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CL Looking Past and Forward for the Ladies Sports

Monday, August 29th, 2016

Canyon Lake has not only been fed some stellar athletes for the boys, but the girls these past few years has also been very accomplished coming out of Mountain Valley Middle School too.

Girls Athletic Director and Softball Coach John Gallagher

Girls Athletic Director and Softball Coach John Gallagher

The ReSporter had a conversation with Girl’s Athletic Director John Gallagher to get the scoop.

The ReSporter: Hey Coach Gallagher give us your overall opinion on last year’s sports for the ladies.

Coach John Gallagher: “This year was a success throughout the athletic program. All of our female athletes worked very hard both in-season and off-season in the athletic period. As a whole our female athletes recorded improvement their strength, speed, and agility through a detailed workout program implemented by our coaches. There was also a higher level of academic achievement with many of our athletes being named to All-District Academic honors.”

The ReSporter: The Volleyball team set the bar high when they won the School’s first District Championship.


Canyon Lake Broadcasting will Kick-Off this Thursday

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

Canyon Lake Broadcasting is on the air LIVE!

Go CL Hawks Broadcasting

Go CL Hawks Broadcasting

Howdy! Canyon Lake Broadcasting (CLB) is now live and on the air covering Canyon Lake High School & Mountain Valley Middle School sports for the 2016 -2017 season.

CLB is an affiliate of K-MAC sports and will begin coverage starting August 25th with the CLHS JV football team starting at 630pm CST- live from CLHS.

Then CLB will broadcast the Canyon Lake Varsity Football game from Blanco Texas as the season opener begins against the Panthers.

The pregame show will start at 7pm.

CLB is now part of a 50 city team covering central and south Texas with live games in 26 towns and cities every Friday night.


The ReSporter’s Musings and Region Meet

Monday, May 2nd, 2016
Go Hawks!

  Go Hawks!

Another year of Hawk Sports has now been entered as The ReSporter finishes the 5th year of covering Canyon Lake.

During the month of May, The Resporter, will go over some of the best games to rekindle so many good happenings.

As this was the last year of having Yoakum, Cuero, La Vernia, and Gonzales in our district and next season, Wimberley and Navarro will also be going to other districts.

Canyon Lake will be the furthest school to the east as Fredericksburg, Boerne, and Bandera will be reunited with the addition of Hondo to round out the 5 team group of schools.


CL Hawks Track & Field Top 5

Sunday, April 24th, 2016
Hawk Proud

                 Hawk Proud

                        Track & Field All-Time Top 5
 Boys                                    Girls
                                  100 meter
 Jordan Anderson      10.81     ’12      Alysha Perez          12.75    ’16
 Austin Christman     11.19     ’10      Trena Lorett          13.23    ’13
 Heath McDonough      11.36     ’16      Emily Roach           13.27    ’12
 Joseph Ruiz          11.39     ’16      Kyndall Drum          13.37    ’14
 Casey Coffee         11.41     ’12      Emma Broussard        13.39    ’13

                                  200 meter
 Jordan Anderson      22.47     ’12      Caitlyn Collins       26.97    ’10
 Blake Walker         22.70     ’14      Skylar Hurst          27.10    ’16
 Haden Lee            23.34     ’16      Grace Allen           27.37    ’14
 Heath McDonough      23.37     ’16      Mariah Ellis          27.76    ’15
 Matt Adams           23.57     '16      Sophia Thorpe         28.21    ’14

                                  400 meter
 Jordan Anderson      48.92     ’12      Skylar Hurst          60.35    ’16
 Mikk Griffin         51.57     ’11      Hannah Graves         61.86    ’13
 Javier Mendez        52.13     ’14      Molli McIntire        64.04    ’13
 Lester Boehm         52.26     ’15      Sophia Thorpe         64.37    ’16
 Heath McDonough      52.94     ’16      Audrey Schulze        64.81    ’16

                                  800 meter
 Austin Camacho       2:02.25   ’16      Hannah Graves         2:27.78  ’12
 David Pfaff          2:09.55   ’14      Mariah Ellis          2:27.91  ’14
 Winston Whaley       2:12.31   ’10      Christi Fowler        2:34.28  ’14
 Isaac Mendez         2:12.64   ’11      Felicity Niestemski   2:41.15  ’15
 Nolan Davila         2:13.57   ’16      Caitlyn Collins       2:43.65  ’10

