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Austin Rodriguez Nominated to Play in All-Star Game

Thursday, November 13th, 2014
Austin Rodriguez pictured with Trenton Lorett, Jacob Ruff, and Cooper Harris

Austin Rodriguez pictured on the far right of this picture, with Trenton Lorett, Jacob Ruff, and Cooper Harris

Spring Branch Football Standout Austin Rodriguez Selected To Play In The Eastbay Youth All-American Bowl

Youth Bowl Modeled After U.S. Army All-American Bowl

Rockaway, N.J. (November 11, 2015) – All American Games, Football University (FBU) and Eastbay are proud to announce that Offensive Guard Austin Rodriguez from Spring Branch (TX) has been selected to play at the 2014 Eastbay Youth All-American Bowl, taking place Saturday, December 20, 2014 in Naples, Florida. Rodriguez will suit up for the 8th Grade West squad this year in hopes of bringing a victory back to the West coast.
“We’re excited to see what Austin can do in the trenches this year; it’s safe to say the selection committee is expecting a lot from Rodriguez. He has proved that he can handle anything the defensive line throws at him and that’s why he has been selected to protect some of the best skill players in the nation.” said Erik Richards, FBU National Scouting Director.

As the Hawk’s Offensive Line goes, so goes Canyon Lake

Friday, August 15th, 2014
Behemoths: Jonathan McGuire, Austin Kahil, Tristan Woodruff and Gordon McCleary

Behemoths: Jonathan McGuire, Austin Kahil, Tristan Woodruff and Gordon McCleary

The ReSporter will always try to get their first article on the Offensive Line for many reasons.

They are bigger than The ReSporter and you always want to be sure they are happy. Another reason is simple, your offense and defensive lines will be that main ingredient for having a good team.

Winning a battle in the trenches will dictate how the opponents will run their offense and defense. Winning this battle will usually result in a win.

This year, The ReSporter wants to start with the strong side of the offensive line. Being the second year with a Slot-T offense, this line will usually take on a lot of responsibilities on blocking for those running backs and hopefully many yards.


Present Beats Past in Alumni Hawk Volleyball Game

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Present Beats Past in Canyon Lake Volleyball, 2-1 as the Alumni rallied

Alumni will be sore tomorrow as they put on a good show against the Hawk Varsity

Alumni will be sore tomorrow as they put on a good show against the Hawk Varsity

from a 18-8 deficit to make it an interesting finish to lose 25-23 final score.

The Past had some height and this Present team had to do some digs to keep the game out of reach for those Past players.

Present team one the first match with a little resistance, but as that second game got going, the Past hit their stride and won in overtime, 26-24.

Coach Kim Paisley will be fielding her second team at Canyon Lake and one thing should be apparent, this team will be one year older.

There were not many Seniors on last year’s squad and with a freshman playing and a few sophomores, CL could not count on having experience to help answer some shortcomings in last year’s season.

“They have come a long way,” Head Coach Paisley said when asked about how the younger players had progressed since the end of last season. “This group has always been competitive and they have kind of grown into themselves. During the off-season I started seeing it.”


Bracken Warriors Prepare for the 2014 Season

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014
Warriors taking a break during practice.

Warriors taking a break during practice.

Fall football practice has begun and that long wait now becomes shorter as Bracken Christian began practice this past Monday.

“This year our second day of practice was better than our first day,” Head Coach Lloyd Fields said. “Many times your second day is a fall off and this is the best second day of practice in a while for Bracken.”

Six-Man football has critical dates and one of those times is that first day when Coaches can see if enough boys will show up in order to see they will have enough players for a team.

Yes, there was some Junior no shows that were present for Spring practice 3 months ago, but luckily, BCS also had some new faces also in attendance.

“We have a lot of young kids doing a lot of learning,” Coach Fields continued. “But we have some players like our wide receiver (Freshman Christian DeLeon) looking like our next RJ Braune.”

Braune still holds the single season best for receiving yardage in Coach Fields first year at BCS.

Braune would be top in more of those receiving stats, but in those first two years there were no stats documented. Simple math would tell you Braun would hold almost all of the receiving marks if those stats were known.


Kaelin Simmons Continues to Excel in Sports

Monday, May 26th, 2014

The ReSporter has a hard time catching up with previous Hawk students that had played a sport for Canyon Lake.

Islander Freshman Kaelin Simmons throwing the discus

Islander Freshman Kaelin Simmons throwing the discus

Each year there is 2-4 students that have decided to take there trade to College and continue their passion of sports.

Last season CL had a student that did not get offers for continuing her college days in competition for sports but as it turned out has found herself throwing a lot of baggage in the form of a Discus and Shot Put.

