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District 28-4A Girls Basketball Standings ‘Updated Scores’

Sunday, November 26th, 2017



                    Sophomore Marley Carrizales making plays.                                           (photo by Karen Holmes)

               District 28-4A Girls Basketball Standings

                   Team              W   L     Pct
                   CL Hawks         11   3    .786
                   Hondo            10   4    .714
                   Fredericksburg    7   3    .700
                   Boerne            5   6    .455
                   Bandera           2   7    .222

                          This Week’s Games
  Tue Nov. 28      Eagle Pass Winn  29   CL Hawks     50
                   Hondo            40   Floresville  34  
                   Bandera          28   Devine       49
                   Fredericksburg   49   Jourdanton   41
                   Boerne           46   SA Christian 52

  Thu Nov. 30      Stony Point      53   CL Hawks     49 OT
                   Canyon/NB Tourney
                   Devine           43   Boerne       51
                   Gonzales         49   Boerne       73
                   Marion Tourney
                   Harlan JV        24   Hondo        54
                   Medina Valley    @    Hondo
                   Lanier           45   Hondo        47
                   Hondo Tournament
                   Fredericksburg   65   Leander Glenn 35
                   Fredericksburg   71   SA Brooks    30
                   Navarro Tournament

This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, November 26th, 2017

Canyon Lake High School Middle Linebacker Greyson Lee (#8) pressures the Pleasanton High School quarterback.                (mjrphotog.com)

               This Week           @    Canyon Lake

Tue Nov. 28    Eagle Pass Winn Fr. @    CL Hawks JV 2      5pm  Girls Basketball
               Eagle Pass Winn JV  @    CL Hawks JV 1      5pm  Girls Basketball
               CL Hawks Freshman   @    Somerset           5pm  Boys  Basketball
               CL Hawks JV         @    Somerset           5pm  Boys  Basketball
               Eagle Pass Winn     @    CL Hawks           630p Girls Basketball
               CL Hawks            @    Somerset           630p Boys  Basketball

Thu Nov 30     CL Hawks            vs.  Stony Point        430p Girls Basketball
               Canyon/New Braunfels Classic                Games @ NBHS
               CL Hawks Fr & JV    vs.  Burnet Tournament  TBA Boys  Basketball

Fri. Dec 1     CL Hawks            vs.  Lose 1st Game     1200N Girls Basketball
                                        Win  1st Game      130p Girls Basketball
               Canyon/NB Classic                           Games @ NBHS
               CL Hawks            vs.  Marion            1200n Boys  Basketball
               CL Hawks            vs.  Somerset           130p Boys  Basketball
                                        Marion Tournament
              *Waco La Vega        vs.  CL Hawks           730p       Football
                                        Kelly Reeves Stadium in Round Rock

Sat. Dec 2     CL Hawks            @    Burnet            All-Day     Swimming
                                        4A & Under Invitational Burnet YMCA
               CL Hawks            @    NBHS               TBD  Girls Basketball
               CL Hawks            vs.  Wimberley          315p Boys  Basketball
               CL Hawks            vs.  Devine             615p Boys  Basketball

              *CLB will Broadcast this contest go to the Resporter Link.



Lady Hawks Season Top 3; Career Top 10; YouTube Interview Skylar Hurst

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Skylar Hurst always on the go while doing the little things that add up.          (photo by  Karen Holmes)


                       Top 3 Girls Basketball for 2017-18 Season
            points                 3pt goals              assists
            Reagan Heun      160   Reagan Heun       14   Alexa Ramos       21
            Chelsea Tschoepe  88   Chelsea Tschoepe  12   Reagan Heun       15
            Alexa Ramos       82   Char Hutson        9   Char Hutson        9

            offensive rebounds     defensive rebounds     total rebounds
            Jessie Melendez   39   Reagan Heun       54   Jessie Melendez   76
            Skylar Hurst      20   Jessie Melendez   37   Reagan Heun       63
            Chelsea Tschoepe  16   Chelsea Tschoepe  31   Chelsea Tschoepe  47

            free throws            steals                 blocks
            Reagan Heun       52   Chelsea Tschoepe  35   Caroline Kullberg  8
            Alexa Ramos       27   Alexa Ramos       35   Jessie Melendez    3
            Chelsea Tschoepe  12   Skylar Hurst      13   Sklar Hurst        2
                                   Reagan Heun       13   Marley Carrizales  2
                                                          Alexa Ramos        2
                                                          Reagan Heun        2


                     All-Time Lady Hawk Basketball Records Top 10

            Points                            Field Goals
            Reagan Heun       915   Current   Katie Williams    315   2012
            Katie Williams    755   2012      Reagan Heun       279   Current
            Alexa Ramos       573   Current   Alexa Ramos       207   Current
            Tiffany Tschoepe  515   2010      Amber Ramsey      190   2013
            Ashley Pfaff      493   2009      Tiffany Tschoepe  188   2010
            Amber Ramsey      443   2013      Ashley Pfaff      151   2009
            Megan Browning    428   2010      Kyndall Drum      147   2014
            Sarah Russell     388   2016      Amber West        144   2011
            Kyndall Drum      374   2014      Megan Browning    136   2010
            Amber West        358   2011      Sarah Russell     130   2016