                                 1600 meter
 Mike Russell         4:55.73   ’13      Hannah Graves         5.59.01  ’13
 Adam Wiewel          4:57.00   ’16      Olivia Flores         6:05.22  ’12
 Chris Neiland        4:57.01   ’13      Christy Fowler        6:05.59  ’13
 Nolan Davila         5:04.30   ’16      Caitlyn Collins       6:07,73  ’10
 Isaac Mendez         5:04.76   ’13      Hannah Williams       6:43.60  ’16

                                 3200 meter
 Chris Neiland        10:51.63  ’12      Mariah Ellis          12:45.43 ’15
 Adam Wiewel          11:00.90  ’16      Jenna MacConnal       13:48.30 ’14
 John Mauricio        11:04.04  ’10      Hollye Pederson       14:29.91 ’09
 Nash Opperman        11:14.49  ’15      Hannah Williams       16:36.40 ’16
 Jaren Marmolejo      11:21.17  ’16      Tatiana Schulze       17:27.69 ’16

            110 meter hurdles                   100 meter hurdles
 Brandon Courtney     15.10     ’16      Jessica Cunningham    15.48    ’10
 Bobby Flint          15.64     ’10      Bailey Drum           15.68    ’16
 Gerrit Wilkins       16.00     ’16      Emma Gray             15.82    ’16
 Caimen McDonough     16.62     ’16      Sydney Reibschlaeger  16.68    ’15
 Dakota Repa          16.70     ’11      Katie Marple          16.73    ’11

                               300 meter hurdles
 Brandon Courtney     38.79     ’16      Jessica Cunningham    46.90    ’10
 Caimen McDonough     41.06     ’16      Bailey Drum           47.98    ’16
 Joe Marple           41.62     ’16      Katie Marple          49.97    ’11
 Karl Tucker          42.23     ’10      Sydney Reibschlaeger  51.08    ’16
 Dakota Repa          42.32     ’11      Abby Freund           53.10    ’15

                                 long jump
 Jordon Anderson      21-04.00  ’12      Bailey Drum           16-03.75 ’15
 Eric Nelson          20-07.00  ’09      Trena Lorett          16-00.75 ’13
 Shane Relkin         20-05.25  ’14      Marisa Ellis          15-11.50 ’13
 Will Joyner          20-04.75  ’14      Hannah Young          15-08.00 ’15
 Evan Schuller        19-11.50  ’15      Addison Farley        14-11.00 ’16

                                 triple jump
 Branson Belcher      42-00.75  ’13      Marisa Ellis          37-04.50 ’12
 Evan Schuller        41-08.00  ’15      Bailey Drum           37-01.00 ’16
 Christian Dittman    41-02.25  ’14      Skylar Hurst          34-07.00 ’16
 Gerrit Wilkins       40-09.00  ’15      Mariah Ellis          34-01.50 ’14
 Todd Pippin          40-02.75  ’11      Trena Lorett          33-10.00 ’13

 Taylor Hocutt        141-07.00 ’12      Kaelin Simmons        111-00.00 ’13
 Robert Woods         133-07.00 ’16      Cassidy Martin         88-05.00 ’14
 Thomas Gregory       132-09.00 ’13      Adia Garcia            85-02.00 ’16
 Austin Kahil         129-01.00 ’14      Caitlin Mabry          81-09.50 ’14
 Gordon McCleary      125-11.00 ’14      Rachel Best            76-00.00 ’13

 Robert Woods         47-03.50  ’16      Kaelin Simmons         34-00    ’13
 Jaaz McNair          45-09.00  ’12      Ali Dicks              34-00    ’10
 Weston Dicks         42-02.00  ’12      Adia Garcia            30-02.5  ’15
 Haden Lee            41-09.00  ’16      Cassidy Martin         29-09.5  ’15
 Jacob Foster         41-03.00  ’16      Alysha Perez           28-06.5  ’16

