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Lady Hawks Top 5 in All-Time & Season Stats

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

Alexa Ramos finishing her Senior Year with some impressive numbers.  (mjrphotog.com)

                             Top 5 All-Time Girls Basketball Stats

 points                      3pt shots                  free throws
 Reagan Heun        1293     Reagan Heun         131    Reagan Heun           396
 Katie Williams      755     Sarah Russell        62    Alexa Ramos           184
 Alexa Ramos         744     Olivia Flores        42    Ashley Pfaff          152
 Tiffany Tschoepe    515     Chelsea Tschoepe     41    Tiffany Tschoepe      139
 Ashley Pfaff        493     Ashley Pfaff         39    Megan Browning        133

 field goals                 steals                     blocks
 Reagan Heun         383     Alexa Ramos         303    Amber Ramsey           99
 Katie Williams      315     Amber Ramsey        201    Katie Williams         73
 Alexa Ramos         279     Reagan Heun         166    Sarah Schneider        71
 Amber Ramsey        190     Mia Riali           148    Caroline Kullberg      63
 Tiffany Tschoepe    188     Katie Williams      139    Tiffany Tschoepe       48

 assists                     rebounds                   season points          #    year
 Alexa Ramos         154     Tiffany Tschoepe    579    Reagan Heun           525   2018
 Reagan Heun         146     Katie Williams      559    Ashley Pfaff          493   2010
 Tiffany Arredondo   125     Amber Ramsey        558    Reagan Heun           442   2017
 Ashley Pfaff         89     Reagan Heun         539    Tiffany Tschoepe      342   2011
 Megan Browning       83     Kyndall Drum        377    Katie Williams        326   2013
                                                        Reagan Heun           326   2015

                             2018 Season Stats Top 5
 points                      3pt shots                  free throws 
 Reagan Heun         525     Reagan Heun          43    Reagan Heun           182
 Chelsea Tschoepe    216     Chelsea Tschoepe     32    Alexa Ramos            55
 Alexa Ramos         211     Char Hutson          23    Char Hutson            28
 Caroline Kullberg   164     Lainee Moses         15    Chelsea Tschoepe       26
 Char Hutson         145     Marley Carrizales     5    Caroline Kullberg      24

 field goals                 steals                     blocks
 Reagan Heun         150     Chelsea Tschoepe     89    Caroline Kullberg      63
 Chelsea Tschoepe     79     Alexa Ramos          87    Jessie Melendez        20
 Alexa Ramos          76     Lainee Moses         68    Reagan Heun            15
 Caroline Kullberg    70     Reagan Heun          58    Skylar Hurst            5
 Jessie Melendez      56     Char Hutson          52    Chelsea Tschoepe        4

 assists                     rebounds
 Reagan Heun          65     Reagan Heun         229
 Alexa Ramos          52     Jessie Melendez     197
 Chelsea Tschoepe     43     Chelsea Tschoepe    159
 Char Hutson          40     Caroline Kullberg   140
 Lainee Moses         34     Char Hutson          90

 shooting pct.               free throw pct.            3pt percentage
 Caroline Kullberg   50%     Reagan Heun          76%   Reagan Heun           33%
 Jessie Melendez     44%     Char Hutson          72%   Chelsea Tschoepe      31%
 Reagan Heun         41%     Marley Carrizales    54%   Char Hutson           28%
 Alexa Ramos         39%     Caroline Kullberg    52%   Lainee Moses          23%
 Skylar Hurst        36%     Chelsea Tschoepe     47%   Marley Carrizales     17%

The Lake is now Undisputed District 28-4A Champions after Win over Bandera, 64-27

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

Emily Geist will be one of the Junior Varsity that will make the move up for Playoffs.     (mjrphotog.com)


It is now official, Canyon Lake Lady Hawks (29-6) have won the 3rd District Championship trophy for the Hawk’s sports teams, after dominating their last regular season contest over Bandera, 64-27.



Sunday, February 4th, 2018

Canyon Lake Baseball Food Drive to Help CRRC was a Success as the Hawks start Scrimmages this week.


                 THIS WEEK        @    CANYON LAKE           FEBRUARY 5 THRU FEBRUARY 9

Monday  Feb 5    CL Hawks         @    Navarro             All-Day   Girls  Golf
                                       Starcke Park Seguin
                 Llano JV         @    CL Hawks JV         500p             Baseball
                 Llano            @    CL Hawks            700p             Baseball

Tuesday Feb 6    Pleasanton JV    @    CL Hawks JV         400p      Boys   Soccer
                 CL Hawks JV 2    @    Bandera Fresh       500p      Girls  Basketball
                 CL Hawks JV 1    @    Bandera JV          500p      Girls  Basketball
                 Bandera Fresh    @    CL Hawks Fresh      500p      Boys   Basketball
                 Bandera JV       @    CL Hawks JV         500p      Boys   Basketball
                 Pleasanton       @    CL Hawks            600p      Boys   Soccer
                 CL Hawks         @    Bandera             630p      Girls  Basketball
               **Bandera          @    CL Hawks            630p      Boys   Basketball

