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Track & Field Starts with Good Showing at Hawk Relays

Monday, February 20th, 2017

 Young Life says Go Hawks

The Hawks Track & Field Teams had impressive starts for this year’s season, as Canyon Lake jumped off into the year with an improving motif takes shape as each passing week will culminate with the District 28-4A Meet in April.

There were 14 schools in attendance for the all-day festivities as each running event had athletes running not knowing if their time would be good enough for placing.

Kenneth Jowers moved up to 3rd place in the Hawk 100 meter event as he started his year with a 11.31 dash.

Chance Martelli shaved a second off his previous 400 meter best while moving up to 5th place on the all-time Hawk list. Matthew Bell moved up on the Mile Run by improving his time by 8 seconds and now resides in 7th place in that category for Canyon Lake.

In those throwing events, Jacob Foster and Bradley Hight both entered the top 10 for Hawk Discus participants, now holding in the 7th and 8th spots respectfully.


This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, February 19th, 2017

Goal Keeper Jenna Pritzkau and Defender Lis Ellery protecting their goal. (mjrphotog.com)

                 This Week          @        Canyon Lake

 Feb. 20 Mon     CL Hawks JV        @        Llano              6:00p        Baseball
                 Llano              @        CL Hawks           6:00p        Baseball

 Feb. 21 Tue     Johnson City       @        CL Hawks           4:00p        Tennis
                 CL Hawks JV        @        Bandera            5:00p Girls  Soccer
                 Bandera            @        CL Hawks JV        5:00p Boys   Soccer
                 CL Hawks JV      XXXX       Luling             5:00p        Softball
                 CL Hawks         >>>>       Luling             7:00p        Softball
                 CL Hawks           @        Bandera            7:00p Girls  Soccer
                 Bandera            @        CL Hawks           7:00p Boys   Soccer
               **Navarro            vs.      CL Hawks           7:00p Boys   Basketball
                                             Canyon High School

 Feb. 22 Wed     CL Hawks           @        Seguin             All Day      Golf

 Feb. 23 Thu     Bandera            @        CL Hawks           8:00a        Softball
                 SA Christian       @        CL Hawks          12:00p        Softball
                                             Hill Country Tournament
                 CL Hawks           vs.      Blanco             9:00a        Baseball
                 CL Hawks           vs.      La Vernia         11:00a        Baseball
                                             Marion Tournament
 Feb. 24 Fri     Navarro            @        CL Hawks           8:00a        Softball
                                             Hill Country Tournament
                 CL Hawks           vs.      St. Anthony       11:00a        Baseball
                 CL Hawks           vs.      Marion             5:00p        Baseball
                                             Marion Tournament
                 CL Hawks JV        @        Fredericksburg     5:00p Boys   Soccer
                 Fredericksburg     @        CL Hawks JV        5:00p Girls  Soccer
                 CL Hawks           @        Fredericksburg     7:00p Boys   Soccer
                 Fredericksburg     @        CL Hawks           7:00p Girls  Soccer

 Feb. 25 Sat     Luling             @        CL Hawks          10:00a        Softball
                 John Paul II       @        CL Hawks          12:00p        Softball
                                             Hill Country Tournament
                 CL Hawks           @        Marion Tournament   TBD         Baseball
                 CL Hawks           @        Lobo Relays       All-Day       Track
                                             Hays High School

 ** Playoff Game Broadcast starts at 6:30p with Tip-Off 7:00p



Track Season Pre-View with Hawk Relays Starting Saturday

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Senior Brandon Courtney looks to get back to Austin this Year!

Track & Field will begin when the Hawks will welcome Schools to the Canyon Lake’s Hawk Relays this coming Saturday, February 20th.

The ReSporter has gone back in history to compile the Top Ten Track Athletes in scoring.

What you will see all the Hawk athletes below has some salty numbers as, The ReSporter, can remember three Meets where Jordan Anderson scored a maximum of 50 points.

Brandon Courtney will go into his Senior year in second place with 225 points and a chance to solidify his marks higher into CL’s hierarchy.


This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

Michael Harwell and Anthony Zavala will be in action for a chance of Winning District. (photo Karen Holmes)

                      This Week             @          Canyon Lake

 Feb 14 Tuesday       CL Hawks              @          Llano          All-Day  Girls  Golf
                      CL Hawks JV           @          Wimberley      5:00p           Softball
                      CL Hawks              @          Burnet         5:00p           Baseball
                      Burnet                @          CL Hawks JV    5:00p           Baseball
                      CL Hawks Freshmen     @          Boerne         5:30p    Boys   Basketball
                      CL Hawks JV           @          Boerne         5:30p    Boys   Basketball
                      CL Hawks              @          Boerne         7:00p    Boys   Basketball
                      CL Hawks              @          Wimberley      7:00p           Softball

 Feb 16 Thursday      CL Hawks              @          Llano          All-Day  Boys   Golf
                      CL Hawks              vs.        Jefferson      1:00p           Softball
                      CL Hawks              vs.        Pearsall       5:00p           Softball    
                              Huber Tourney  All-Day         Softball

 Feb 17 Friday        CL Hawks              vs.        Cuero          9:00a           Softball    
                              Huber Tourney  All-Day         Softball
                      Marion                @          CL Hawks JV    4:30p           Baseball
                      CL Hawks              @          Wimberley      5:00p    Boys   Soccer
                      Wimberley             @          CL Hawks       5:00p    Girls  Soccer
                      Marion                @          CL Hawks       6:00p           Baseball
                      CL Hawks              @          Wimberley      7:00p    Boys   Soccer
                      Wimberley             @          CL Hawks       7:00p    Girls  Soccer

 Feb 18 Saturday      Hawk Relays           @          CL Hawks       9:00a           Track
                      CL Hawks              @          Huber Tourney  All-Day  Girls  Soccer



Coaches Corner with Girl’s Track, John Barthels

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

Half & Half on returners for the 4×400 Relay this year. Skylar Hurst & Sophia Thorpe are the returners.