                                  high jump
 Jordan Anderson      6-06      ’13      Marisa Ellis    5-06.00 ’13 State Champ
 Albert Edington      6-06      ’11      Mariah Ellis           5-02.00   ’13
 Todd Pippin          6-04      ’11      Emma Gray              5-00.00   ’16
 Heath McDonough      6-03      ’16      Heather Arcadian       4-10.00   ’10
 Caimen McDonough     5-10      ’16      Hayley Melone          4-10.00   ’14
                                         Bailey Drum            4-10.00   ’14

                                  pole vault
 Christian Dittman    14-06     ’14      Jessica Cunningham     11-01.00  ’10
 Marcus Bolles        13-00     ’12      Jadian Loftis           8-00.00  ’15
 Paxton Barnes        12-06     ’11
 Tommy Clark          12-00     ’15
 Reid Crownover       10-06     ’16

                                  4x100 relay
 Covarrubias          43.73     ’12       Carley Dubois          51.92    ’16
 Hubnik, Camarillo, Henshaw               Audrey Schulze Kaylie Duke Alysha Perez
                      43.86     ’13                              51.99    ’13
                      43.98     ’11                              52.60    ’15
                      44.00     ’16                              53.33    ’12
                      44.09     ’10                              53.96    ’10

                                  4x200 relay
 Covarrubias          1:31.23   ’12        Bailey Drum           1:46.66  ’16
 Hubnik, Camarillo, Henshaw                Emma Gray, Skylar Hurst, Alysha Perez
                      1:31.67   ’16                              1:50.53  ’14
                      1:32.28   ’13                              1:50.89  ’11
                      1:32.50   ’11                              1:51.80  ’13
                      1:32.71   ’10                              1:51.81  ’15

                                  4x400 relay
 Heath McDonough      3:25.75   ’16        Sophia Thorpe         4:07.39  ’16
 Camacho, Boehm, Courtney                  Bailey Drum, Emma Gray, Skylar Hurst
                      3:26.55   ’12                              4:09.66  ’15
                      3:26.68   ’15                              4:10.53  ’13
                      3:30.14   ’14                              4:11.15  ’12
                      3:30.81   ’11                              4:11.18  ‘10


CL Hawks Have 11 Going to Region Meet

Sunday, April 24th, 2016
Canyon Lake's Austin Camacho running to Kingsville after qualifying in the 800 meter run

Canyon Lake’s Austin Camacho running to Kingsville after qualifying in the 800 meter run

Area Meet had some surprises as Canyon Lake will take 11 athletes to Kingsville this week for Region Meet after qualifying in Liberty Hill.

CL’s 4×400 meter relay team set the best mark in Hawk history when they crossed the finish line in 3:25.75 finishing in 3rd place.

A record that had stood strong for 4 years was eclipsed with this year’s foursome.

Back in 2012, Canyon Lake had gone two years with the same group of boys in all three relay events and they have had the best time since that year.

Zach Henshaw, Daniel Camarillo, Eduardo Covarrubias, and Doug Hubnik were the foursome that will now relinquish their first place hold on the 4×400 relay time.

Austin Camacho, Lester Boehm, Heath McDonough, and Brandon Courtney are now proud owners and being on top of the heap.


MVMS Tracksters Score Well in District Meet

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016


Mountain Valley Middle School was busy in Wimberley last Friday as their District Track Meet had all hands on deck for this event.

“We are really proud of how all of our kids competed at the district meet,” Athletic Coordinator Brandon Pawelek said. “They worked hard all season and we had quite a few personal records throughout our boys and girls teams……We had school records set by Nic Rivera in both 110 and 300 meter hurdles, as well as, Devon Cordell in the discus as well as both 7th and 8th grade girls 4×100 meter relay teams.”

MV Hawk Proud

                MV Hawk Proud

The Hawks had several athletes that excelled on Friday with Rivera topping all MVMS students scoring 28 points after combining all events Rivera was entered.

Those boys hurdles will be busy next year for Canyon Lake as that is presently the best part of the Hawks high school team headlined by Brandon Courtney.

Well, Rivera served notice that he is ready to make his mark after setting MVMS bests in those events with two 1st place finishes.


