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Hawk Volleyball Update and New Schedule

Volleyball | August 6, 2020

A new schedule is one of the only knowable aspects to this year’s volleyball season as there has been a lot of changes for this season.

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Offensive Coordinator Troy Moses Talks Football

Coaches Corner, Football | August 5, 2020

  Canyon Lake football will be here before we know it and The ReSporter had a chance to catch up with Offensive Coordinator Troy Moses as practices started up.

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Defensive Coordinator Brian Hooper Talks Football

Coaches Corner, Football | August 4, 2020

  Canyon Lake football is off and running and now prepare for a much different type of season compared to year’s past.

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Behind the Mask

Football, Sport News, Volleyball | July 31, 2020

  Canyon Lake’s Training department is working hard keeping up with COVID-19 changes to keep student athletes and coaches safe as the pandemic continues.

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All Decade Player Liz Carter Joins Coaching Staff

Softball, Volleyball | July 25, 2020

Liz Carter, a highly acclaimed former Westlake and Corpus Christi A&M softball player, joins the athletic department as an assistant coach in softball and volleyball.

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Schedule Changes After UIL Declares Aug. 3rd Start Date

Football | July 23, 2020

Yippeee!!! Texas High School Football will start on time when your Canyon Lake Hawks travel the Devil’s Backbone to open their season against Wimberley.

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Final Edition of the Best Dual Boys Sports Athletes

News, Sport News | July 21, 2020

    Now it is time to introduce the best Dual Boys Athlete for Canyon Lake. Zach Henshaw get’s The ReSporter’s nod for this spot as Henshaw participated in Track & Field along with Football.

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Canyon Lake’s Next 3 Boys All-Time Dual Athletes

Sport News | July 18, 2020

  Now the last 3 Hawk Dual Athletes before unveiling The ReSporter’s top choice. A previous article has the top 2 football players all-time that did not make the dual list. Don’t miss reading bout Bobby Flint and Josh DeVries. ==

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Best Defensive & Offensive Football Players (not Dual Athletes)

One more set of 3 Dual Sport Hawks before that last player, The ReSporter, has pegged as the best so far with this relatively new school. Below are the best two Football (defense/offense) athletes that did not finish in the top dual sports.

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Hawk’s Dual Boys Athletes Next Three

News, Sport News | July 11, 2020

Those next three dual athletes are below, but The ReSporter wanted to heap some praise for another Hawk that was the best in one sport, Jordan Anderson.

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Hawk’s Count-Down for Top 10 Boys Dual Sports

Sport News, Stats | July 8, 2020

  The countdown for those best dual boy’s athletes will have 4 articles by grouping 3 at a time and then that #1 Canyon Lake Hawk.

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Homecoming for Melone Hired as Hawk JV Volleyball Coach

  Canyon Lake welcomes home one of it’s own by hiring Hayley Melone as the new junior varsity volleyball coach.

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CL Boy’s All-Time Dual Sport Athletes

  Passing the time, has The ReSporter, taking a look at who might be the top dual boys athletes in these early stages of Canyon Lake Hawk history.

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Canyon Lake’s Sports will Have Some Changes after Alignment

Football, Volleyball | February 20, 2020

The UIL Alignment has Canyon Lake with some new neighbors for the upcoming two years in Football.

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