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Angelo State University Gets a Gem with Bailey Drum’s Signing

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016
Bailey Drum signing for a chance to play at Angelo State University

            Bailey Drum signing for a chance to play at Angelo State University

Bailey Drum signed her letter of intent to attend Angelo State University with a Volleyball scholarship earlier this year.

Drum will be going to Ram country this next Fall to continue her dream sport of Volleyball.

Angelo State had a 33-6 record last season after going 3 rounds in the NCAA Division II Tournament. The Rams will be graduating just 3 seniors on last year’s team as Drum will be thrown into the fire quickly for her first year of competition.

Drum finished her career at Canyon Lake with some impressive numbers.

                             all-time top 3
            kills                           aces
            Bailey Drum       1199          Hannah Wunderlich      110
            Addison Farley     808          Bailey Drum            100
            Amber Ramsey       629          Hayley Melone           90

            blocks                          digs
            Bailey Drum         82          Hayley Melone         1031
            Alexis Robinson     77          Bailey Drum            837
            Emma Gray           67          Regan Mickey           674

                              top 3 2015 season
            kills                           aces
            Bailey Drum        449          Bailey Drum             51
            Addison Farley     371          Hannah Wunderlich       47
            Emma Gray          119          Alexis Robinson         44

            blocks                          digs
            Emma Gray           67          Sam York               397
            Bailey Drum         50          Bailey Drum            292
            Alexis Robinson     49          Regan Mickey           244


Robert Woods Signs with Mary Hardin Baylor

Sunday, May 15th, 2016
Robert Woods with an army of Coaches having his back

                         Robert Woods with an army of Coaches having his back

This time of year will always have some touching moments as many 18 year old students embark on making their mark in life and say good-bye their high school days.

On Thursday of this past week, Robert Woods, was using his time wisely as he chose a College he could get a higher degree while playing a sport he had grown to love, football.

Mary Hardin Baylor will be the recipient school to enjoy an athlete that will give them his all.

Woods was part of a small Senior class, but these students made up for it as each player had a significant skill set that they translated into making their team get all they could out of the leadership shown by example.

Whether Woods was playing football, basketball, or scoring points in Track & Field, this young man did not leave school thinking he could have done more.


Missing Piece of Puzzle Found this Year for Lady Hawks

Monday, May 2nd, 2016
Emma Gray #5 after Hawk Timeout in Volleyball

                              Emma Gray #5 after Hawk Timeout in Volleyball

Last Summer a new student started practicing with the Varsity Volleyball girls as this young lady had played that sport at her old school.

What would be going through your mind if put in that situation when you are all of a sudden hanging out with future teammates and knowing that your sport would commence in 6-8 weeks.

Being separated from those friendships and your old stomping grounds would certainly take a special type of person to persevere their last year of high school in a new atmosphere.

Emma Gray had that situation at Canyon Lake this season as she started during those middle of summer months playing volleyball and without much rest, a segue into basketball, before finishing her one year of school in the hill country running track.


A Conversation with Rodriguez, Ruff, and Chacon

Friday, July 10th, 2015


Jacob Ruff, Austin Rodriguez, and Tristan Chacon ready to go to FBU

Jacob Ruff, Austin Rodriguez, and Tristan Chacon ready to go to FBU

The ReSporter had a press release earlier this week for three former Mountain Valley football players that will be in their debut season playing for Canyon Lake High School.

In that back drop The ReSporter wanted to have a chance for a more in depth interview with these three players.

Hope you enjoy reading more about these three future Hawks.

The ReSporter: How many students were at the camp you had that gave you a chance to compete in Ohio?

Jacob Ruff: “There was about 300 at each of their camps.”

The ReSporter: How many camps does DBU have during that time around the country?

Jacob Ruff: “Look on the back of my shirt….(Ruff said this as he was sporting a t-shirt with all the cities the camps were held).”


Austin Kahil and Josh DeVries Sign to Play in College

Friday, May 22nd, 2015
Dave and Kristi Kahill, Austin Kahil, Josh DeVries, and Head Coach Charley Drum

Dave and Kristi Kahill, Austin Kahil, Josh DeVries, and Head Coach Charley Drum

Austin Kahil and Josh DeVries signed on the dotted line to play more football last Wednesday at the Hawk Gym.

DeVries will be attending Texas Lutheran and Kahil will be driving up to East Texas Baptist to continue his education.

Josh DeVries showing off his new school

Josh DeVries showing off his new school

Both players were integral parts of this past football season where the Hawks made the second round for the second year in a row.

First with some stats for DeVries.

DeVries averaged 9.9 yards per run in the playoffs and finished just behind Zach Henshaw in every other rushing stat. He also finished with 8 games rushing over 100 yards during his career.

