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CL Hawks Softball Win Alumni Game in Hopes of Making new Memories

Sunday, March 19th, 2017

Top Left, Coach John Gallagher, Caroline Jordan, Coach Mary Beth Gallagher, Kelsey Ahrens, Tonya Waller, Alex Henderson, Brianna Young, McKenna Beseda, Kirsten Jones, Vicky Henderson, Missy Romero, Lizzy Henderson, Tiffany Arredondo

Canyon Lake’s Softball Team had a chance to play a game against the Lady Hawk’s from days gone by as the the Alumni game was enjoyed by all on a Saturday with food and honoring two former students.

This was a Saturday game that allowed the Softball and Canyon Lake High School a chance to pay respects for two recent events.

The loss of Heather St. John to cancer last August 15, 2016 and Megan Browning who lost her life in a car accident this past January 15, 2017.

Both of these young ladies had played Softball as well as other sports during their time at Canyon Lake.

Megan Browning and Heather St. John were both teammates during Canyon Lake’s playoff run in 2011 and many of these alumnus ladies knew and played with Browning and St. John while in high school.


CL Hawks Softball: District 28-4A is Next

Sunday, March 12th, 2017

Marley Carrizales readies for district play next.

Canyon Lake’s Softball team fizzled out in their last tournament, played in San Marcos, as their first day of competition was their last day of play.

Those first round games were allotted a 55 minute time limit which had those contests being decided on some occasions with players in the line-up having just one trip to the plate.

The result of those contests will not be wins or losses since there would not be enough innings to qualify for an official game.

Case and point was Canyon Lake’s win over Fredericksburg. A win but not really as both teams were only a run apart when time was called and the Hawks coming to the plate in the bottom of the 3rd inning.

It would remind you of having your hair washed and then the hair stylist sending you outside because too much time elapsed. Not a pretty sight to say the least.


CL Hawks Still having Learning Steps in Loss to Texans, 7-3

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Maggie Banks started the game on third base but ended in the circle.  (photo Karen Holmes)

The Lady Hawks have 3 losses now and two of those set-backs have come from the bats of  Wimberley, after the Texans ran out for 7 runs in the first 4 innings to coast for this win.

Canyon Lake was their own worst enemy as that first inning had two Hawk errors which led to those runs.

“We came out relaxed and focused, but we lost it early,” Head Coach John Gallagher said. “We are still in our learning steps and seeing how this team reacts in big games is what we are looking for.”


CL Hawks Softball Team Look to Step Up to Start District Next Week

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

Freshman Marley Carrizales and the Hawks look to bring the season Home this year.                (photo by Karen Holmes)

Last year, Canyon Lake’s Softball team finished up their pre-district with an impressive resume.

The rest of that story did not end as well as the team or fans wanted however.

The ReSporter wanted to delve into how this present group of players might fare given, so far, the same pre-district outcomes and what might be different between these two teams.


This Week @ Canyon Lake

Saturday, March 4th, 2017

        Drew Tyra with his pick off move in game with Seguin                      (mjrphotog.com)

                This Week       @       Canyon Lake

 Mon Mar 6th    CL Hawks        @       Wimberley            All-Day    Girls   Golf
                                        Quick Sand Course
                Wimberley JV    @       CL Hawks JV           6:00p             Baseball

 Tue Mar 7th    CL Hawks        @       Wimberley            All-Day    Boys    Golf
                                        Quick Sand Course
                Wimberley       @       CL Hawks JV           5:00p     Boys    Soccer
                CL Hawks        @       Wimberley             6:00p     Girls   Soccer
                Wimberley       @       CL Hawks              6:30p             Softball
                Wimberley       @       CL Hawks              7:00p     Boys    Soccer

 Wed Mar 8th    CL Hawks        @       Bandera              All-Day            Track

 Thu Mar 9th    CL Hawks JV     @       Canyon HS            All-Day            Baseball
                                        Canyon Tourney
                CL Hawks        @       San Marcos           10:15a             Softball
                CL Hawks        vs      Fredericksburg        1:30p             Softball
                                        San Marcos Tourney
                CL Hawks        vs      Devine                3:00p             Baseball
                                        Somerset Tourney
                CL Hawks        vs      Midland Greenwood     3:40p             Softball
                                        San Marcos Tourney
                CL Hawks        vs      Medina Valley         5:30p             Baseball
                                        San Marcos Tourney

 Fri Mar 10th   CL Hawks        @       Wimberley            All-Day            Tennis
                CL Hawks JV     @       Canyon HS            All-Day            Baseball
                                        Canyon Tourney
                CL Hawks        @       San Marcos             TBD              Softball
                                        San Marcos Tourney
                CL Hawks        vs      Somerset              3:00p             Baseball
                                        Somerset Tourney
                CL Hawks JV     @       Bandera JV            5:00p     Boys    Soccer
                CL Hawks        vs      Jourdanton            5:30p             Baseball
                                        Somerset Tourney
                Bandera         @       CL Hawks              6:00p     Girls   Soccer
                CL Hawks        @       Bandera               7:00p     Boys    Soccer


Lakeside Dog Grooming Says         Go Hawks!


