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Hawks: Soccer Standings

Monday, January 26th, 2015
 Girls Soccer Standings
 Team             W    L    T     Pct.
 Wimberley        6    1    0    .857
 Fredericksburg   6    2    2    .750
 CL Hawks         5    2    0    .714
 Boerne           5    3    0    .625
 Bandera          1    4    2    .200

 Upcoming Games Girls
 Jan. 27      Smithville     0    CL Hawks        8
              La Vernia      0    Bandera         2

 Jan. 30      Bandera        @    Fredericksburg
              Wimberley      @    Boerne
 Boys Soccer Standings
 Team             W    L    T     Pct.
 Bandera          3    1    0    .750
 CL Hawks         4    2    0    .667
 Boerne           3    3    0    .500
 Wimberley        3    4    0    .429
 Fredericksburg   3    5    0    .375

 Upcoming Games Boys
 Jan. 27      Smithville     1    CL Hawks        8
              La Vernia      0    Bandera         1
              Boerne         7    Pleasanton      0

 Jan. 30      Fredericksburg @    Bandera
              Wimberley      @    Boerne
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This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, January 25th, 2015
This Week at Canyon Lake
Jan 27th    Smithville      0   CL Hawks Girls       8  Soccer      
            Smithville      1   CL Hawks Boys        8  Soccer      
            Gonzales       35   CL Hawks JV Girls   30  Basketball  
            Gonzales        @   CL Hawks JV Boys        Basketball  
            Gonzales       38   CL Hawk Fresh Boys  48  Basketball  
            Gonzales       25   CL Hawks Var Girls  40  Basketball  
            Gonzales        @   CL Hawks Fr Girls       Basketball  
            Gonzales       39   CL Hawks Var Boys   58  Basketball  

 Jan 30th   Burbank         @   CL Hawks JV Boys        Soccer      5:30p
            CL Hawks JV     @   Navarro Girls           Basketball  5:00p
            CL Hawks JV     @   Navarro Boys            Basketball  5:00p
            CL Hawks JV     @   Navarro Girls           Basketball  5:00p
            CL Hawks Fresh  @   Navarro Boys            Basketball  6:15p
            CL Hawks Var    @   Navarro Girls           Basketball  6:30p
            CL Hawks Var    @   Navarro Boys            Basketball  7:30p

 Jan 31st   CL Hawks        @   Palo Alto               Swimming    All-Day
            UIL District 28-4A Championships

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Hawks Beat Eagles in Soccer Action Friday Night

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

CL Hawks took care of business in their win over Pleasanton last Friday night at the Hawk Stadium with a hat trick by Mike Thorpe and Buddy Glass keeping the Eagles from scoring.

Gordon the Plumber Supports Hawk's Soccer!!

Gordon the Plumber Supports Hawk’s Soccer!!

The win evened Canyon Lake’s record to 2-2 this year with their win over the Eagles.

CL kept this Pleasanton team from getting much offense as James Alexander also had a goal to arrive with that final score, and Buddy Glass did not allow an Eagle to score.

Jordan Sczech, Derek Dallis, and Grayson Rohrbacher each pitched in with an assist for the Hawks.

Thorpe has now reached 5 goals for the season after his hat trick.

Canyon Lake is filled with youth and so with Senior Goalie Glass scoring a shut out, then this could bode well for a Hawk team that might have what it takes to reach a goal of playing meaningful games at the end of their district schedule.

 name               class        goals   assists   points
 Mike Thorpe        Junior         5       0        10
 Jordan Sczech      Sophomore      2       3         7
 James Alexander    Sophomore      2       1         5
 Grayson Rohrbacher Sophomore      1       1         3
 Derek Dallis       Senior         0       1         1
 Buddy Glass        Senior         2 shutouts and 4 saves in win over Pleasanton

The Lady Hawks Soccer (4-2) team went on the road for their win over Pleasanton, winning 5-1 as Canyon Lake continues to produce offensively.

This was CL’s third game of reaching 5 or more goals in this young season.

Now Canyon Lake will welcome Smithville to the Hawk’s Nest this next Tuesday as they will play a boys and girls doubleheader.

Both teams are playing good soccer so come out and support these student athletes.

Lady Hawks SCORRRRREEEEDDDD!!!! In game with La Vernia, 8-0

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Canyon Lake’s Lady Soccer team SSSSCOOOOORRRRREEEDDDD 8 goals in their win over La Vernia while shutting out the Bears in a non-district game Tuesday night at the Hawk Stadium.

Brandi Schimonsky broke the dam scoring first goal in La Vernia game.

Brandi Schimonsky broke the dam scoring first goal in La Vernia game.

The Hawks scored at will against this first year club and took no prisoners.

“We still have a long way to go,” Head Coach Ryan Tierney said. “We were firing on all cylinders, but what worries me is defense but we got our job done tonight.”

Senior Christy Fowler scored four of the goals in the win…in hockey a four goal game is called a Texas hat trick and being in Texas, Fowler was all smiles after this game.

“This was spectacular,” Fowler scored. “This year our team is very strong and we are playing as a team.”

Canyon Lake played their entire game playing offense and with the game getting out of hand scoring wise, CL had an opportunity of practicing on other parts of their game.


