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Pre/Game: Canyon Lake @ Boerne

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Tristan Chacon has 9 rushing touchdowns this season.         (photo by Karen Holmes)

         Pre/Game:    Canyon Lake    @     Boerne        Friday 7:30pm
                      Hawks (5-2)          Greyhounds (7-0)

         Boerne leads the series, 4-3.

                      2010 Hawks 21 Hounds 07
                      2011 Hawks 14 Hounds 35
                      2012 Hawks 16 Hounds 43
                      2013 Hawks 37 Hounds 28
                      2014 Hawks 35 Hounds 42
                      2015 Hawks 27 Hounds 35
                      2016 Hawks 41 Hounds 38

                             Season Games
                Hawks 38  Blanco    00      Boerne 42 Devine         00
                Hawks 48  Reagan    06      Boerne 28 Medina Valley  07
                Hawks 23  Giddings  28      Boerne 24 SA Holy Cross  09
                Hawks 13  Texans    20      Boerne 35 Somerset       30
                Hawks 35  Lampasas  21      Boerne 37 Bandera        00
                Hawks 56  Akins     28      Boerne 41 Wimberley      28
                Hawks 56  Eastside  00      Boerne 47 Fredericksburg 30



Pre/Game: Eastside @ CL Hawks Friday 7:30pm

Thursday, October 12th, 2017

       More Hawk Defense in CL’s win over Austin Akins.              (photo by Karen Holmes)

            Pre/Game: Austin Eastside   @     Canyon Lake
                      Panthers (0-4)          Hawks (4-2)

            Canyon Lake leads this series, 1-0.
                      Hawks   63   Eastside   00

            Season Record:
            Hawks 38  Blanco   00   Panthers 00  Marion  50
            Hawks 48  Reagan   06   Panthers 00  Lanier  22
            Hawks 23  Giddings 28   Panthers 00  Travis  27
            Hawks 13  Texans   20   Panthers 13  Llano   49
            Hawks 35  Lampasas 21
            Hawks 56  Akins    28



                Go Hawks!

Canyon Lake will welcome Austin Eastside Memorial Panthers to the Hawk nest this Friday as CL won their first meeting last year, 63-0.

That was the  first shut-out the Hawk defense has had since the school started in 2008.

Eastside is still looking for their first win and scored their first points in last week’s loss to Llano, 49-13.

Last years game featured having a lot of players with a chance to play and show what they are capable of, for future games.

Canyon Lake is presently on a 2 game winning streak as this will be the opening of District 14-4A Division I play. This district has had some good teams making a statement with Fredericksburg with one loss to Wimberley and Boerne winning their game against that same Texan team.

Wake up and smell the Coffee Hawks!!

The Greyhounds are undefeated and will be playing at Fredericksburg on Friday while Taylor will have the night off.

CL Hawks will look to keep some momentum and continue to heal some players before a meeting with the rest of the district schools on the horizon.

There were 10 players that had a chance to rush the ball in last year’s game and you can expect much of the same tonight as Eastside continues to get more students into action for the coming years.

Canyon Lake presently has a. 6-1 record when playing Austin schools and that is six wins in a row coming into Friday’s contest.
The Hawks lost their first game with Austin Travis in 2010.

The Hawks next home game will be in two weeks when Fredericksburg comes to town. Another opponent that has raised their bar of competition this season. The last time the Billies had just one loss this far into the season was in 2013. That team finished with a 10-2 record.

That was also the last time the Billies have beaten Canyon Lake and it was a home game.

A lot on the line tonight and in the next 4 weeks as CL will start their stretch run for the games that count.

Go Hawks!!

Pre/Game: Austin Akins (1-3) @ CL Hawks (3-2)

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

Running Back Joseph Ruiz on his 45 yard run during Badger game.                    (photo by Karen Holmes)

            Pre/Game:   Austin Akins   @    Canyon Lake           Friday 7:30pm
                        Eagles (1-3)        Hawks (3-2)

                        CL Hawks lead this series, 1-0.
                        2016 Hawks   42    Eagles    20

                        Season Records
                        Hawks  38   Blanco     00    Eagles  44   Crocket      26
                        Hawks  48   Reagan     06    Eagles  19   Austin High  35
                        Hawks  23   Giddings   28    Eagles  35   Lehman       42
                        Hawks  13   Wimberley  20    Eagles  21   McCallum     34
                        Hawks  35   Lampasas   21



Pre/Game: Canyon Lake @ Lampasas 7:30 Friday

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

RB Tristan Chacon will lead the offense back to the end-zone in this week’s game. (photo Karen Holmes)


    Pre/Game:     Canyon Lake    @    Lampasas         Friday Sept. 29 7:30pm
                  Hawks (2-2)         Badgers (1-3)

                  The Badgers lead this series 2-1.
                  2014 Hawks 14 Badgers 21
                  2015 Hawks 14 Badgers 42
                  2016 Hawks 42 Badgers 34

                  This Season Games:

            Hawks  38   Blanco     00    Badgers  13   Billies    27
            Hawks  46   Reagan     06    Badgers  67   Robinson   62
            Hawks  23   Giddings   28    Badgers  17   Wimberley  52
            Hawks  13   Wimberley  20    Badgers  25   Lorena     49


                   Go Hawks!!