Another busy week for the sports programs as spring is in the air with baseball and softball size hail. Just be sure to have cover when the hail stones look like a shot-put.

Baseball started this year in a mud hole and found it hard to get their vehicle out of that quagmire.

A well deserved win on Friday night showed hope that with a little repair the machinery will be humming by the time district play commences.

The Hawk Baseball crew will be in the Somerset Tournament starting on Thursday with games against Devine and Medina Valley that first day.

CLJV Baseball will play Wimberley on Monday and then off to the Canyon Tournament on Thursday.

Softball had a good week with wins over Burnet and Navarro and will now meet up with Wimberley this next Tuesday.

        Go Canyon Lake

This will be a huge game along with a trip to San Marcos for their last tournament of the season.

Their Pool of teams has Fredericksburg in the first round and that will give a showcase of what each of these two District 28-4A partners have before real games start in a couple of weeks.

The Lady Golf team did not have all present last week but will have their team ready for their Tournament in Wimberley on Monday while the Boys play at the Quick Sand Course on the next day.

Track & Field will travel to Bandera on Wednesday for a mid-week meet.

The Tracksters had a cool and rainy day in Fredericksburg on Saturday and will look to improve and close the gap on the Billies as they won the battles on Saturday against CL and two other District 28-4A schools in attendance.

The good news is that the Hawks found that they were also better than Bandera and Hondo and now have an inkling on how they will need to train and prepare for the District Meet in April.

So, there are a lot of tournaments for all the teams that use a bat this week.

     Alayna-Gayle says Go Hawks!

Soccer gets back in action after a bye date this past week.

The Boys had a huge tie against Fredericksburg as they solidified their playoff and now have a chance of improving their seeding.

Wimberley will be up first for both Girls and Boys teams. The Lady Soccer team played the Texans tough in their last contest and this week will travel the Back-Bone to play at their place.

Bandera will be the opponent this Friday as the Boy’s team will hope the third time is a charm after suffering a loss earlier this year at the Hawk Tournament and then going on the road to tie the Bulldogs in the first round of play.

The ladies beat the Bulldogs on the road in that first round and the Bandera Lady Soccer team will have a tough time winning on the road as CL will work on a victory as this district year quickly comes to a close.

This is by far the best Soccer Teams combined in Hawk history as it is shaping up as the second year in a row where both squads will be making Playoff T-Shirts this year.

A week of many games and events as Spring Break will in full bloom on that next week.

Catch an event and support the Hawks, between the Hawk Sports complex and Wimberley you will be able to good chance of seeing Canyon Lake in action.

Go Hawks!!

CL Hawks Breaks Tie, Beats Navarro, 5-4

Saturday, March 4th, 2017

Carley Dubois ready for mad dash to first base.        (photo by Karen Holmes)

The Hawks tied Navarro in their last tournament and with those tourney contests being timed, that game was called with neither team being allowed to go into extra innings.

This time around, Canyon Lake wanted to finish that game with a win and that was the result as CL continued their season by upping their winning/tying steak to 10 games.

“Great win,” Head Coach John Gallagher concluded. “We showed a different mentality, if we get behind then we are going to do something about it.”


District 28-4A Softball Standings

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Kat Weber waits for what pitch Coach Gallagher wants her to relay.   (photo by Karen Holmes)

                         District 28-4A Softball Standings

                    Team               W    L    T      Pct
                    CL Hawks          11    3    1     .767
                    Boerne             9    7    1     .589
                    Fredericksburg     7    8    0     .467
                    Hondo              5    9    1     .367
                    Bandera            4   10    0     .286
                                Thursday Games:
                    Boerne             vs.       San Diego     Sequin Tourney
                    Bandera            vs.       Jourdanton    Seguin Tourney
                    Bandera            vs.       Weslaco       Seguin Tourney
                    Hondo              vs.       TBD           Dilley Tourney
                    Fredericksburg     vs        Runge         Seguin Tourney

                                 Friday Games:
                    Navarro            @         CL Hawks        5:00p
                    Fredericksburg     @         Alamo Heights Seguin Tourney
                    Bandera            vs.       Liberty Hill  Seguin Tourney
                    Bandera            vs.       Winn          Seguin Tourney
                    Hondo              vs.       TBD           Dilley Tourney

