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This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, January 14th, 2018

                                           Matthew Bell gets a Head Start as the Boys Team continues a strong start.


                 This Week        @     Canyon Lake

Wed Jan 17       CL JV 1          @     Fredericksburg Fresh    500p Girls Basketball
                 CL JV 2          @     Fredericksburg JV       500p Girls Basketball
                 Fredericksburg   @     CL Hawks Freshman       500p Boys  Basketball
                 Fredericksburg   @     CL Hawks JV             500p Boys  Basketball
                 CL Hawks         @     Fredericksburg          630p Girls Basketball
               **Fredericksburg   @     CL Hawks                630p Boys  Basketball
                 Pleasanton       @     CL Hawks                700p Girls Soccer

Thu Jan 18       Canyon Lake Boys Soccer Classic All Day             Boys  Soccer

Fri Jan 19       CL Hawks Fresh   @     Bandera                 500p Boys  Basketball
                 CL Hawks JV      @     Bandera                 500p Boys  Basketball
                 Bandera Fresh    @     CL JV 1                 500p Girls Basketball
                 Bandera JV       @     CL JV 2                 500p Girls Basketball
                 CL Hawks         @     Bandera                 630p Boys  Basketball
               **Bandera          @     CL Hawks                630p Girls Basketball
                 Canyon Lake Boys Soccer Classic All Day             Boys  Soccer

Sat Jan 20       Canyon Lake Boys Soccer Classic All Day             Boys  Soccer

               **Games will be on Live Stream brought to you by Canyon Lake Broadcasting



First-Second-& Third time is a Charm in Lady Hawks Win over Hondo, 43-31

Saturday, January 13th, 2018

Lainee Moses waiting for a rebound in earlier win over Wimberley.             (photo by Karen Holmes)


Lady Hawks took care of business after disposing the Hondo Owls for the 3rd time this year, 43-31.


Canyon Lake Lady Hawks Basketball will be ‘On the Air’ Tonight @ 6:15pm

Friday, January 12th, 2018

Caroline Kullberg and CL Hawks take have first home District 28-4A game tonight!             (photo by Karen Holmes)


The Lady Hawks will be searching for their first District 28-4A win this evening when they take on the Hondo Owls at the Hawk Nest with tip-off commencing at 6:30pm.

Canyon Lake already has achieved their best win total in the short Hawk history and will need to break through tonight as this is the time that wins are more important.

              CL Hawks soar High

Hondo has been ranked as high as 25th in some polls this season and taking care of business is a must.

Catch all the action when Cory Martelli brings it to your door step tonight.

The Link:   Hondo Owls @ CL Lady Hawks Basketball starts at 6:15pm

Go Hawks!!

Lady Hawks Left out in Cold in Loss to Boerne, 58-48

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Jessie Melendez on the Prowl for Offensive Rebounds  (photo by Karen Holmes)


The Canyon Lake Hawks could not finish in their game with Boerne as they were outscored by 10 points in the final quarter losing to Boerne, 58-48 as they will try to regroup at home this Friday against Hondo.


CL Lady Hawks Start District Games this Tuesday in Boerne

Sunday, January 7th, 2018

Sr. Char Hutson preparing the Hawk’s Offense for an attack. (photo by Karen Holmes)


CL’s Girls Basketball team was at one time, early in their stages, been 5 games over .500 after their 4th year of existence.


