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This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, January 25th, 2015
This Week at Canyon Lake
Jan 27th    Smithville      0   CL Hawks Girls       8  Soccer      
            Smithville      1   CL Hawks Boys        8  Soccer      
            Gonzales       35   CL Hawks JV Girls   30  Basketball  
            Gonzales       51   CL Hawks JV Boys    29  Basketball  
            Gonzales       38   CL Hawk Fresh Boys  48  Basketball  
            Gonzales       25   CL Hawks Var Girls  40  Basketball  
            Gonzales        @   CL Hawks Fr Girls       Basketball  
            Gonzales       39   CL Hawks Var Boys   58  Basketball  

 Jan 30th   Burbank         @   CL Hawks JV Boys        Soccer      5:30p
            CL Hawks JV     @   Navarro Girls           Basketball  5:00p
            CL Hawks JV     @   Navarro Boys            Basketball  5:00p
            CL Hawks JV     @   Navarro Girls           Basketball  5:00p
            CL Hawks Fresh  @   Navarro Boys            Basketball  6:15p
            CL Hawks Var    @   Navarro Girls           Basketball  6:30p
            CL Hawks Var    @   Navarro Boys            Basketball  7:30p

 Jan 31st   CL Hawks        @   Palo Alto               Swimming    All-Day
            UIL District 28-4A Championships

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The ReSporter shares Stats from this Past School Year

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

The Reporter would like to thank all the many readers that have frequented this website this past year.

The ReSporter would like you to Vault into next year by placing an Ad on this site.

The ReSporter would like you to Vault into next year by placing an Ad on this site.

This has been a very successful year for the website as each month this season had more visits than any previous month since we started four years ago.

The ReSporter had 315 articles this past school year and since starting this quest, The ReSporter, has finished a total of 1,159 posts or articles.

Another way of saying, a lot of stories.

Now it is time for The ReSporter to take a few months off and hopefully come back with enough energy to get another year finished.

Our apologies for these past couple of weeks, The ReSporter, has suffered ‘Burn Out’ much like many of the Seniors have suffered from Senioritis.

With that being said, The ReSporter would like to invite you to think about helping with posting an Ad through this venue.

Since, The ReSporter, likes numbers then chew and calculate how these stats might help your business.

 School Year starting August 1 through May 28
 Year             Visits       Pageviews     Ave Time     Top 3 Cities in Visits
 2013-14          25,334       62,610           3:02      CL-8689/SA-4560/NB-2388
 2012-13          21,241       49,631           2:45      CL-6035/SA-3434/NB-2164
 2011-12          16,142       43,868           2:55      CL-4940/SA-2365/NB-1868
 *2010-11          3,005       14,826           2:34      CL- 885/NB- 519/SA- 443

The * for 2010-11 represents just three months as this endeavor started after the basketball season that year, so those numbers will not have the same amount of days you could visit.

This also shows how each year has topped each previous season which should hopefully give you an idea of what might happen this coming school year.

SA and NB for the cities represent San Antonio and New Braunfels. Austin and San Marcos were right behind those two cities giving you an idea of how far this site can reach what you might be needing to sell or get across to your audience.

Thanks once again for showing support for this site and know that an Ad would cost $50 per semester and an extra $35 if you would like to have your Ad placed with articles, which many of you have noticed we started doing this past spring.

The ReSporter would also welcome ideas and thoughts that you might like to see for this upcoming school year.

Be Blessed and enjoy the Summer and tell my Advertisers you saw their Ad on my site…and Congrats to all the Seniors from Bracken and Canyon Lake. You don’t know how much I have enjoyed covering your events these past 4 years.

Hawk’s Swimmers Torpedo Push for a 5th & 6th Place Finish

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Congratulations to the Canyon Lake Swim Team on a great showing at the UIL 28-4A District Championships this past weekend. Competing in one of the largest and most competitive 4A District’s in the state, the Hawk Swimmers placed 5th in the boy’s division and 6th in the girl’s.

First Place Trophy from Burnet's 3A & Under Championships held earlier this year.