                                Saturday Games:
                    Boerne             vs.       Winn          Sequin Tourney
                    Boerne             vs.       La Vernia     Seguin Tourney
                    Bandera            vs.       John Paul II  Seguin Tourney
                    Bandera            vs.       Ryan          Seguin Tourney
                    Hondo              vs.       TBD           Dilley Tourney
                    Fredericksburg     vs.       TBD           Seguin Tourney

Softball’s All-Time Top 5 Stats

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

                          Alexis Robinson is tops for several Hawk Records

                                     Softball’s All-Time Top 5

     at bats                         runs                          hits
     Alexis Robinson        351      Alexis Robinson        115    Carley Dubois         134
     Kelsey Ahrens          328      Carley Dubois          100    Alexis Robinson       132
     Carley Dubois          291      Kirsten Jones           87    Kelsey Ahrens         109
     Vicky Henderson        289      McKenna Beseda          80    McKenna Beseda        103
     McKenna Beseda         274      Missy Romero            77    Missy Romero           90

     rbi’s                           extra base hits               base on balls
     Alexis Robinson         94      Alexis Robinson         52    Missy Romero           55
     Kelsey Ahrens           76      Missy Romero            35    Brianna Young          53
     Brianna Young           75      Kelsey Ahrens           34    Alexis Robinson        51
     Missy Romero            55      Brianna Young           26    Kat Weber              35
     Kat Weber               46      Katy Payne              14    Kelsey Ahrens          35
                                     Lauren Mentzer          14

                                     (based on 100 at bats)
     stolen bases                    batting average               misc (hbp-sac-sf-etc)
     Carley Dubois           80      Carley Dubois         .460    Kirsten Jones          16
     Kirsten Jones           41      Bailey Bryan          .388    Kat Weber              13
     Tiffany Arredondo       39      Alexis Robinson       .376    Vicky Henderson        12
     McKenna Beseda          33      McKenna Beseda        .375    Carley Dubois          11
     Vicky Henderson         27      Brianna Young         .367    Megan Browning         10

     (based on 20 or more innings)
     earned run ave.                 strikeouts                    wins
     Missy Romero          2.77      Alexis Robinson        668    Missy Romero           41
     Lauren Mentzer        3.18      Missy Romero           641    Alexis Robinson        40
     Alexis Robinson       3.42      Lauren Mentzer         141    Lauren Mentzer         14
     Kelsey Ahrens         5.33      Kelsey Ahrens           31    Kelsey Ahrens           5
     Megan Blackburn       6.97      Maggie Banks            15    Maggie Banks            3
                                                                   Maddy Puente            3

                                     innings pitched
                                     Alexis Robinson      513.1
                                     Missy Romero         498.1
                                     Lauren Mentzer       132.0
                                     Kelsey Ahrens         57.2
                                     Megan Blackburn       42.2

Softball: Hawks Work on Puzzle Pieces in Win over Burnet, 10-5

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

                                     Outfield Conference Call                          (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake had a solid game in their win over Burnet as the Hawks manufactured 10 runs in the win as they focus on Navarro this coming Friday.

“We executed well early but we let up a bit and they had some big hits,” Head Coach John Gallagher said. “We got some players in to see how they would do in the field and with some at-bats.”

The Bulldogs were held to 4 hits but 3 of those safeties happen to sail over the outfield wall. There was some power in that line-up and CL was able to keep the bases clean for the most part with good fielding and 11 hits that answered the Bulldogs 4 run 6th inning with a 3 runner in keeping the game in hand.


Softball’s Top 3 Stats

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

        Maddy Puente keeping her eyes on the ball.                             (photo by Karen Holmes)

                               Softball Top 3

    at bats                     hits                       runs
    Maddy Puente          29    Marley Carrizales   15     Bailey Bryan          15
    Bailey Bryan          29    Bailey Bryan        12     Marley Carrizales     15
    Marley Carrizales     26    Carley Dubois       12     Carley Dubois         14

    rbi                         extra base hits            base on balls
    Bailey Bryan          16    Bailey Bryan         5     Bailey Bryan           7
    Maddy Puente          10    Carley Dubois        4     Kat Weber              7
    Maggie Banks           7    Maddy Puente         4     Carley Dubois          6 
                                                           Marley Carrizales      6

                                (10 or more at bats)
    stolen bases                batting average            on base percentage
    Carley Dubois          5    Carley Dubois     .600     Carley Dubois       .703
    Marley Carrizales      5    Marley Carrizales .577     Marley Carrizales   .656
    Bailey Bryan           5    Maggie Banks      .500     Adriana Zunker      .563

    wins                        earned run average         strikeouts
    Lauren Mentzer        6     Maddy Puente      0.00     Lauren Mentzer        49
    Maddy Puente          3     Grace Heinze      0.00     Maddy Puente          11
                                Lauren Mentzer    3.61     Maggie Banks           7