This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, January 7th, 2018


Rylee Spaulding going after a loose ball in game with Llano earlier this season.     (photo by Karen Holmes)

                        THIS WEEK      @      CANYON LAKE

 Tue Jan  9         CLJV 2             @      Boerne Fresh        500p  Girls  Basketball
                    CLJV 1             @      Boerne JV           500p  Girls  Basketball
                    Wimberley Fr       @      CL Freshman         500p  Boys   Basketball
                    Wimberley JV       @      CLJV                500p  Boys   Basketball
                    Legacy             @      CL Hawks            600p  Boys   Soccer
                    CL Hawks           @      Boerne              630p  Girls  Basketball
                  **Wimberley          @      CL Hawks            630p  Boys   Basketball

 Thu Jan 11         CL Hawks           @      Fredericksburg      TBA   Girls  Soccer
                                              Freddie’s Tourney

 Fri Jan 12         Last Chance Invite @      Canyon Lake          pm          Swimming
                    CL Hawks           @      SA Christian        400p  Boys   Soccer
                    CL Hawks           @      Billie’s Tourney    TBA   Girls  Soccer
                    Hondo Fresh        @      CL JV 2             500p  Girls  Basketball
                    Hondo JV           @      CL JV 1             500p  Girls  Basketball
                    CL Hawks Fresh     @      Hondo Fr            500p  Boys   Basketball
                    CL Hawks JV        @      Hondo JV            500p  Boys   Basketball
                  **Hondo              @      CL Hawks            630p  Girls  Basketball
                    CL Hawks           @      Hondo               630p  Boys   Basketball

Sat Jan 13          CL Hawks           @      Billie’s Tourney    TBA   Girls  Soccer

**These games will be brought to you by Canyon Lake Broadcasting.



Season Top Ten for Girls and Boys Basketball

Thursday, January 4th, 2018

                                                                                                   Hawks on Defense                                                      (photo by Karen Holmes)

                            Season Stat Best Top Ten (+ Current Season Players)

              Boys               #   Year             Girls                   #   Year

                                          total points
              Caleb Kreiger    406   2013             Ashley Pfaff          494   2010
              Rory Preiss      406   2017             Reagan Heun           442   2017
              Christian Pena   356   2010             Reagan Heun           406   Current
              Tanner Jones     348   2010             Tiffany Tschoepe      342   2011
              Andrew Riali     328   2014             Katie Williams        326   2013
              Parker Mott      317   Current          Reagan Heun           326   2015
              Stuart Lowry     282   2011             Megan Browning        275   2011
              Matt Magness     278   2012             Jessica McMurray      266   2010
              Andrew Riali     267   2013             Katie Williams        241   2012
              Paul Davis       259   2013             Tiffany Arredondo     240   2010

              Zack Taliaferro  137   Current          Chelsea Tschoepe      173   Current
              Jarred Rollins   135   Current          Alexa Ramos           157   Current

              Caleb Kreiger    218   2013             Tiffany Tschoepe      297   2011
              Sean Nolan       213   2015             Tiffany Tschoepe      282   2010
              Heath McDonough  211   2017             Amber Ramsey          254   2012
              Rory Preiss      189   2016             Amber Ramsey          241   2013
              Eric Nelson      184   2010             Katie Williams        225   2012
              Tyler Williams   162   2017             Katie Williams        216   2013
              Rory Preiss      159   2015             Ashley Pfaff          199   2010
              Andrew Riali     159   2014             Reagan Heun           176   Current
              Jarred Rollins   158   Current          Kyndall Drum          173   2014
              Rory Preiss      153   2015             Emma Gray             172   2016

                                                      Jessie Melendez       155   Current
                                                      Chelsea Tschoepe      120   Current
                                                      Caroline Kullberg     104   Current

                                          field goals
              Caleb Kreiger    161   2013             Ashlie Pfaff          151   2010
              Rory Preiss      150   2017             Katie Williams        149   2013
              Christian Pena   130   2010             Reagan Heun           148   2015
              Tanner Jones     129   2010             Tiffany Tschoepe      135   2011
              Stuart Lowry     109   2011             Reagan Heun           120   2017
              Parker Mott      103   Current          Reagan Heun           115   Current
              Rory Preiss      103   2016             Jessica McMurray      114   2010
              Matt Magness      99   2012             Amber Ramsey          104   2013
              Andrew Riali      96   2014             Katie Williams        102   2012
              Paul Davis        95   2013             Megan Browning         91   2011
              Matt Magness      95   2011             
              Zack Taliaferro   57   Current          Chelsea Tschoepe       66   Current
              Jarred Rollins    56   Current          Alexa Ramos            55   Current
                                                      Caroline Kullberg      52   Current

