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Hawks Break a Ruler in a Game of Inches to the Billies, 6-5

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Cassidy Martin, Carley Dubois, and Adriana Peaslee had the outfield covered in game with the Billies.          (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake has the 3rd seed all wrapped up after a loss to Fredericksburg, 6-5 on Tuesday night with just one more game left in the regular season.

If Fredericksburg can beat Boerne on Friday then they will have the 2nd seed all to themselves and the Hawks will need a loss for a coin flip in finding out their destiny when the playoff curtain is raised.


Canyon Lake Prepares for Last Week of Softball

Saturday, April 15th, 2017

Canyon Lake’s Softball team will be the 6th program to make the playoffs this season.

Having 5 district teams has been a big contributor but there was only one of those teams that made the dance as a 4th seed.

The Softball team will either enter the playoffs as a 2nd or 3rd seed. The Hawks will be paired with District 27-4A schools in those first round affairs, which comprise Wimberley, La Vernia, Navarro, Gonzales, and Eastside Memorial.


No Hitter by Banks puts Exclamation Points on Win over Hondo, !!-0

Friday, April 14th, 2017

Maggie Banks puts a no-hitter on resume in win over Hondo

The Hawk’s kicked the Owls out of their nest with a resounding no-hit win, 11-0 on Thursday night that kept this young club on the inside track for a, 2nd place District 28-4A finish.

“The girls played a great game with no let down in intensity after a tough loss in Boerne, Head Coach John Gallagher stated. “Maggie Banks pitched a gem backed by some solid defensive plays.”
With a week left in the regular season, Canyon Lake will now set their sights on a game in Fredericksburg on Tuesday. A victory will solidify that 2nd seed for the playoffs as the Hawks will finally get a playoff game on their resume.

It has been 5 years since the Softball contingent was in the playoffs and after a complete game win over Hondo, the Hawks had all parts of their game in sync with no errors, plenty of offense, and a pitching performance that had the visitors getting no hits.


Boerne Home-Run Knocks Hawk’s into Fight for 2nd Place in District

Thursday, April 13th, 2017

Char Hutson and the Hawks will try to bounce back tonight in game with Hondo. (photo Karen Holmes)

A Boerne home-run knocked the Hawks into a fight for 2nd place in District 28-4A after a loss to the front runner Greyhounds, 6-5.

Canyon Lake had the lead from the first inning to a one out 7th inning when a bases loaded home run finished the game in grand style for the home team.


CL Hawks Take Bulldogs Bone in Win, 9-6 also Top 3 Season and All-Time

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

                   No Sophomore Jinx for Bailey Bryan                (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake are now occupying 2nd place in District 28-4A after a win over Bandera, 9-6 on Tuesday night.

“We played well early in getting up, 7-0,” Head Coach John Gallagher started. “I think we relaxed and Bandera got four runs off two of our errors…. but we were able to put up two more runs in the 7th.”

Coach Gallagher finished, “(Maddy) Puente threw well into the 5th (inning) and (Maggie) Banks closed for us.”


Hawks Are STARR’s After Win Over Billies, 4-3

Saturday, April 1st, 2017

                               Carley Dubois Leading Off.          (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake continues their chase for District 28-4A supremacy after squeaking out a win over Fredericksburg, 4-3 at the Hawk Nest Friday night.

“This was our best defensive game we have played,” Head Coach John Gallagher fielded. “All we did this past week was hitting and defense….they hit 150 times in the batting cages and they fielded ground-balls all week long.”

The Hawks started this battle with a good offense as the bottom of that first inning had consecutive doubles by Maddy Puente and Lauren Mentzer after Bailey Bryan started the fireworks with a single.


Hawks Bats Finally Get Mosquitoes in Win over Hondo, 13-6

Sunday, March 26th, 2017

Jessie Melendez is ready for action at first base

CL Hawks Bats finally came out of the cave in the 5th inning for a win over the Hondo Owls, 13-6.