Canyon Lake will hit the halfway mark for the season this Friday as the Hawks travel up 281 to Lampasas for a game that will leave this year’s team with a winning or losing record.

The Badgers have not been an easy out for Canyon Lake as this school won the first two games of the series.

That first game in 2014, had CL with three lost fumbles after putting the ball on the ground a total of 6 times. This was one of many games these past few years that had the Hawks with a halftime lead and then having mistakes allowing the visitors to leave the field with smiles on their face.

During the 2015 campaign, the Hawks, were one of two teams Lampasas would beat.

That year, Lampasas entered their game with CL with the same record (1-3) and the Hawks would be their last win for the rest of that season.

What made this game worse was how badly the Hawks were beaten by this Badger team.

                       Go Hawks!

The score was, 42-14 and one of those Hawk touchdowns came on a kick-off return giving an idea of how both sides of the ball failed to show up for this contest.

Lampasas has the same record this year and Canyon Lake cannot afford to enter this game with any preconceived notion that this will be a win, because on that fateful night 2 years ago, the Hawks, were manhandled.

Wimberley beat Lampasas by 35 points two weeks ago and using that as a barometer for this week would be a mistake.

The Badgers played Robinson for their only victory, but seeing how their offense played in outscoring the Rockets, 67-62 should be a wake-up call for the Hawk’s defense.

QB Ace Whitehead completed more passes in that one game than the Hawks might have for the season (26 for 32) with 5 touchdown throws.

           Badgers for Dinner!!

RB Sean Williams had a 11 yard per carry average finishing with 353 yards on the ground.

Brandon Pierino had 11 catches for 112 yards helping the Badger’s offense in that Robinson contest.

That game will bring back memories during that same year when CL lost a 55-50 game to Marion when the Hawks could not stop anything the Bulldogs did on that night.

The Hawks will need to come into this road game in focus as the offense and defense reshuffles players and the Hawks continue to heal from previous injuries.

Winnable game but that will not be a guarantee as the Badgers have teeth!!!

Go Hawks!!

Pre/Game: Wimberley @ Canyon Lake This Friday 7:30pm

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Hawks will in for another tough game this Homecoming Friday Football with the Texans. (photo by Karen Holmes)

            Pre/Game:    Wimberley     @    Canyon Lake       Friday 7:30
                         Texans (3-0)       Hawks (2-1)

                         The Texans lead the all-time series, 7-2.

                         2008 Hawks 07 Texans 41
                         2009 Hawks 15 Texans 38
                         2010 Hawks 18 Texans 38
                         2011 Hawks 14 Texans 50
                         2012 Hawks 03 Texans 40
                         2013 Hawks 28 Texans 13
                         2014 Hawks 27 Texans 28
                         2015 Hawks 28 Texans 14
                         2016 Hawks 21 Texans 31

                         This Season Games:

                         Hawks  38  Blanco   00   Texans  49  La Vernis  13
                         Hawks  48  Reagan   06   Texans  45  Giddings   28
                         Hawks  23  Giddings 28   Texans  52  Lampasas   17



Pre/Game: Canyon Lake @ Giddings

Monday, September 11th, 2017

Tristan Chacon finished with over 100 yards running and receiving in game with Reagan.            (photo by Karen Holmes)

               Pre/Game    Canyon Lake    @      Giddings           Friday
                           Hawks (2-0)           Buffaloes (0-2)    7:30pm

               Giddings Leads the series, 1-0.

               2016   Hawks   21   Buffaloes   34

                              2017 Season Records

               Hawks   38  Blanco   00    Giddings   28  Navarro     29
               Hawks   48  Reagan   06    Giddings   28  Wimberley   45



Pre-Game: CL Hawks @ Austin Reagan September 7th, 7:30pm

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Caimen McDonald shows what the Blanco Defensive Backs saw after his two catches. (mjrphotog.com)

                     Canyon Lake    @     Austin Reagan        Sept. 7th 7:30pm
                     Hawks (1-0)          Raiders (0-1)

                     Series Record: CL Hawks lead this series, 1-0.

                     2016 Hawks 42 Raiders 16

                     This Year’s Record:
                     Canyon Lake 38   Blanco  00      Burnet  30  Austin Reagan  00



Football: Pre/Game for Canyon Lake and Blanco

Monday, August 28th, 2017

Hawks will be reaching for every yard available this Friday for their season opener. (photo by mjrphotog.com)


           Blanco        @     Canyon Lake      Fri. Sept. 1st 7:30pm
           Panthers 0-0        Hawks 0-0

           Series Record: Panthers lead series 5-4.