This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, April 17th, 2016


Senior Dylan Hodges holding down Second Base

Senior Dylan Hodges holding down Second Base           (picture by Tysha Dunavant)

                    This Week @ Canyon Lake
 Mon 4/18      Yoakum         @    CL Hawks JV             5&7pm       Baseball

 Tue 4/19      CL Hawks       @    La Vernia                 6pm       Softball 
               CL Hawks       @    La Vernia                 7pm       Baseball

 Wed 4/20      MVMS           @    Canyon MS                 6pm       Baseball
               MVMS           @    Canyon MS                 6pm       Softball
                                   Canyon High School

 Thu 4/21     CL Hawks JV     @    Navarro                   TBA       Baseball
                                   JV Dist. Tournament
              CL Hawks        @    Liberty Hill             All-Day    Track 
                                   Area Meet

 Sat 4/23     CL Hawks JV     @    La Vernia                 TBA       Baseball
                                   JV Dist. Tournament


Canyon Lake Sports start to wind down as the Hawk Softball team will playing their last game of the season on Tuesday in La Vernia.ads-300-x-600

This was a difficult year for Hawk Softball as this team had a very successful pre district record but just could not get out of the circle in district play.

What made last week win over Wimberley so satisfying was that the win was against the Texans and that would be the last district game for the next two years since Canyon Lake will moving west for their district games.

Baseball is entering into their last 3 games with one game this week in La Vernia and then an off day on Friday.

CL will have their last week of action next week when they play Yoakum away and then Senior Day with Gonzales on that Friday.

Track & Field will be in action in Liberty Hill this Thursday as the Hawks will do battle with District 25-4A Schools and our district qualifiers for a chance to compete the next week in TAMU-Kingsville.

Canyon Lake has a chance of sending several athletes this Thursday as the Hawks will need to finish in the top 2 to keep their eyes on getting to Austin.

The ReSporter added some Mountain Valley schedules for this week as you can have a chance of seeing some future CLHS Hawks compete.

Go Hawks!!

Track Area Meet this Thursday and how Hawks Stack Up

Sunday, April 17th, 2016
Junior Brandon Courtney will be favored in this week's Area Meet in the 300 Meter Hurdle race

Junior Brandon Courtney will be favored in this week’s Area Meet in the 300 Meter Hurdle race

Jumping into this week’s Area Track Meet in Liberty Hill will be next on the docket as The ReSporter will look at District 25-4A results and compare those marks to Canyon Lake and the athletes that will be participating.

Thursday will be a day when the field of 4 qualifiers will be whittled down to the top 2 having a chance in competing in the Region Meet.

By looking at the results below from District 25-4A you will see Canyon Lake students that competing and give you an opportunity to see what that athlete will need to perform, in a perfect world, and go another week.


Coaches Corner with Track’s Troy Moses

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

The ReSporter: What are your overall thoughts after District Meet?

Track and Field Coach Troy Moses

Track and Field Coach Troy Moses

Coach Moses: “I was very proud of the performance from all of our athletes.  We set 4 school records and everybody gave their best performances of the year.  I don’t think you can ask for more.”

The ReSporter: Why was our district meet a week earlier than most other districts?

Coach Moses: “The coaches in the district decided to move the date up to give us more time to prepare for Area and Regionals.”

The ReSporter: When you have two weeks before the next meet what do you do different with the qualifiers?

Coach Moses: “It is a huge advantage, this week we will be doing some heavy training while others are preparing for their district meet.  Next week we will back off again to make sure we are ready for Area.” (more…)

Coaches Corner with Track’s, John Barthels

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

The ReSporter: What are your overall thoughts after District Meet?



Coach Barthels: “My overall thoughts on the district track meet are that we participated at a much higher level than we have all year.  Other schools did as well, resulting in us placing 4th place instead of first, but we had about 90% of the girls run a better time than they have run all year and that is what is asked of them. “

The ReSporter: Why was our district meet a week earlier than most other districts?

Coach Barthels: “We meet and agree a year in advance as to when we will have district meets.  There is a set date that you must have district finished and if you have bad weather it gets crazy, doing things this way allows more time to get ready for the area and then regional meets as opposed to running district and then the next week have area and then the next week regionals.  It is going to help me as we have a couple of girls banged up right now and this will give us more time to heal and be at our best.”

The ReSporter: When you have two weeks before the next meet what do you do different with the qualifiers?   (more…)