Player Profile, Softball | April 4, 2011

Softball Profile: Missy Romero

MissyRomeroThe Hilltop ReSporter will be taking a look at individual players for the rest of the season.

The first stop will be from the circle as we look at Junior Pitcher Missy Romero.

Pitcher for a softball team has been the pivotal player for any team, because of the chance of dominating the game with strikeout power. This aspect had been adjusted this year when UIL moved the circle back three feet to the same distance as the college game.

Going into the season the coaches knew that defense and offense would be more prominent for their teams with the extra feet helping the hitter and having the defense being more active in the game.

Romero has 115 strikeouts so far this year and is only four strikeouts from her career best from last season when she finished with 119. The extra three feet seems to be treating Romero very well.

With 15 strikeouts in the recent win over Boerne, the Junior was in complete control of the strike zone giving her the advantage and the Hawks a better chance to pull out the victory.

Romero is not just a pitcher though, she is batting .400 as of this writing and has already one more double than she had the previous two years combined.

The extra three feet for the opponent’s pitcher has certainly given Romero the advantage at the plate.

Romero has a career batting average of .343 and the most remarkable feat has been her ratio of walks to strikeouts. She has 37 walks to only 27 strikeouts into her third season.

The game seems to be coming easier for Romero as she is working on her best season. The .400 batting average along with her 13-6 record from the circle has propelled her to an All-Star season.

The third part of softball is in fielding your position. Romero has excelled at this part of the game, as she has not had an error in the last two years. With over 80 chances the Junior has helped the pitcher (Romero) become an all round player.

All Time Strikeout Games:
No.   Yr.    Team

  1. 17   ‘09    Ingram
  2. 16   ‘10    Ingram
  3. 15   ‘11    Boerne
  4. 13   ‘10    Vandergrift (perfect game)
  5. 13   ‘10    Bandera
  6. 12   ‘11    Bandera
  7. 11   ‘11    Hyde Park
  8. 11   ‘10    Boerne
  9. 11   ‘10    Ingram