           2008   CL Hawks  00   Panthers  63
           2009   CL Hawks  21   Panthers  14
           2010   CL Hawks  07   Panthers  12
           2011   CL Hawks  14   Panthers  07
           2012   CL Hawks  26   Panthers  21
           2013   CL Hawks  06   Panthers  13
           2014   CL Hawks  07   Panthers  35
           2015   CL Hawks  00   Panthers  14
           2016   CL Hawks  40   Panthers  07


Canyon Lake will need a win tonight to even their series with the Blanco Panthers as the Hawks will enter their 10th year of competition and presently have a 4-5 record against our friends on the Blanco River.Go Hawks and Go Strong

CL has had a problem in scoring points in these 9 previous years as last season’s 40 points was the most ever.

In fact, the previous 4 games before last year’s game, Canyon Lake, had amassed 39 points total in those contests. It broke a 3 game losing streak and before that 33 point win, the Hawks had not won any previous Panther game by more than a touchdown. (21-14 in 2009)

Blanco JV team lost by 6 points last year and won the year before that, so those indicators might show how this could be a much closer game than might be expected.

The Panthers are similar to Canyon Lake in that throwing the ball is not how they move the ball on offense.

With just 400 yards passing last year, Blanco, would like to control the contest on the ground. QB Kelby Cox will be returning and ready to have a better start than last year’s game.

       Beat the Panthers!

Blanco has 6 offensive and 5 defensive starters returning as RB/LB Jeff Hood will be in the backfield while having snaps as a starting linebacker. How the offensive line performs will let you know how the offense will stack up to a loaded CL Hawk team.

Canyon Lake will have a loaded offensive team as most of those students are back from a team that averaged 39 points per game last season.

QB Ben Fulton will be behind center for his 3rd year in a row and that will hopefully pay dividends as Tanner Faris and Micah St. John will be entering another campaign as running backs.

The Hawk offensive line will be anchored by 4 year starter Jacob Foster and this formula could be lethal as CL, by not losing a lot of offensive players, will have a significant amount of snaps with the same cast for two years running. (pardon the pun)

Rebecca Creek Golf, says Go Hawks!

Defensively, Canyon Lake had an up and down year and will be working on a plan to get this group of players up to speed quickly this year.

There will be games that an offense will not always be on their ‘A’ game and having a defense that has the ability to shut down teams will be a must.

Defense will build champions and Blanco will certainly vouch for that sentiment as this club has been top notch each of their long playoff runs.

Hence, Canyon Lake, has a 4-5 all-time record and not counting last year’s 40 point output, the Hawks averaged 10 points In those previous battles. That will attest to how well the Panther’s have played defense during this series.

Go Hawks!

Pre/Game: Canyon Lake Hawks vs. Liberty Hill Panthers

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016
Senior Austin Brennan is off to the races against Boerne (photog.com)

Senior Austin Brennan is off to the races against Taylor.                 (mjrphotog.com)

                 Pre/Game: Liberty Hill  vs. Canyon Lake         Bi-District 7:30pm
                           Panthers (6-3)    Hawks (7-3)         @ Liberty Hill

                          History: The Panthers lead this series 3-1.
                           2008    Hawks 00 Panthers 56
                           2009    Hawks 14 Panthers 07
                           2014    Hawks 14 Panthers 19
                           2015    Hawks 07 Panthers 31

                                     This Years Results:
          Hawks 40  Blanco          07
          Hawks 42  Aus Reagan      16       Panthers 30  La Vernia     00
          Hawks 21  Giddings        34       Panthers 30  Brownwood     29
          Hawks 21  Wimberley       31       Panthers 12  Calhoun       26
          Hawks 42  Lampasas        34       Panthers 41  Aus Anderson  10
          Hawks 42  Aus Akins       20       Panthers 20  La Vega       34
          Hawks 63  Aus Eastside    00       Panthers 27  Lampamsas     16
          Hawks 41  Boerne          38       Panthers 44  Burnet        23
          Hawks 45  Fredericksburg  25       Panthers 10  China Spring  42
          Hawks 44  Taylor          50       Panthers 30  Gatesville    15



Pre/Game: Taylor Ducks @ CL Hawks

Monday, October 31st, 2016
Caimen McDonough's long reach will be needed this week against Taylor

Caimen McDonough’s long reach will be needed this week against Taylor.          (photo by Karen Holmes)

           Pre/Game:        Taylor        @      CL Hawks           Friday 7:30
                            Ducks (6-3)          Hawks (7-2)

           History: Taylor Ducks lead the all time series, 2-0.
           2014   CL Hawks   31   Taylor Ducks   33
           2015   CL Hawks   28   Taylor Ducks   31

           This Season Results:
           Hawks  40  Blanco          07     Ducks  46  Robinson        62
           Hawks  42  Reagan          16     Ducks  37  Rockdale        28
           Hawks  21  Giddings        34     Ducks  28  Yoakum          36
           Hawks  21  Wimberley       31     Ducks  63  Caldwell        35
           Hawks  42  Lampasas        34     Ducks  39  La Grange       30
           Hawks  42  Akins           20     Ducks  14  Bellville       41
           Hawks  63  Eastside        00     Ducks  61  Eastside        00
           Hawks  41  Boerne          38     Ducks  15  Boerne          07
           Hawks  45  Fredericksburg  25     Ducks  48  Fredericksburg  27