Canyon Lake has started district with two games where those bats have been waiting for the sun to rise before they exit their cave and on this night the Hawks still had enough time to catch some mosquitoes as they responded with 12 runs in their last three stanzas.

An Owl was having a feast with a 4-1 lead going into the 5th inning but having insects for dinner did not sit well as those Hawk Bats came alive to swallow up all of the mosquitoes for an eventual eat-a-way win. (A Bat cam eat up to 1000 mosquitoes in one hour.)


Hawks Stumble out of the Gate After Loss to Boerne, 6-3

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

      Lauren Mentzer just foul ball as Maddy Puente looks on…       (photo by Karen Holmes)

The CL Hawk’s errors matched the Boerne Greyhounds runs in an opening District 28-4A loss at the Hawk Nest on Tuesday night, 6-3.

Canyon Lake’s bats were also quiet for the first 6 innings as the only Hawk inning that had pressure on Boerne happened in the 4th inning when Marley Carrizales led off the inning with the first hit and two stolen bases had this CL runner on third base.

A strikeout ended that threat and then the Hawks 10 consecutive outs until a one out single in the bottom of the 7th frame.


Softball Standings (updated) & Top 5 All-Time Season Stats

Monday, March 20th, 2017

             Lauren Mentzer bearing down on an opposing batter.                  (photo by Karen Holmes)

                            District 28-4A Softball Standings

           Regular Season                          District Season
                     W   L   T    Pct                            W   L    Pct   GB
 CL Hawks           11   4   1   .719       Boerne               2   0  1.000   ——
 Boerne             12   8   1   .595       Fredericksburg       1   0  1.000  0.5
 Hondo               8  11   0   .421       Hondo                1   1   .500  1.0
 Fredericksburg      7  10   0   .412       CL Hawks             0   1   .000  1.5
 Bandera             3  12   0   .200       Bandera              0   2   .000  2.0

                               This Week’s Games

         March 21 Tuesday      Boerne          6      CL Hawks     3   (9 innings)
                               Hondo          12      Bandera     11
                               Fredericksburg         Bye

         March 24  Friday      CL Hawks        @      Hondo        7:00p
                               Bandera         @      Fredericksburg
                               Boerne          @      SA Churchill

                               Last Week’s Games
                               Boerne         10      Bandera      0
                               Billies         7      Hondo        3

Repeat-Boutique Says Go Hawks and Repeat Winning

Canyon Lake will have their indoctrination into district competition this Tuesday when the Hawks will do battle with the Boerne Greyhounds.

CL will be the last district school to get in on the fray of competing as the Greyhounds will enter with a win over Bandera last week.

If the regular season records pan out then this will be a big game as both schools had the only winning record going into District 28-4A play.

Some games that should instill some angst for the Hawks came with a loss for Boerne but that school was Wimberley by one run (1-2) score.

Meanwhile, Canyon Lake has struggled in their two games with the Texans and a one run loss that the

Greyhounds had can tell you that this game will be a battle.

         Go Hawks & Beat Boerne

Canyon Lake did have a short scrimmage with Fredericksburg in the San Marcos Rattler Tournament two weeks ago but that game was only in the 3rd inning when rain shortened the contest.

The Hawks had a one run lead when the curtain dropped and that will be another game CL will have to be on their ‘A’ game when they match up with the Billies.

Canyon Lake has some good wins thus far but looking back on the pre-district games versus district games will let you know that the Hawks will not look or play like they did when the games did not have district implications.

The ReSporter sees many younger players with a ton of talent and how they play when the lights get brighter will be a big eye opener on how these next 8 games will pan out.

Tuesday will be a time of reckoning and with Coach John Gallagher being very intentional in having a tougher schedule, will hopefully pay dividends.