Wednesday Feb 7  CL Hawks         @    Navarro             All-Day   Boys   Golf
                                       Starcke Park Seguin
                 CL Hawks         @    Blanco              500p             Softball

Friday    Feb 9  CL Hawks JV      @    Navarro JV          400p             Baseball
                 CL Hawks JV      @    Boerne JV           500p      Boys   Soccer
                 CL Hawks         @    Navarro             600p             Baseball
                 Boerne Champion  @    CL Hawks            630p             Softball
                 CL Hawks         @    Boerne              700p      Boys   Soccer
                 Boerne           @    CL Hawks            700p      Girls  Soccer

             (** indicates game being Live Streamed on CLB)



Canyon Lake’s New District Alignment for 2018-19 is Now in the Books!

Sunday, February 4th, 2018

CL Hawks are ready for a new district for next 2 years.                    (photo by Karen Holmes)


February 1st is upon us and this is the date set for announcing what district a school will be a part of for their next two seasons.


Lady Hawks Beat Billies for Share of District 28-4A Championship

Sunday, February 4th, 2018

                   Reagan Heun finished her last home game scoring 22 points in win over Fredericksburg.

Canyon Lake Hawks are almost there as they took care of the Billies, 49-38 in a battle for sole possession of the top spot in District 28-4A play.


Lady Hawks Will Be, ‘On the Air’ Tonight Starting @ 6:15pm

Friday, February 2nd, 2018

                       Canyon Lake Sports will be Broadcasting Home District Games!

Canyon Lake Lady Hawks will be having one of their most important battle tonight as they will fight for District 28-4A supremacy. Tonight’s game will have a big say in which team will be the Champions.


Lady Hawks Beat Hondo Again, 40-29 & Standings

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

          Canyon Lake prepares for Show Down Battle against the Billies this Friday!!


The Canyon Lake Hawks beat the Hondo Owls again as this match-up has been all CL’s defense keeping their opponent under 30 points, 40-29.


THIS WEEK @ CANYON LAKE Jan. 29th to Feb 3rd

Sunday, January 28th, 2018

                         Canyon Lake Swim Team will be taking on Region Meet this Week!

                THIS WEEK           @      CANYON LAKE

Mon Jan 29      CL Hawks            @      Johnson City         500p       Softball

Tue Jan 30      CL Hawks JV 1       @      Hondo Freshman       500p Girls Basketball
                CL Hawks JV 2       @      Hondo JV             500p Girls Basketball
                Hondo Freshman      @      CL Hawks Freshman    500p Boys  Basketball
                Hondo JV            @      CL Hawks JV          500p Boys  Basketball
                Liberty Hill        @      CL Hawks             500p Girls Soccer
                CL Hawks            @      Hondo                630p Girls Basketball
              **Hondo               @      CL Hawks             630p Boys  Basketball
                Liberty Hill        @      CL Hawks             700p Boys  Soccer

Thu Feb 1       CL Hawks            @      UIL Region VII 5A               Swimming

Fri Feb 2       CL Hawks            @      UIL Region VII 5A               Swimming
                CL Hawks Freshman   @      Fredericksburg Fr    500p Boys  Basketball
                CL Hawks JV         @      Fredericksburg JV    500p Boys  Basketball
                Fredericksburg Fr   @      CL Hawks 1           500p Girls Basketball
                Fredericksburg JV   @      CL Hawks 2           500p Girls Basketball
                Floresville         @      CL Hawks             600p Girls Soccer
                CL Hawks            @      Fredericksburg       630p Boys  Basketball
              **Fredericksburg      @      CL Hawks             630p Girls Basketball

Sat Feb 3       CL Hawks            @      UIL Region VII-5A    All Day    Swimming
                CL Hawks            vs     Southwest            200p       Softball
                CL Hawks            vs     Madison              315p       Softball
                CL Hawks            vs     Canyon               545p       Softball
                All Games to be played @   Canyon High School
              **Game to be Broadcast on CLB Live Stream         615p       Basketball



CL Weather Storm in Win Over Boerne, 40-35

Sunday, January 28th, 2018


Canyon Lake beat the Grey(er)hounds after a hard fought overtime win, 40-35 as the Hawks forged back for a tie in the District 28-4A race with Fredericksburg.


Lady Hawks will be ‘On the Air’ Tonight against Boerne

Friday, January 26th, 2018

                        Canyon Lake Sports will be Broadcasting Home District Games!

Canyon Lake will see if they can get a pay-back game when they go to battle against the Greyhounds who beat the Hawks during the first round of District 28-4A play.

The Hawks will be tied with Fredericksburg for 1st with a win as the Billies have a Bye for tonight’s action.

Go to the game link here: Boerne vs. Canyon Lake starting starting at 6:15pm

Canyon Lake Broadcasting will be covering the contest tonight and ask that you frequent the many sponsors that help keep this communication option for our Community.

Go Lady Hawks!!