Coaches Corner, Track & Field | April 11, 2011

Coaches Corner: Track Coach Levi Montgomery

Coaches Corner: Track Coach Levi Montgomery

ReSporter: “How is the team looking going into this week’s District 26-3A Meet? Mentally? And Physically?”

Coach Montgomery: “Our boys are ready. They have worked really hard since we started practicing in February, and at this point are simply anxious to compete at district. Physically we are healthy as a team, and we expect to run the best we have all season over in Wimberley.”

ReSporter: “How many athletes are you looking to be able to go to regional?”

Coach Montgomery: “We have the potential to get a bunch of kids to the regional meet in Corpus Christi. Last season we had 12 get out, and we are equally as good as a team this year. If we just compete as hard as we can the regional qualifying factor will take care of itself.”

ReSporter: “Are you happy with the progress of the team so far this season?”

ad_buddysCoach Montgomery: “We are pleased with how the boys have stayed committed to practicing as hard as they can. We have some good leaders in this bunch like Zach Henshaw, Robin Pedranti, and Jaaz McNair. Good leadership makes the coaches job pretty easy.”

ReSporter: “Did the better schedule between this year and last year help the team?”

Coach Montgomery: “We have seen some quality track teams this season, and we’ve gotten after them. Regardless of the sport, our boys love to compete, and we’ve had fun going against some larger schools this season.”

ReSporter: “How did you do in the Tri-Meet last week in Blanco?”

Coach Montgomery: “It served its purpose. We got to get the blood flowing against other schools one more time before the district meet.”

ReSporter: “Three years ago, I met you for the first time and have seen your team become a very viable entity in district. Did you think that the athletes would progress this fast?”

Coach Montgomery: “Yes we did. When we opened this school we knew these hill country kids would work their tails off. They have done that for four years now and deserve all the success we will have. It’s a privilege to coach at Canyon Lake High School because of how hard these boys work.”