DeVries also topped 2000 yards rushing in his last game and finished with 2071 yards for his Hawk career. He averaged a Hawk best of 7.1 yards per carry.


Then There was One: Brandon Courtney

Thursday, May 14th, 2015
Brandon Courtney taking a break during workouts

Brandon Courtney taking a break during workouts

Then there was 1 athlete still working hard on his skill set as Brandon Courtney qualified for the State 4A Track Meet in Austin this weekend.

Courtney had a PR (Personal Best) finishing second in the Region Track Meet last weekend as this Sophomore continues to whittle down his CL best time for the 300 Meter Hurdles.

Courtney’s time of 39.56 is now right at 3 seconds better than Karl Tucker’s 42.23 that he ran Region Meet back in 2010.

 Top 10 300 Meter Hurdles
     name                    time             when
  1. Brandon Courtney        39.56            2015 Region Meet
  2. Karl Tucker             42.23            2010 Region Meet
  3. Joe Marple              42.26            2015 JV District Meet
  4. Dakota Repa             42.32            2011
  5. Luke Steward            42.44            2011
  6. Chandler Faulkner       42.50            2012
  7. Gerrit Wilkins          43.81            2015 JV District Meet
  8. Devin Coco              45.38            2014
  9. Alex Martinez           45.66            2013
 10. Todd Pippin             45.72            2010


Catching Up with Some Track & Field Students

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

Track Season is in their phase of Playoffs, as the Hawk Boy’s and Girl’s Team will take the stage in the Area Track Meet featuring District 25-4A and 26-4A schools on Thursday.

The Hilltop ReSporter had an opportunity to talk to several of the students that will be competing and will share their thoughts going into this meet that will give them a chance to showcase their skills in Kingsville for the Region Meet.

Austin Camacho will be running 800 Meters for a chance to reach Regions

Austin Camacho will be running 800 Meters for a chance to reach Regions

The ReSporter caught up with Austin Camacho first.

The ReSporter: Hey Austin, what are you trying to hit time wise on your first lap?

Austin Camacho: “You’ve got to think smart when running and I will have three coaches giving me times while I am running, but I would like to finishing the first lap with a 60 or 61 seconds, but the coaches are giving me times at the 100 and 200 marks and I like having a pace and time at those places.”


Evan Schuller Will Triple Jump Across the Stage

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015
Senior Evan Schuller finishes strong with Canyon Lake Sports

Senior Evan Schuller finishes strong with Canyon Lake Sports

Canyon Lake seems to have a disease that goes around about this time of the year that affects many students.

Senior(itis) seems to be more of a problem at CL than other schools.

A look at schools like Fredericksburg and Yoakum, you will see track teams that have a lot of athletes that are finishing the race as they finish out their high school career.

Evan Schuller is bucking that (itis) trend as he is very involved as he finishes his playing days being involved with 5 track events.

“I did not do any track but Coach wanted me to get involved in my Junior year for football,” Schuller said.

Now Schuller is liking track and is all in for his final year of school, since he does not have another year of football, therefore nothing to be held accountable by coaches.


Hawk Baseball Pre/Season & District Capsule

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Canyon Lake Baseball, hopes to avoid injuries and other hurdles with the new season approaching next week as the Hawks opened their season with a scrimmage against Llano last Tuesday.

Senior Nick Cahill will hope for a repeat of last years offense numbers

Senior Nick Cahill will hope for a repeat of last years offense numbers

“We played at times looking like it was our first scrimmage,” Head Baseball Coach Trent Dunavant assessed that game.

With this new year of play it will also usher in a district that certainly will be an upgrade from last year’s district.

Granted that statement is based on last year so there will always be teams that might not reach their potential and some teams that will gel and knock your socks off.

Canyon Lake was a team last year that did not reach their potential.

The Hawks entered their campaign last season with more returning starters than they have had since their second year of play when CL was in their second year of competition.


Bracken’s All-Time Football Team

Monday, December 1st, 2014
Eli Achillies after game with Emery-Weiner

Eli Achillies after game with Emery-Weiner

When Head Coach Lloyd Fields was contemplating moving on after this football season, he wanted to meet with other former Coaches as well as The ReSporter to see what the consensus would be for naming an All-Bracken team.

The following were the results of that discussion with a note that the first two years was not represented by people who had actually seen those players in person.

There were a few holdovers from that first club in 2006 but the majority of players on the 2006 team might have a different group that might not have been recognized.

So, with out any delay The ReSporter will name the top 6 players voted on and then expand that list by putting a player for each position on the field which would spread more mayonnaise on your sandwich.