games as the 3 points scored in the 3rd quarter contributed to this loss.
Both Fredericksburg games still had the Billies controlling the boards as the Hawks had just 15 total rebounds which was about what CL had in that first game only 12 bounds were realized.

Reagan Heun finished with 18 points as CL will now prepare for another tough opponent this Friday when they travel to Bandera.


This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

                                   Jordan Sczech getting aHead of himself.                       (photo by Lynne Carpenter)

                         This Week         @      Canyon Lake

 Tuesday   January 17    CL Hawks JV       @      Pleasanton        5:00p  Girls Soccer
                         CL Hawks JV       @      Southside HS      5:30p  Boys  Soccer
                         Fredericksburg Fr @      CL Hawks JV 2     5:30p  Girls Basketball
                         Fredericksburg JV @      CL Hawks JV 1     5:30p  Girls Basketball
                         CL Hawks Fresh    @      Fredericksburg    5:30p  Boys  Basketball
                         CL Hawks JV       @      Fredericksburg    5:30p  Boys  Basketball
                         CL Hawks          @      Pleasanton        7:00p  Girls Soccer
                        *Fredericksburg    @      CL Hawks          7:00p  Girls Basketball
                         CL Hawks          @      Fredericksburg    7:00p  Boys  Basketball

 Thursday January 19     Bandera           vs.    CL Hawks JV       5:00p  Boys  Soccer
                         Beeville          vs.    CL Hawks          7:00p  Boys  Soccer
                                  Canyon Lake Classic Tourney

 Friday   January 20     Lampasas          vs.    CL Hawks          9:00a  Boys  Soccer
                         Jarrell           vs.    CL Hawks JV       3:00p  Boys  Soccer
                         Pleasanton        vs.    CL Hawks          7:00p  Boys  Soccer
                                  Canyon Lake Classic Tourney
                         CL Hawks          @      SA Christian      5:00p  Girls Soccer
                         CL Hawks JV       @      Liberty Hill JV   5:00p  Boys  Soccer
                         CL Hawks JV 2     @      Bandera           5:30p  Girls Basketball
                         CL Hawks JV 1     @      Bandera           5:30p  Girls Basketball
                         Bandera Fresh     @      CL Hawks Fresh    5:30p  Boys  Basketball
                         Bandera JV        @      CL Hawks JV       5:30p  Boys  Basketball
                         CL Hawks          @      Bandera           7:00p  Girls Basketball
                        *Bandera           @      CL Hawks          7:00p  Boys  Basketball

Saturday January 21      La Vernia         vs.    CL Hawks JV      12:00p  Boys  Soccer
                         Championship Game                          3:00p  Boys  Soccer
                                  Canyon Lake Classic Tourney

* indicates that this game will be on CLB and you can link on this Site.



Hawk Girl’s Basketball: All-Time Records

Friday, January 13th, 2017

Reagan Heun continues climb in Basketball Records.     (photo by Karen Holmes)

                               Top-10 All-Time Lady Hawk Basketball Records

 Total Points                  Career Field Goals                Free Throws
 Katie Williams       755      Katie Williams        315         Reagan Heun            173
 Reagan Heun          645      Reagan Heun           198         Ashley Pfaff           152
 Tiffany Tschoepe     515      Amber Ramsey          190         Tiffany Tschoepe       139
 Ashley Pfaff         493      Tiffany Tschoepe      188         Megan Browning         133
 Amber Ramsey         443      Alexa Ramos           165         Katie Williams         119
 Alexa Ramos          442      Ashley Pfaff          151         Alexa Ramos            100
 Megan Browning       428      Kyndall Drum          147         Tiffany Arredondo       96
 Sarah Russell        388      Amber West            144         Mia Riali               84
 Kyndall Drum         374      Megan Browning        136         Kyndall Drum            82
 Amber West           358      Sarah Russell         130         Sarah Russell           66
                               Current Hawks
 Mia Riali            343      Mia Riali             114

 Blocks                        Steals                            Assists
 Amber Ramsey          99      Amber Ramsey          201         Tiffany Arredondo      125
 Katie Williams        73      Alexa Ramos           192         Ashley Pfaff            89
 Sarah Schneider       71      Mia Riali             139         Alexa Ramos             85
 Tiffany Tschoepe      48      Katie Williams        139         Megan Browning          83
 Alexis Fullen         40      Amber West            128         Amber West              74
 Ashley Pfaff          29      Ashley Pfaff           96         Reagan Heun             73
 Emma Gray             28      Reagan Heun            95         Caitlyn Gillum          63
 Reagan Heun           22      Tiffany Arredondo      90         Katie Williams          56
 Kyndall Drum          10      Kyndall Drum           67         Mia Riali               53
 Caitlin Mabry         10
 Jessie Melendez       10

 3 Point Shot                  Total Rebounds                    Season Points               Year
 Reagan Heun           74      Tiffany Tschoepe      579         Ashley Pfaff           493  2009
 Sarah Russell         62      Katie Williams        559         Tiffany Tschoepe       342  2010
 Olivia Flores         42      Amber Ramsey          558         Katie Williams         326  2012
 Ashley Pfaff          39      Kyndall Drum          377         Reagan Heun            326  2014
 Megan Browning        23      Reagan Heun           284         Reagan Heun            319  Current
 Mia Riali             19      Mia Riali             278         Jessica McMurray       266  2009
 Alexa Ramos           17      Sarah Schneider       257         Katie Williams         241  2011
 Jessica McMurray      14      Megan Browning        235         Tiffany Arredondo      240  2009
 Amber West            10      Ashley Pfaff          199         Amber Ramsey           219  2012
 Hannah St. John       10      Alexa Ramos           172         Emma Gray              184  2016
                               Current Hawks
                               Skylar Hurst          141         Alexa Ramos            161  Current
                               Jessie Melendez       138

Hawk’s Boy’s & Girl’s Basketball have Tough Night

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

      Go Hawks Beat Hondo

Canyon Lake had a tough go at it last Tuesday as both Varsity Basketball Teams took it on the chin.