First Place Trophy from Burnet’s 3A & Under Championships held earlier this year.

Highlights of the meet include:

Christian Duarte (12): 3rd place in the 100 Backstroke, two school records, qualified for the Region 7 Championships in the 200 Freestyle & 100 Backstroke

Phoenix Duarte (9): Qualified for Region 7 Championships in the 100 Backstroke


This Week at Canyon Lake

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014
Canyon Lake will be playing their last game for the season this Tuesday night

Canyon Lake will be playing their last game for the season this Tuesday night

Canyon Lake Girls Basketball will be in their last game of this season on Tuesday at the Hawk gym.

This has been a rebuilding year for CL as this team has featured Freshman and Sophomores and with that came a lot of growing pains.

On Tuesday night the Hawk Nation will be saying good-bye to Amber Ramsey, Emily Muniz, Cati Harrington, Brianna Young, and Jenna Lann.

Come out this Tuesday night to let these girls know your appreciation for representing Canyon Lake.

The Hawk Boy’s Basketball team will be on the road as they play out their season with only 3 games remaining. Their next home game will be a week from this Tuesday which will also be their season finale.


This Week in Sports for Canyon Lake

Sunday, January 26th, 2014
 This Week at Canyon Lake                    Time          Sport
 January 28 CLJV        @ Wimberley          5:30pm        Lady's Basketball
            CLHS        @ Wimberley          7:00pm        Lady's Basketball
            Wimberley   @ CL Freshman        5:30pm        Boy's Basketball
            Wimberley   @ CLJV               5:30pm        Boy's Basketball
            Wimberley   @ CL Varsity         7:00pm        Boy's Basketball
            CLHS        @ Marble Falls       6:00pm        Lady's Soccer
            Pleasanton  @ CLHS               7:00pm        Boy's Soccer

 January 31 CLJV        @ Boerne             5:30pm        Lady's Basketball
            CL Varsity  @ Boerne             7:00pm        Lady's Basketball
            Boerne      @ CL Freshman        5:30pm        Boy's Basketball
            Boerne      @ CLJV               5:30pm        Boy's Basketball
            Boerne      @ CL Varsity         7:00pm        Boy's Basketball
            CLHS        @ Palo Alto College  All Day       Lady's & Boy's Swimming
                          Dist. 28-4A Meet

 February 1 CLHS        @ Palo Alto College  All Day       Swimming
                          Dist. 28-4A Meet
            CLHS        @ NB Canyon          12:30, 2:00,  Softball

 February 3 NB Canyon   @ CLHS               6:00pm        Lady's Soccer

CLHS Swim Team Season Update

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

– Hawk Time Trial:
This went more smoothly than I thought and we did very well. We started the season in a

A Hawk Swimmer at Practice

A Hawk Swimmer at Practice

much better position than last year and It really kicked the year off right. Although we did not keep score at this meet, it was clear that our Hawk swimmers dominated both San Marcos and Hays.


Hawk Swimming: Coaches Corner with Lee Willing

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Canyon Lake Swimming team’s season is getting wet as this year’s version of athletes gear up for another improving campaign.

“We did well,” Head Coach Lee Willing said. “We had 88% of our students improve on their times at the Round Rock Meet two weeks ago.”


The ReSporter Needs its Ads to Keep ADding Up!!

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

The ReSporter is now in its fourth year of covering Canyon Lake and Bracken Christian schools. The ReSporter has just finished it’s 1,043rd article and has also had 62,039 visits and 162,238 pages read as of February 5, 2014 stats.

As you know, this site is free for those who would like to frequent these pages after a sporting event. The ReSporter would like to introduce you to a new ‘Ad’ that was added about 10 days ago.

First off, do know that many of the advertisers on this site services The ReSporter’s household and there is a great deal of comfort in knowing that these Companies and people would treat you as well as I am treated by their services.

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That way The ReSporter can keep up this coverage as the fall season looms right around the corner.