                             Hawks All-Time Top 5 For Season Stats

 average                           at bats                         hits
 Carley Dubois      .526   ’16     Alexis Robinson     111   ’13   Carley Dubois       51   ’16
 Kirsten Jones      .487   ’16     Kelsey Ahrens       108   ’13   McKenna Beseda      48   ’13
 McKenna Beseda     .457   ’13     Vicky Henderson     106   ’13   Kelsey Ahrens       39   ’13
 Brianna Young      .439   ’14     McKenna Beseda      105   ’13   Carley Dubois       39   ’14
 Missy Romero       .429   ’12     Carley Dubois        97   ’14   Alexis Robinson     38   ’14
                                   Carley Dubois        97   ’16   Alexis Robinson     38   ’13

 runs                              runs batted in                  base on balls
 Alexis Robinson      40   ’14     Brianna Young        33   ’14   Brianna Young       24   ’13
 Carley Dubois        37   ’14     Alexis Robinson      32   ’16   Alexis Robinson     24   ’14
 Kirsten Jones        34   ’16     Alexis Robinson      30   ’14   Missy Romero        21   ’11
 Carley Dubois        33   ’16     Kelsey Ahrens        26   ’14   Kelsey Ahrens       19   ’15
 McKenna Beseda       31   ’13     Kelsey Ahrens        26   ’15   Brianna Young       16   ’14

 doubles                           triples                         home-runs
 Kelsey Ahrens        10   ’13     Missy Romero          7   ’09   Alexis Robinson      5   ’14
 Lauren Mentzer       10   ’16     Alexis Robinson       6   ’14   Alexis Robinson      4   ’16
 Missy Romero          9   ’11     Alexis Robinson       4   ’16   Kelsey Ahrens        4   ’15 
 Brianna Young         8   ’13     Alexis Robinson       3   ’15   Kelsey Ahrens        3   ’14
 Alexis Robinson       8   ’16     Kat Weber             3   ’16   Alexis Robinson      2   '15
                                                                   Carley Dubois        2   ’16
                                                                   Missy Romero         2   ’12
                                                                   Maddy Puente         2   ’17

 stolen bases                      on base percentage              slugging percentage
 Carley Dubois        41   ’16     Kirsten Jones      .589   ’16   Alexis Robinson   .966   ’14
 Kirsten Jones        27   ’16     Carley Dubois      .570   ’16   Missy Romero      .821   ’12
 McKenna Beseda       24   ’13     Kelsey Ahrens      .556   ’15   Alexis Robinson   .716   ’16
 Carley Dubois        19   ’14     Missy Romero       .549   ’12   Kelsey Ahrens     .667   ’14
 McKenna Beseda       18   ’12     Alexis Robinson    .548   ’14   Kelsey Ahrens     .656   ’15

This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, March 19th, 2017

Softball Alumni Game was contentious as these two titans battled it out last Saturday.
Kat Weber and Kirsten Jones went to battle.      (photo by mjrphotog.com)

                     This Week        @      Canyon Lake

Mon Mar 20           CL Hawks JV      @      Hondo JV          5:00p         Baseball 
                     CL Hawks JV      @      Hondo JV          7:00p         Baseball

Tue Mar 21           CL Hawks         @      Fredericksburg    All-Day Boys  Golf
                                             Lady Bird Golf Course
                     Boerne JV        @      CL Hawks JV       5:00p         Softball
                     Boerne           @      CL Hawks          7:00p         Softball
                     CL Hawks         @      Boerne            7:00p         Baseball

Wed Mar 22           CL Hawks         @      Fredericksburg    All-Day Girls Golf
                                             Lady Bird Golf Course

Thu Mar 23           CL Hawks         @      Wimberley         All-Day       Track
                                             Texans Relays

Fri Mar 24           CL Hawks         @      East Central      All-Day       Tennis
                     CL Hawks JV      @      Hondo JV          5:00p         Softball
                     CL Hawks         @      Hondo             7:00p         Softball
                     CL Hawks         @      Hondo             7:00p         Baseball