Baseball | March 2, 2011

Canyon Lake Baseball Loses at the Alamo

030111-221905-The Hawks basically have two seasons for baseball. The games that are being played now and then the District games that will start next week with the first game against Bandera.

The reason this is important revolves around the Hawks playing teams that are in the 4A classification and with that the team feels like the Texans at the Alamo.

The larger schools have more players which translates to more depth and options. When you find that the team has four or five games a week, then the depth will come into play.

Canyon Lake’s 1-4 record should not scare the fans into thinking this might not be a good season….in fact, the team has done well and is on target to start the second season with the ultimate goal of winning and making the playoffs.

The Hawks went into the bottom of the fourth inning down 2-1 and well within striking range to Buda Hays. Canyon Lake gave up three runs in the inning and found themselves down 5-1 with three innings left to stage a comeback.

Logan Felch led with two doubles a run and one run batted in. Travis Walker and Jacob McIntosh also had two hits in the game. The eight hits would of resulted in more runs if the team could of stayed away from the strikeout pitch.

Jeff Nabors started and pitched well in the contest.

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“Jeff (Nabors) did a better job on the mound and seemed to have more velocity,” Head Coach Trent Dunavant said. “Zach Jenkins was a good surprise pitching in the game for us. He only gave up one hit and did not walk anyone.”

The Hawks have also decreased their errors since the first game of the season having only two in this game.

“We will have a good idea of how we want to start district play based on how the team plays this weekend,” Coach Dunavant finished.

The Hawks pitched four players as the coaches continued to evaluate who will perform the best when the second season starts.

The team is young and continues to improve against the larger schools.

The record, 1-4 is not as important as the record for District 26-3A season….you need to keep telling yourself that simple fact, and in the end you will be pleasantly surprised at the finished product.

Texas did become a Republic and the loss at the Alamo only made the resolve of the Texans more focused. Last time I checked the Mexican army got beat in the second season.

Texas Independence day is March 2nd…so the good news is just around the corner. REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!!!