                                           3 pointers
              Andrew Riali      62   2013             Reagan Heun            53   2017
              Andrew Riali      60   2014             Ashley Pfaff           39   2010
              Parker Mott       50   Current          Olivia Flores          36   2012
              Jacob Ramirez     45   2017             Reagan Heun            35   2015
              Chris Green       41   2011             Sarah Russell          33   2016
              Garrett Winters   36   2014             Reagan Heun            30   Current
              Garrett Winters   35   2015             Chelsea Tschoepe       24   Current
              Jacob Ramirez     31   2016             Sarah Russell          20   2017
              Brandon Ward      31   2016             Megan Browning         15   2011
              Paul Davis        31   2013             Char Hutson            15   Current
              Ryner Martin      31   2017
                                                      Lainee Moses           12   Current

                                          free throws
              Christian Pena   109   2010             Ashley Pfaff          153   2010
              Rory Preiss       79   2017             Reagan Heun           149   2017
              Andrew Riali      78   2014             Reagan Heun           146   Current
              Caleb Kreiger     72   2013             Megan Browning         85   2011
              Tanner Jones      66   2010             Tiffany Arredondo      79   2010
              Matt Magness      66   2012             Tiffany Tschoepe       72   2011
              Doug Hubnik       65   2013             Tiffany Tschoepe       67   2010
              Parker Mott       61   Current          Reagan Heun            65   2015
              Tyler Williams    53   2017             Alexa Ramos            55   2017
              Brandon Ward      49   2016             Katie Williams         50   2012

                                                      Alexa Ramos            44   Current

              Doug Hubnik      151   2013             Tiffany Arredondo      92   2010
              Tanner Jones      90   2010             Ashley Pfaff           89   2010
              Matt Magness      81   2011             Jessica McMurray       59   2010
              Gerrit Wilkins    64   2016             Megan Browning         49   2010
              Rory Preiss       60   2017             Reagan Heun            45   Current
              Christian Pena    59   2010             Reagan Heun            42   2017
              Daulton Winters   56   2011             Emma Gray              41   2015
              Will Gray         55   2016             Reagan Heun            39   2015
              Zack Taliaferro   54   Current          Alexa Ramos            38   2015
              Matt Magness      53   2012             Alexa Ramos            38   2017
              Jarred Rollins    38   Current          Chelsea Tschoepe       35   Current
                                                      Alexa Ramos            34   Current
                                                      Char Hutson            33   Current

              Tanner Jones      76   2010            Ashley Pfaff            96   2010
              Christian Pena    49   2010            Amber Ramsey            94   2012
              Rory Preiss       46   2017            Alexa Ramos             80   2016
              Isaac Mendez      46   2014            Chelsea Tschoepe        77   Current
              Matt Noyola       44   2012            Alexa Ramos             76   2017
              Rory Preiss       43   2016            Amber Ramsey            72   2013
              Brandon Ward      41   2016            Alexa Ramos             69   Current
              Skyler Tschoepe   41   2014            Tiffany Arredondo       67   2010
              Tyler Clark       41   2014            Alexa Ramos             60   2015
              Will Gray         39   2016            Reagan Heun             60   2017
              Eric Nelson       39   2010
                                                     Lainee Moses            56   Current
              Parker Mott       38   Current
              Zack Taliaferro   28   Current