            Free Throws                       Blocks
            Reagan Heun       258   Current   Amber Ramsey       99   2013
            Ashley Pfaff      152   2009      Katie Williams     73   2012
            Alexa Ramos       143   Current   Sarah Schneider    71   2015
            Tiffany Tschoepe  139   2010      Tiffany Tschoepe   48   2010
            Megan Browning    133   2010      Alexis Fullen      40   2015
            Katie Williams    119   2012      Ashley Pfaff       29   2009
            Tiffany Arredondo  96   2010      Emma Gray          28   2015
            Mia Riali          89   2016      Reagan Heun        28   Current
            Kyndall Drum       82   2014      Jessie Melendez    17   Current
            Sarah Russell      66   2016      Kyndall Drum       10   2014
                                              Caitlin Mabry      10   2015

            Steals                            Assists
            Alexa Ramos       240   Current   Tiffany Arredondo 125   2010
            Amber Ramsey      201   2013      Alexa Ramos       118   Current
            Mia Riali         148   2016      Reagan Heun        94   Current
            Katie Williams    139   2012      Ashley Pfaff       89   2009
            Amber West        127   2011      Megan Browning     83   2010
            Reagan Heun       120   Current   Amber West         74   2011
            Ashley Pfaff       96   2009      Caitlyn Gillum     63   2011
            Tiffany Arredondo  90   2010      Mia Riali          57   2016
            Chelsea Tschoepe   76   Current   Katie Williams     56   2012
            Kyndall Drum       67   2014      Amber Ramsey       40   2013


Senior Skylar Hurst talks about recent win over Boerne Champion.

Don Chente says keep going strong Lady Hawks!!

CL Lady Basketball Take a Charge in Win over Boerne Champion, 41-38

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Senior Alexa Ramos was instrumental in Hawk win.     (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake Lady Basketball had their best win of the year after a hold onto your chair win, 41-38.

The Champion Chargers have a 5-4 record now and this group of ladies have been in every game they have played and that will give a good barometer on where CL will need to capitalize as this season matures.


Lady Hawks JV Have Complete Game Victory over Somerset JV, 55-10

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017


Canyon Lake’s JV squad took Somerset into Winter after getting after the Bulldogs, 55-10.


CL Lady Hawks Finish Off Somerset, 50-33

Monday, November 20th, 2017


Lainee Moses and Marley Carrizales wait for a rebound. (photo by Karen Holmes)


Canyon Lake Lady Hawks matched their best start in school history with a 17 point victory over Somerset, 50-33.


This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Hawks will be storming the field, when they battle Pleasanton this Friday!               (photo by Karen Holmes)

                This Week          @     Canyon Lake

Nov 20 Mon    Somerset Fresh       @     CL Hawks JV 2       5pm  Girls  Basketball
              Somerset JV          @     CL Hawks JV 1       5pm  Girls  Basketball
              CL Freshman          @     Fox Tech Fresh      5pm  Boys   Basketball
              CL Hawks JV          @     Fox Tech JV         615p Boys   Basketball
              Somerset             @     CL Hawks            630p Girls  Basketball
              CL Hawks             @     Fox Tech            730p Boys   Basketball

Nov 21 Tue    Boerne Champion      @     CL Hawks JV 2       10am Girls  Basketball
              Boerne Champion JV   @     CL Hawks JV 1       10am Girls  Basketball
              Boerne Champion      @     CL Hawks          11:15p Girls  Basketball
              Llano Freshman       @     CL Hawks Fresh       2pm Boys   Basketball
              Llano JV             @     CL Hawks JV          2pm Boys   Basketball
              Llano                @     CL Hawks            330p Boys   Basketball

Nov 23 Thu                     Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 24 Fri   *CL Hawks            vs.    Pleasanton         7:30p        Football
              Area Playoff               Gustafson Stadium San Antonio
             *CLB will be 'On the Air' this Friday and come to The Resporter for 
              getting your link if you will not be able to make game. 


Hawk’s Basketball Sweep their 2 Games at Crockett Tourney on Friday

Saturday, November 18th, 2017


Sophomore Chelsea Tschoepe wearing a lucky #13 jersey.  (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake Hawks upped their record to 3-1 in the Austin Crockett Basketball Tournament after sweeping their two games with Lampasas and Austin McCollum.

The McCollum contest did not produce much sweat for the Lady Hawks as this Austin school would only reach 13 points for the entire game. CL scored that number of points in the first quarter allowing for some rest as the tournament continues with two more battles on Saturday.


Hawks Split two games on first Day of Crockett Tournament

Friday, November 17th, 2017

Skylar Hurst brings her Senior Leadership to the Hawk Nest. (Photo Karen Holmes)


The Lady Hawk’s Basketball team split their two games played on Thursday at the Austin Crocket Tournament.


CLJV Girls Basketball Beat Wimberley, 34-28

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

Emily Geist is a main cog for the Hawk’s win over Wimberley, 34-28.  (photo by Karen Holmes)


This year’s Girl’s JV Team was short handed but they could still wreak havoc in their win over Wimberley on Tuesday night, 34-28.