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The ReSporter caught up with Several JV Hawks after Winning District over Taylor

Sunday, November 12th, 2017

The ReSporter would like to apologize to Ty Martinez, as in the production of these interviews, his rendition was not recoverable.

Truly sorry for this mishap.


Brayden Hodge and Clay Weber had a game changing tackle during the 4th Quarter that helped in a District Championship Victory over Taylor JV.

Go Hawks and way to Win the District Championship!!

Kolton Belcher was one of many Hawks on this night that had to play positions to help fill gaps left by other players that were moved up or injured.

Y4 Custom Homes says way to go CLJV District Champs

Running Back/ Defensive Back Stephen Sharp was not dull in his game against the Taylor Ducks as he was instrumental in this victory

Hill Country Furnishings says Go Hawks

Hill Country Furnishings says Go District JV Champs!!

Trenton Butler came through with some pat’s and some great defensive plays in win over Taylor JV.

District Champs has a Nice Ring to it, Congrats CLJV!

Interviews With Varsity Hawks after Win over Taylor, 28-14

Saturday, November 11th, 2017

Senior Richard Rosas might be lighter on his feet after receiving a close shave after game in Taylor.

Go Hawks District Champions!!

Trenton Lorett punted and returned punts and did both well in victory against the Ducks!!

Don Chente says Way to District Champions Hawks!



Reagan Heun Signs with Division I Team: North Dakota State

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017


Heun Signs with Division I Team

By Karen Russell Holmes

Amidst fans wearing gold and green NDSU T-shirts, Reagan Heun signed on the dotted line, today, committing to playing basketball for North Dakota State University on a full ride. She is the first recipient of a Division I scholarship for Canyon Lake High School.


Kat Weber Signs to Attend Trinity University in Softball

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

                    Kat Weber signing on the dotted line for a chance to play at Trinity University

Canyon Lake’s, Kat Weber, will be taking her bat and glove to College as she signed to attend Trinity University next year playing softball this past week.

Weber was a mainstay for CL during her career on the diamond as this young lady locked down the catcher position the past 3 seasons after following Brianna Young and Katy Payne.

The Hawks have been blessed with three consecutive good fielding catchers which some say might be the toughest position to play.


CL Boys Soccer Bring Home Honors

Friday, April 28th, 2017

James Alexander with a powerful kick as Canyon Lake unveiled one of the best Hawk Playoff Runs (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake’s Boys Soccer team made new trails this year for the Hawks as they played into a battle with Progresso for a chance to be grouped in the Elite 8 this month.

You need to understand on how out of nowhere this team started and ended their season in McAllen, Texas.


Carley Dubois Signs Letter of Intent to Play Softball at UofH-Victoria

Monday, April 24th, 2017

                              Carley Dubois at her signing for UofH Victoria earlier this year

Canyon Lake had another Athlete sign for a chance of furthering their sports career, when Carley Dubois signed her letter of intent earlier this year with the University of Houston-Victoria.

The Jaguars have a good team and adding a player like Dubois will certainly be a benefit as you can’t teach speed and that is an asset UH-V will be getting with this signing.


Heath McDonough Clears High Jump Bar, signing with Texas Lutheran

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017


                      Heath McDonough next stop will be Texas Lutheran in Track & Field

Heath McDonough signed this past week on his intentions to enroll at Texas Lutheran for Trackj & Field Team.

McDonough will go down as one of the best athletes for the Hawks as this young man was busy in several sports as Texas Lutheran saw in this student that can be classified as an athlete.

In recruiting, there are many players that are labeled as ‘Athlete’ because that young man can do several positions and a school will not want to cement someone into one position, who could play more than one endeavor.


Alexis Robinson Signs Two Letters for Playing at Sul Ross this Fall

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016
Alexis 'Smiley' Robinson signs two letters of intent for playing at Sul Ross

       Alexis ‘Smiley’ Robinson signs two letters of intent for playing at Sul Ross

Alexis Robinson signed her letter of intent to attend Sul Ross earlier this year and will play two sports that she excelled in at Canyon Lake these past four years.

Robinson was the replacement for Missy Romero in the circle four years ago and she grew into her roll with grace and stamina, leaving with a bus load of records.

A good parting gift for Robinson could be a turn-table or a Juke Box to have a chance to replay her records while at school.

Robinson will be going from the Hill Country to the Davis Mountain Country as that will also be her job in raising her talent level in order to compete on a college stage. Just like climbing a hill versus climbing a mountain, it will be steeper and much higher.


Angelo State University Gets a Gem with Bailey Drum’s Signing

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016
Bailey Drum signing for a chance to play at Angelo State University

            Bailey Drum signing for a chance to play at Angelo State University

Bailey Drum signed her letter of intent to attend Angelo State University with a Volleyball scholarship earlier this year.

Drum will be going to Ram country this next Fall to continue her dream sport of Volleyball.

Angelo State had a 33-6 record last season after going 3 rounds in the NCAA Division II Tournament. The Rams will be graduating just 3 seniors on last year’s team as Drum will be thrown into the fire quickly for her first year of competition.

Drum finished her career at Canyon Lake with some impressive numbers.

                             all-time top 3
            kills                           aces
            Bailey Drum       1199          Hannah Wunderlich      110
            Addison Farley     808          Bailey Drum            100
            Amber Ramsey       629          Hayley Melone           90

            blocks                          digs
            Bailey Drum         82          Hayley Melone         1031
            Alexis Robinson     77          Bailey Drum            837
            Emma Gray           67          Regan Mickey           674

                              top 3 2015 season
            kills                           aces
            Bailey Drum        449          Bailey Drum             51
            Addison Farley     371          Hannah Wunderlich       47
            Emma Gray          119          Alexis Robinson         44

            blocks                          digs
            Emma Gray           67          Sam York               397
            Bailey Drum         50          Bailey Drum            292
            Alexis Robinson     49          Regan Mickey           244


Robert Woods Signs with Mary Hardin Baylor

Sunday, May 15th, 2016
Robert Woods with an army of Coaches having his back

                         Robert Woods with an army of Coaches having his back

This time of year will always have some touching moments as many 18 year old students embark on making their mark in life and say good-bye their high school days.

On Thursday of this past week, Robert Woods, was using his time wisely as he chose a College he could get a higher degree while playing a sport he had grown to love, football.

Mary Hardin Baylor will be the recipient school to enjoy an athlete that will give them his all.

Woods was part of a small Senior class, but these students made up for it as each player had a significant skill set that they translated into making their team get all they could out of the leadership shown by example.

Whether Woods was playing football, basketball, or scoring points in Track & Field, this young man did not leave school thinking he could have done more.