This Week at Canyon Lake

Sunday, January 11th, 2015

This Week for Canyon Lake Sports

Jan 13th Lockhart JV         @  CL Hawks JV           Boy Soccer        5:00pm
         Lockhart            @  CL Hawks              Boy Soccer        6:45pm
         Wimberley           @  CL Hawks Freshman     Girl Basketball   8:00pm
         Wimberley           @  CL Hawks JV           Boy Basketball    5:00pm
         Wimberley           @  CL Hawks JV           Girl Basketball   5:00pm
         Wimberley           @  CL Hawks Freshman     Boy Basketball    6:15pm
         Wimberley           @  CL Hawks Varsity      Girl Basketball   6:30pm
         Wimberley           @  CL Hawks Varsity      Boy Basketball    7:30pm

Jan 16th CL Hawks            @  Pleasanton            Girl Soccer       TBA
         CL Hawks Freshman   @  La Vernis             Boy Basketball    6:15pm
         CL Hawks JV         @  La Vernia             Girl Basketball   5:00pm
         CL Hawks JV         @  La Vernia             Boy Basketball    5:00pm
         CL Hawks Freshman   @  La Vernia             Girl Basketball   8:00pm
         CL Hawks Varsity    @  La Vernia             Girl Basketball   6:30pm
         CL Hawks Varsity    @  La Vernia             Boy Basketball    7:30pm

Jan 17th CL Hawks            @  Tournament            Girl Soccer       TBA

Jan 20th La Vernia           @  CL Hawks              Girl Soccer       7:00pm



This Week @ Canyon Lake

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014
Hawk's Track Team will be off this week as they prepare for District 27-3A Meet at Canyon Lake next week

Hawk’s Track Team will be off this week as they prepare for District 27-3A Meet at Canyon Lake next week

This Week @ Canyon Lake

The Hawks will be testing the first part of this week and so sporting action will commence this Thursday.

Soccer is the highlight for this past week as the upstart CL Hawks almost pulled off a major upset in their game with 5A Boerne Champion.

Regulation ended all knotted up at one apiece and Canyon Lake then ended the overtime period at that same score.

The shoot out was exciting but Canyon Lake lost by a score of 3-4 in that portion of action.

Christy Fowler scored the goal for CL and now with a new district for next season, Canyon Lake will have a legit chance of having a great finish as the district will be made up of 4A schools that are in the same enrollment size.

Wimberley, Boerne, Fredericksburg, and Bandera will be joined with the Hawks for next season.


This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014
Mariah Ellis clearing the Bar

Mariah Ellis clearing the Bar

This Week @ Canyon Lake

The Girl’s Soccer team beat Wimberley again last week to finish 3rd in District 53-4A with a 4-4 record.

That will put them in action this Tuesday in Boerne starting at 6pm. Canyon Lake has a decent chance of continuing this season and this game will be a big win for a Hawk team in any sport.

Go Hawks and bring Boerne’s ‘Champion’ name back home this Tuesday.

Canyon Lake will also be hosting their annual Hawk Relay’s Meet this Thursday as you can see many athletes for CL that have excelled this year as they prepare for the District 27-3A Meet coming in a couple of weeks.

Hawk Softball will be in action against Wimberley at home this Tuesday and will be attempting to get their first District 27-3A win.


Hawks Soccer Get Their Kick(s) in Win over Texans, 1-0

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

Canyon Lake finished district play with four wins when the Hawks took a, 1-0 victory over Wimberley last

Parziale's Pizza says Go Hawks!!

Parziale’s Pizza says Go Hawks!!


“I am very proud of the team and our accomplishments,” Head Coach Erich Robinson started. “I think this might be a school record, if not a record for myself and Coach Paisley, as far as first year Varsity Girls’ Soccer Coaches.”

The Hawks finished the sweep when they made a Christy Fowler first half goal stand with a great defensive effort with Tiffany Laurent kept all attempts at goal a losing proposition.

“Wow, it was a ‘nail bitter’, Coach Robinson said. “I was really proud of my girls, they did not back down or give up.”

Canyon Lake’s goal in the first half stood up as being good enough in this contest.

“It was a tough first half, sunny and against the wind,” Coach Robinson continued. “I had hoped to score more in the second half, but we held them to accomplish our goal-a victory.”

This win will allow the Hawks to line up against Boerne Champion for Bi-District this week after finishing in 3rd Place in District.

Champion finished in 2nd in their district setting up this first round of action.

“I think we have a big challenge against Boerne Champion,” Robinson said succinctly. “I also believe that we can accomplish what we put our minds to…..We only have one day to practice and I want to bring them (Champion) a game and not just play defense.”

The Hawks have a well balanced team this year with almost the same amount players for each of the classes.


This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014
Corey Shedrock is Safe.....

Corey Shedrock is Safe…..

What a wild week at The Lake.

First off, Girl’s Soccer: The game with Wimberley last Tuesday was a great contest.

Jen Crownover sponsors Hawk Sports. As she asks for your vote this Tuesday.

Jen Crownover sponsors Hawk Sports. As she asks for your vote this Tuesday.

With so many ebbs and flows and a final outcome that could not have been scripted in hollywood.

That win has Canyon Lake in the driver’s seat for a chance to make it two years in a row of playing in the playoffs. The Hawks will play this coming Friday against Seguin a team CL beat 7-0 earlier this year.

Another win and one stop closer.


Hawks Scooorrresss!!! and Beats Wimberley, 2-1

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

The Hawks had battled in the cold and mist for the first half defending their

Cassandra Gomez and Christy Fowler are rays of sunshine on a misty night in their win over Wimberley.

Cassandra Gomez and Christy Fowler are rays of sunshine on a misty night in their win over Wimberley.

goal and just were not responding offensively as much as the Texans.

Christy Fowler had the one bright spot as she dribbled the ball down the sideline with a minute left and was fouled giving her a penalty kick as she was nearing a chance to score.

This was all happening after Wimberley had scored just two minutes earlier for a 1-0 lead.

Fowler was good and both teams retreated for their halftime break.