Coaches Corner, Track & Field | April 15, 2011

Track and Field Coaches Corner: Girl’s Track Coach-Lacey Adkisson

ReSporter: “What is your overall impression of the District 26-3A Track Meet?

Coach Adkisson: “The girls did great from the Junior Varsity level to the Varsity. They went out there and competed and ran there best times of the year. We might not of scored a lot of points but we placed well in several events.”

ReSporter: “The Mile Relay keeps improving, tell us about this group of girls.”

Coach Adkisson: “The mile relay took four seconds off their time since the Dripping Springs meet and 10 seconds faster than this time last year. I think they finally realized their potential and what they are capable of running. I have two new legs this year on the mile relay so they want to come out and beat the times from last year. I am confident that they will do so next time we compete at the regional qualifiers meet at Canyon or at the regional meet.”

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ReSporter: “Talk a little about the Regional Qualifiers.”

Coach Adkisson: “The 4×200 relay took four seconds off their time blowing away the school record. They were determined to get that 3rd place spot to qualify. Jessica (Cunningham) struggled at the start of the 100 Hurdles but showed her experience and determination and finished the race strong to grab that 2nd place spot. Heather (Arcediano), Tiffany (Tschoepe), and Ali (Dicks) all seniors, qualified in the field events for a great ending to their senior year.”

ReSporter: “Knowing how the events happened what would you have done in hindsight to improve the overall performance for the team?”

Coach Adkisson: “There is nothing to change. The girls were in their best events and they all competed their best. Things happen in sports and you do not always come out on top.”

ReSporter: “Tell us your thoughts on the Junior Varsity. It seemed you scored in several different events. Does that make this team more rounded than your past two Junior Varsity teams?”

Coach Adkisson: “They did great. We have a very hard working freshman class. These girls came out to track, to better themselves as athletes and they did just that. Winning the Junior Varsity mile relay in a district so tough was awesome. Two of those girls also ran in the finals in the open 400. I have never had girls in that race until this year. I believe we had a Junior Varsity runner in finals in almost every event this year. I am so proud of them.”