This past Track and Field season Kaelin Simmons had a Shot Put heave for 42′ 0.75″ and Discus throw that traveled 129′ 10″.

“I made my mind up the first week of summer,” Simmons said in response of when she had decided to go for trying out for track with Corpus Christi A&M. “I had to wait three months to hear if they (Corpus Christi) would have enough spots and if they might cut some girls.”


Brianna ‘The Wall’ Young Signs with Frank Phillips College

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014
Brianna Young signing to play with Frank Phillips College next year.

Brianna Young signing to play with Frank Phillips College next year.

Brianna (The Wall) Young will start building a new ‘wall’ in Borger, Texas as she signed a scholarship for Frank Phillips College Plainsman in Softball.

Young did not play young as she immediately brought a replacement at catcher when Katy Payne graduated.

Canyon Lake will now be looking for their third catcher this next season.

Young was nicknamed The Wall by her teammates as she had a way of blocking the plate and looking at the carnage as she trotted back to the dugout after recording an out.

“I’m excited,” Young started when asked about signing on the dotted line. “I just want to work and play hard to find anyway to play next year.”


Amber Ramsey Signs to Attend Our Lady of the Lakes

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014
From Left to Right, Head Basketball Coach MaryBeth Gallagher, Head Volleyball Coach Mark Lee (OLLU), Amber Ramsey, and Head Volleyball Coach Kim Paisley

From Left to Right, Head Basketball Coach MaryBeth Gallagher, Head Volleyball Coach Mark Lee (OLLU), Amber Ramsey, and Head Volleyball Coach Kim Paisley

Amber Ramsey will be taking her talents to Our Lady of the Lake University to play Volleyball as she signed on the dotted line Wednesday afternoon in the Hawk Gym.

This was a first on many fronts for Canyon Lake as this was the first signing in the afternoon, but more impressive, was Head Coach Mark Lee for OLLU was in attendance for this occasion.

Two things that has not happened until this day, showing how important a student and player Ramsey was and will become.

Ramsey has been around for what seems to be ages as she showcased her skills as a Freshman through her Senior year for the Hawks.

Her height allowed her to show off her play at the net for her career and now that talent will be on display in San Antonio next year.


CL Hawks Softball is just around the Corner

Monday, April 21st, 2014

That phrase will be here before you know it as Hawk fans will have some sweet

Sophomores Alexis Robinson and Cameron Berger will be seasoned veterans next year as Juniors

Sophomores Alexis Robinson and Cameron Berger will be seasoned veterans next year as Juniors

dreams while waiting for that first pitch next February, 2015.

Hitting was certainly in good form this season as CL decided to restitch some new covers for those Softballs.

Homeruns were certainly a site that has now been seen enough times to verify that the long ball can be hit with some degree of authority at the Hawk Diamond.

Nine homers this season that had 10 triples and 25 doubles coming along as traveling companions.


Hawks Softball Now and Future

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Canyon Lake Softball season will be officially over after this Thursday’s game

Kelsey Ahrens will be returning for another year.

Kelsey Ahrens will be returning for another year.

with Navarro.

Since there are not any team goals to be railroaded, then The ReSporter wanted to share some marks by some players that will put them in the ‘All-Time’ ranks with other Hawk players.

For instance, Brianna Young needs four hits to tie and five to place 2nd in All-Time hits. Young is four hits shy of Missy Romero’s 90 for her career.

Young will only add to her already first place in runs batted in as she stands at 73 with two more games and an already 18 rbi lead over Romero’s 55.

Young is also in the hunt for all time walks, needing 4 more to pass, yes, you heard her name before, Romero’s 55 for her career.

If Young has decent games in her last two contests then she could also replace McKenna Beseda’s .457 batting average. Young presently stands at .461 and will need to stay hot to keep that record in place.


Track & Field Stories

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Track & Field Stories

There are many stories in this sport based on having individuals performing for a team but

Austin Kahill making a heave with the Discus

Austin Kahill making a heave with the Discus

knowing how they perform really just rests on how they prepare themselves.

Yes, those relay events would certainly be the closest to where a team atmosphere is present but for the most part this sport is based on how individuals do in order to help the team win.

Junior Shane Relkin is one student that will be performing after he surprised many people when he uncorked a jump that was good enough to win district.

Relkin had broken the 20 foot mark earlier this year and had the potential to win, but overall this district field could of been several athletes.

“I got my best mark on the very last jump,” Relkin stated. “All my jumps before that one were horrible and I almost did not make the finals.”

In the Long Jump, athletes perform jumps in order to make that final field of participants to compete and will be given another set of jumps after weeding out those that were not as good.