Softball | April 28, 2011

Pre/Game: Softball Lampasas vs. Canyon Lake

Pre/Game: Softball Lampasas vs. Canyon Lakes

First Game: April 29th 7:00pm @ Canyon Lake
Second Game: April 30th 3:00pm @ Lampasas
Third Game: April 30th 6:00pm (if necessary)

The best of three series with the Lampasas Badgers (20-11) will start this Friday and Saturday. As is always the case, the Hawks will be facing a team that has been around with several skins on the wall.

Canyon Lake however is the new kid at school and is looking for ways they will survive and get noticed by the other students.

A big Splash would be one way to capture the attention and one way of accomplishing the feat would be taking care of business and winning.

The Badgers won their district the past two years while playing in the 4A classification, but this season ran into bumps in the road finishing tied for second with a 6-4 district record. This from a team that did not lose a district game last year and now playing in a 3A district.

Their team batting average is similar to Navarro’s, at .350, having six of the players with over 30 hits for the season. To put this in perspective, CLHS has one player, Alex Henderson with 30 hits this campaign. The next closest? 25 hits a piece for Missy Romero and Katy Payne.

In the circle the Badgers have Junior pitcher Kady Crow with a similar record to Romero at 17-10. Crow played in the reserve row last season and is now the ace.

The team has the potential to put a lot of runs on the board, as they had a stretch this season scoring in double digits for nine games in a row.

Second baseman Marisa Bogart will be one of the players the Hawks will have to keep off the base paths, she will be playing next season at St. Edwards.

The Lampasas runs come in bunches, which is just the opposite of the Hawks, who score one to two runs and then rely on the pitching and defense to keep the game within reach. The Badgers has the potential to score four or five runs per inning much less for the entire game.

Stay five nights and get the sixth night free!

Stay five nights and get the sixth night free!

The good news? Lampasas enters the post season losing four of their last seven games and the Hawks are on a three game winning streak, winning six of their last seven games.

The Hawks will need to get the defense back in play as they have allowed four runs to each of the last four teams they have played.

One game it is the infield and the next game the outfield that loses focus….once again the team has been winning, but the playoffs is a whole different animal and many times the hitting and pitching becomes magnified.

The Hawks have run a great race this season clearing a lot of hurdles that seemed daunting many times the last three years. Canyon Lake has the potential to get noticed at the new school.

Especially if they come through the doors holding a ‘Badger’ in their hands.

You will have our attention with an entrance like that….good luck.