              Caleb Kreiger     59   2013            Amber Ramsey            48   2013
              Sean Nolan        58   2015            Amber Ramsey            46   2012
              Tyler Williams    39   2016            Caroline Kullberg       40   Current
              Tyler Williams    32   2017            Alexis Fullen           39   2015
              Neal Whitehead    31   2011            Tiffany Tschoepe        38   2011
              Eric Nelson       29   2010            Sarah Schneider         34   2016
              Tyler Williams    26   2015            Katie Williams          33   2012
              Sean Nolan        24   2014            Emma Gray               32   2016
              Heath McDonough   18   2016            Amber Ramsey            31   2012
              Neal Whitehead    17   2010            Sarah Schneider         30   2015

              Jarred Rollins    12   Current         Jessie Melendez         13   Current
              Zack Taliaferro   10   Current

Coaches Corner with Girls Basketball’s Zach Burleson

Thursday, January 4th, 2018

     Head Coach Zach Burleson 

The ReSporter: The Hawks go into their next contest for keeps with a road game in Boerne. Tell us how the District looks as you prepare your Hawks for the ultimate prize of District champs?

Coach Burleson: “District will be real tough again. There will be no nights where you can’t play well. Each team poses different challenges for us. We are ready, but we know it’s going to be a battle every game.”

The ReSporter: This week, Canyon Lake moved up to 12th in the TGCA Basketball Poll, how do you see your team in what they will need to do to keep that same edge going into District 28 play?

Coach Burleson: “We better have an edge or we are in trouble. We must be intense going for loose balls and rebounds. It is something we emphasize. If we don’t have that intensity then we will struggle to do much.”

                Way to go Hawks

The ReSporter: With your last 5 games being played short-handed….How does that help in preparation for your last 8 games in regulation contests?

Coach Burleson: “It has allowed for other players to step up. I’m pleased with their progress(Caroline,Jesse,Marley and Lainee)”

The ReSporter: You very rarely have a chance to play this many games before district starts. How has this group of ladies responded going into next week’s games?

Coach Burleson: “We scheduled it that way in hopes of our sophomore gaining some seasoning. I feel like it will pay off for us.”

The ReSporter: Defense has been consistent this year, what has been the main item seen when these girls go into battle each week?

Coach Burleson: “We have emphasized it. But to be successful in district we must improve our rebounding and off ball coverage.”

                  Go Lady Hawks!!

The ReSporter: Last week you had a chance to finish some contests with your all-Sophomore team. Have they improved enough to see better results as district contests get started? And in what ways?

Coach Burleson: “They have definitely improved. There is no doubt. The district will pose challenges for us, but we are ahead of where we were and that class is a big reason why.”

The ReSporter: You have played Hondo Owls twice with wins already, what do you tell your girls when they meet this same team two more times?

Coach Burleson: “Its real hard to beat somebody 3 times in a row. They haven’t shot well against us and hopefully that continues. But our girls know that Hondo makes life difficult and never lets you comfortable. They are tough and we will have to play good.”

North Shore Pharmacy says Way to Go Hawks!!

The ReSporter: With your rankings this year, you know it is easier to go into games as the hunter and not the hunted. How do you feel this group will handle being the team with the ‘bulls-eye’ on their jersey instead of the other way around?

Coach Burleson: “In a way it’s good because it means we have been more successful. The downside is that everyone is gunning for you. Better lace em up and get after it to win.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach Burleson and good luck as this time of the season unfolds….

CL Lady Hawks Take Down JC Eagles, 58-26

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

                                                    Basketball is a non-contact sport. Not!

Canyon Lake Lady Hawks win last non-district contest when they out flew the Johnson City Eagles, 58-26.


Hawks Split Saturday’s Games Finish, 3rd Place in Comfort Tourney

Saturday, December 30th, 2017


Lady Hawks Finish 3rd in Comfort Tournament (from left to right), Reagan Heun, Caroline Kullberg, Jessie Melendez, Char Hutson, Lainee Moses, Marley Carrizales, and Chelsea Tschoepe


Canyon Lake beat Hondo for 3rd place in the Comfort Tournament as the Hawks reached 21 wins and will be back in action on January 2nd in Johnson City.