Softball | April 15, 2011

Softball: Pre Game vs. Fredericksburg

The Canyon Lake Softball team is going into territory never before seen this time of the season. A chance to continue the season via playoffs.

With that being the goal, the game, April 15th, will be pivotal to give the Hawks a better idea of where they stand in that picture.

Canyon Lake has not beaten Fredericksburg yet in the three year history. In fact, when the Hawks score in the game….it will be the first score ever against the Billies.

Past Scores:
‘09 Billies 10 Hawks 0
Billies 12 Hawks 0
‘10 Billies 8 Hawks 0
Billies 5 Hawks 0
‘11 Billies 1 Hawks 0
Billies ? Hawks ? (This Friday)

Stay five nights and get the sixth night free!

Stay five nights and get the sixth night free!

Fredericksburg is not the same team from the past two years and the good new is neither are the Hawks.

Amanda Lochte will be in the circle for the Billies and had a nifty five hitter against the Hawks in the earlier game this season.

The earlier game had two of the three things the Hawks need to accomplish to in their favor.

√ The least amount of errors in any game ever played against the Billies.
√ The most hits ever against the Billies.
— The biggest item that was not accomplished was the most important. Runs in the game.

Canyon Lake must win the battle of the little things in this game in order to get the millstone around their neck taken off.

The ‘little things’? Stolen Bases….Sacrifice Hits….Hitting in clutch situations….Playing defense with 3 errors or less….

A win will be there for the Hawks and it is time to turn the tables on the one District team the Hawks have yet to beat in the past three years.

That first hurdle was taken care of against Wimberley earlier this season and now it is time to take care of the Hill Billies.