Coaches Corner, Track & Field | April 15, 2011

Track and Field: Coaches Corner Levi Montgomery

ReSporter: “Give us your overall opinion of the District 26-3A meet just finished?

Coach Montgomery: “We are very happy for our kids. To score 150 points and sweep the relays is a good feeling. Our boys pride themselves on their work ethic, and it showed last night. We always tell them that if you just work hard with a lot of enthusiasm that the results will come. It was a great night for our entire athletic program, because our kids play multiple sports. That’s one of the many positives of being a student at Canyon Lake. The kids are not tied to one single sport. For many of our boys, track may be the third or fourth sport they compete in. When you have a high-quality showing at the district meet like we did, it really proves what a solid overall athletic program we have here at Canyon Lake High School.”

ReSporter: “Give us something on Garrett Hawkins, he probably ran his best time last night and it was his last time for competition at Canyon Lake.

ad_buddysCoach Montgomery: “The entire coaching staff and team is very happy for Garrett. He’s a kid that has worked his tail off for four years now. For him, in his final race to medal at the district meet is something else. On top of that he set the school record. It was a great night for Garrett.”

ReSporter: “Tell us about winning all three relays.”

Coach Montgomery: “It is significant. We will always develop our track program around the mile relay. Our kids train very hard for the 400, and the success spreads out from there. If you have a bunch of kids tough enough and conditioned to run 400 meters, they can easily run 100 or 200 meters.”

ReSporter: “Also, throw some bones to the audience about the Junior Varsity and what you expect for next year’s team.”

Coach Montgomery: “The Junior Varsity athletes competed very well. We have several guys that will have an impact on the varsity next season.”