The Girls hosted the Boerne Greyhounds and this game was over quick as the State Ranked Greyhounds had a good all-round game with a heavy dose of offense and a lethal half court trap that kept the Hawks with very few offensive opportunities.

CL Girls will be on the road on Friday as they travel to Hondo to meet up with an Owls team that have been ranked earlier this year. Hondo lost their game with Bandera last Tuesday and will not be a happy team when CL enters their gym.


This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, January 8th, 2017

                                      Hawk Basketball starts District play this week.      (photo by Karen Holmes)

                              This Week     @    Canyon Lake

 Jan. 10 Tuesday      CL Hawks Freshman     @    Wimberley           5:00p   Boys  Basketball
                      CL Hawks JV           @    Wimberley           5:00p   Boys  Basketball
                      CL Hawks JV           @    SA East Central     5:00p   Girls Soccer
                      Boerne Freshman       @    CL Hawks JV 2       5:30p   Girls Basketball
                      Boerne JV             @    CL Hawks JV 1       5:30p   Girls Basketball
                      CL Hawks JV           @    Smithson Valley     5:30p   Boys  Soccer
                      CL Hawks              @    Wimberley           6:30p   Boys  Basketball
                      **Boerne              @    CL Hawks            7:00p   Girls Basketball
                      CL Hawks              @    SA East Central     7:00p   Girls Soccer
                      CL Hawks              @    Florence            7:30p   Boys  Soccer

 Jan. 12 Thursday     CL Hawks JV          vs.   Burnet               9:30a  Girls Soccer
                      CL Hawks Varsity     vs.   Burnet              12:40p  Girls Soccer
                      CL Hawks JV          vs.   Cole                 2:00p  Girls Soccer
                      CL Hawks Varsity     vs.   Cole                 5:50p  Girls Soccer
                                           in    Fredericksburg Tournament (all games)

 Jan. 13 Friday       CL Hawks JC          vs.   Marble Falls         9:30a  Girls Soccer
                      CL Hawks Varsity     vs.   Marble Falls         5:50p  Girls Soccer
                                           in    Fredericksburg Tournament
                      Hondo Freshman        @    CL Hawks Fr.         5:30p  Boys  Basketball
                      Hondo JV              @    CL Hawks JV          5:30p  Boys  Basketball
                      CL Hawks JV 2         @    Hondo                5:30p  Girls Basketball
                      CL Hawks JV 1         @    Hondo JV             5:30p  Girls Basketball
                      **Hondo               @    CL Hawks             7:00p  Boys  Basketball
                      CL Hawks              @    Hondo                7:00p  Girls Basketball
                      CL Hawks              @    Pleasanton           TBA    Boys  Soccer
                                                 Pleasanton Tournament

Jan. 14 Saturday     CL Hawks               @    Pleasanton Tourney   TBA    Boys  Soccer
                     CL Hawks JV           vs.   Lampasas            12:30p  Girls Soccer
                     CL Hawks Varsity      vs.   Lampasas             1:10p  Girls Soccer
                                           in    Fredericksburg Tournament

**Games will be streamed Live on CLB (Canyon Lake Broadcasting) go to Link on main site.



CL Hawks Have Empty Tank in Loss to Navarro, 62-55

Saturday, January 7th, 2017

Ryner Martin in earlier game making his mark from 3point range.       (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake ran out of gas in comeback losing to Navarro last Friday, 62-55.

The Hawks had their tank go dry in the 2nd quarter scoring 7 points and leaving CL needing more petro in order for completing a comeback win.

That 7 point deficit at half had the Panthers keeping the pressure on as they increased their lead to 11 points with 4 minutes remaining in the game.


Hawks Get Sneaky Win Over Lampasas, 49-38

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Mia Riali has little things adding up to BIG things

Canyon Lake Lady Hawks got that bad taste out of their mouths after last week’s Burnet Tournament in beating Lampasas Badgers, 49-38.

“We needed the win,” Head Coach Zach Burleson said. “The Christmas break came at the worst time as we were getting to a good point, and now we are restarting again and it will be good to get back to a routine.”

Reagan Heun and Alexa Ramos finished with 17 and 12 points respectfully as Heun got her double-double with 11 rebounds.

This contest was separated by 3 points or less through the first quarter and 5 minutes in the second stanza before a Heun 3 pointer helped increase that lead to 6 points, 18-12.

With a 21-15 halftime lead, the Hawks, would unleash their best 3 point output of the year in the 3rd quarter as CL made 4 for 6 from beyond the arc in that 19 point barrage to increase their lead to 15 points.


JV Lady Hawks Look Smooth in, 51-30 Win over Lampasas

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Adia Garcia teams with JV win over Lampasas

Canyon Lake JV-1 squad took care of business in their win over Lampasas before starting district play next week beating the Badgers, 51-30.

Starting the game on a 11-2 run was just what was needed as the Hawks worked back in getting their groove after a long break as Lainee Moses and Caroline Kullberg both finished with 10 points leading CL on this mid-day contest.

Another surprise was seeing Emily Boylan having 12 rebounds with 8 of those rascals being possessed in the last quarter of play.

“I think we just woke up as a team,” Boylan said in response to how well the team seems to be playing as this season progresses. “We are communicating much better and we can read each other’s eyes.”

That was evident with the assists, as that stat, can only work when the passer and receiver are on the same page.