The money that is raised through our Advertisers goes to gas money, cost for maintenance for this site, and hopefully enough to put away for just cost of living increases.

If this is not realized, then there is a chance that The ReSporter might close shop before the start of next school year.

Just making it known that letting the Advertisers know that they are seen on this site will certainly help with getting, by word of mouth, other companies to also think about advertising with The ReSporter.


CL Swim Team Keeps Head above Water with Successful Year

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

It’s hard to believe that the 2012-13 Swimming season is coming to an end. It has been a great year for Canyon Lake with plenty to be proud of. A few of the highlights include:

– School records were broken over 30 times this season with at least 8 being set at the Region VII 4A Championships.

– The boys placed 3rd at District and 11th at Regionals and the Girls placed 6th in District and 16th in Regionals. All of these were the highest the team has ever finished in each category.

– The boys won the Burnet TISCA 4A & Under Team Championship in December. The first time any CLHS Swim Team had won an invitational meet.

– Over the course of the season we faced no less than 75 different teams (3A, 4A, 5A and private schools) with the boys teams defeating over 82% of them and the girls over 65%.

-The following swimmers qualified for 28-4A ALL-DISTRICT Honors:

All District 28-4A 1st Team
 Christian Duarte   - 100 Backstroke, 400 Free Relay
 Cam Stone          - 200 Freestyle,  200 Freestyle Relay, 400 Freestyle Relay
 Christian Payne    - 400 Freestyle Relay
 Conor Martin       - 200 Freestyle Relay
 Tommy Jordan       - 400 Freestyle Relay, 200 Freestyle Relay
 Kelton Myers       - 200 Freestyle Relay
All District 28-4A 2nd Team
Ariel Lessard      -200 Medley Relay,400 Freestyle Relay,200 Freestyle,100 Butterfly 
Tressa Vannella    -200 Medley Relay, 400 Freestyle Relay, 100 Backstroke,500 Freestyle
Sharon Alexander   -200 Medley Relay, 400 Freestyle Relay,
Bianca Cruz        -200 Medley Relay, 400 Freestyle Relay,
Christian Duarte   -200 Medley Relay, 500 Freestyle
 Christian Payne   -200 Medley Relay, 100 Butterfly, 100 Breaststroke
 Conor Martin      -200 Medley Relay
 Kelton Myers      -200 Medley Relay
 Tommy Jordan      -100 Freestyle
 Doris Schneider   -500 Freestyle
All District 28-4A Honorable Mention
 Sharon Alexander  -200 Freestyle Relay, 100 Breaststroke
 Bianca Cruz       -200 Freestyle Relay
 Doris Schneider   -200 Freestyle Relay
 Nina Davis        -200 Freestyle Relay, 500 Freestyle
 Conor Martin      -500 Freestyle

Thank you all for your support of the program! We could not have been as successful
without everyone behind us. Coach Lee Willing

Coaches Corner with Swimming Coach Lee Willing

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Coaches Corner with Lee Willing the Swimming Coach.

The ReSporter: Hey Coach, could you tell us about how the team did at the 3A and Under Championships?

Coach Willing: “The team did OK at the 3A meet in Burnet. We had several kids fighting the flu so it was a tough meet for us. There is a movement to split the UIL State from its current 5A / 4A & under to 5A, 4A and 3A and under. This meet was a move to show the UIL that 3A & Under can be competitive enough to support its own state meet (there are aprox. 65 3A schools that currently offer swimming). There were 15 teams (7 from West Texas). Our boys placed 5th and our girls placed 8th.”

The ReSporter: What are your expectations at the upcoming UIL 28-4A Championship Swim?

Coach Willing: “Our team goal is to improve upon our place at last years District and Regional meets. Both the boys and the girls placed 7th at the District meet last year and the girls placed 17th at Regionals. I am confident that the boys will show a much better account of themselves this year. Our girls team graduated several swimmers last year and are rebuilding this year so they may have a more difficult road ahead.”

The ReSporter: Who are the athletes that have a good chance of advancing or scoring significant points for Canyon Lake this year?