The ReSporter: What has been the turnout so far for the Track & Field athletes?

Coach Barthels: “Currently, we have 46 girls that have attended practice in one facet or another as either a runner or thrower. So to answer your question, the turn out is good, but I will be happy when that number is 60.”

The ReSporter: How are you going to craft this team as this year has the potential to pass last year’s team?

Coach Barthels: “Great question, we have 4 girls that are returning that have had experience running on a varsity team.” (more…)

Coaches Corner: Boy’s Track Troy Moses

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Hawk Relay, 4×400, with Chance Martelli (alt), Heath McDonough, Tanner Faris, Austin Camacho, Brandon Courtney (not pictured Lester Boehm (all but 1 returning)

The ReSporter: What has been the turnout so far for the Track & Field athletes?

Coach Moses: “Just like every year the beginning to track season is kind of slow when you talk about numbers. With Basketball, Swimming, Soccer still going on, a lot of kids are finishing up those sports and then we get a better understanding of the turnout we will get. But with that said we have a good core of kids that we are working with right now.”


This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, February 5th, 2017

This Foursome had a 5th and 8th Place Finish at Region Meet, Taylor Isley, Dante Ortega, Alex Borremans, Josh White

                          This Week      @     Canyon Lake

 Monday    Feb.  6      CL Hawks JV      @     Wimberley JV         4:30p         Baseball
                        CL Hawks         @     Llano                5:00p         Baseball
                        CL Hawks         @     Navarro              All Day Boys  Golf
                                               Starke Park Seguin

Tuesday    Feb.  7      CL Hawks JV      @     Pleasanton JV        4:00p   Boys  Soccer
                        CL Hawks Fresh   @     Bandera Fresh        5:30p   Boys  Basketball
                        CL Hawks JV      @     Bandera JV           5:30p   Boys  Basketball
                        Bandera JV       @     CL Hawks JV-1        5:30p   Girls Basketball
                        Bandera Fresh    @     CL Hawks JV-2        5:30p   Girls Basketball
                        CL Hawks         @     Pleasanton           6:00p   Boys  Soccer
                        CL Hawks         @     Bandera              7:00p   Boys  Basketball
                       *Bandera          @     CL Hawks             7:00p   Girls Basketball

Wednesday  Feb.  8      CL Hawks         @     Navarro              All Day Girls Golf
                                               Starke Park Seguin
                        Blanco           @     CL Hawks             4:30p         Softball

Friday     Feb. 10      CL Hawks         @     Comal ISD Tourney    All Day       Tennis
                        Boerne JV        @     CL Hawks JV          5:00p   Boys  Soccer
                        CL Hawks JV      @     Boerne JV            5:00p   Girls Soccer
                        Navarro          @     CL Hawks             6:30p   Boys  Baseball
                        Boerne           @     CL Hawks             7:00p   Boys  Soccer
                        CL Hawks         @     Boerne               7:00p   Girls Soccer

Saturday    Feb.11      CL Hawks         vs.   Tidehaven           10:45a         Softball
                        CL Hawks         vs.   Gonzales            12:30p         Softball
                                               Both Games @ Gonzales
* Represents game being Broadcast on CLB



CL Looking Past and Forward for the Ladies Sports

Monday, August 29th, 2016

Canyon Lake has not only been fed some stellar athletes for the boys, but the girls these past few years has also been very accomplished coming out of Mountain Valley Middle School too.

Girls Athletic Director and Softball Coach John Gallagher

Girls Athletic Director and Softball Coach John Gallagher

The ReSporter had a conversation with Girl’s Athletic Director John Gallagher to get the scoop.

The ReSporter: Hey Coach Gallagher give us your overall opinion on last year’s sports for the ladies.

Coach John Gallagher: “This year was a success throughout the athletic program. All of our female athletes worked very hard both in-season and off-season in the athletic period. As a whole our female athletes recorded improvement their strength, speed, and agility through a detailed workout program implemented by our coaches. There was also a higher level of academic achievement with many of our athletes being named to All-District Academic honors.”

The ReSporter: The Volleyball team set the bar high when they won the School’s first District Championship.


Canyon Lake Broadcasting will Kick-Off this Thursday

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

Canyon Lake Broadcasting is on the air LIVE!

Go CL Hawks Broadcasting

Go CL Hawks Broadcasting

Howdy! Canyon Lake Broadcasting (CLB) is now live and on the air covering Canyon Lake High School & Mountain Valley Middle School sports for the 2016 -2017 season.

CLB is an affiliate of K-MAC sports and will begin coverage starting August 25th with the CLHS JV football team starting at 630pm CST- live from CLHS.

Then CLB will broadcast the Canyon Lake Varsity Football game from Blanco Texas as the season opener begins against the Panthers.

The pregame show will start at 7pm.

CLB is now part of a 50 city team covering central and south Texas with live games in 26 towns and cities every Friday night.


The ReSporter’s Musings and Region Meet

Monday, May 2nd, 2016
Go Hawks!

  Go Hawks!

Another year of Hawk Sports has now been entered as The ReSporter finishes the 5th year of covering Canyon Lake.

During the month of May, The Resporter, will go over some of the best games to rekindle so many good happenings.

As this was the last year of having Yoakum, Cuero, La Vernia, and Gonzales in our district and next season, Wimberley and Navarro will also be going to other districts.

Canyon Lake will be the furthest school to the east as Fredericksburg, Boerne, and Bandera will be reunited with the addition of Hondo to round out the 5 team group of schools.