Football | May 24, 2011

Hawks 2011 Football Schedule

The Canyon Lake football schedule is set and the anticipation can begin.

The Hawks finished with a .500 record last year, but you bet their were several teams not willing to play this team at the end of the season.

The team seemed to be jelling at just the right time and now as Summer beckons the Hawks can focus on maturing earlier in the season to have a banner year.

Aug. 13th    Dripping Springs (H)  8:30am
Aug. 18th    Hays-Lehman (A)       5:30pm
            Varsity     JV        Freshman
Aug. 25th   JV Blanco (A) 7pm Freshman SA Christian (A) 5pm
Aug. 26th   Varsity Blanco (H)        7:30pm
Sept. 1st   LaVernia (H) JV 7pm Freshman 5pm
Sept. 2nd   Varsity La Vernia (A)     7:30pm
Sept. 8th   Sealy (A) JV 7pm Freshman 5pm
Sept. 9th   Varsity Sealy (H)         7:30pm
Sept. 15th  Austin Travis (A) JV 7pm Freshman 5pm
Sept. 16th  Varsity Austin Travis (H) 7:30pm
Sept. 22nd  JV Luling (H) 7:30pm  Freshman Luling (A) 7:30pm
Sept. 23rd  Varsity Luling (A)        7:30pm
Sept. 30th  Open Week
Oct. 6th    JV Navarro (H) 7:30pm Freshman Navarro (A) 6:30pm
Oct. 7th    Varsity Navarro (A)       7:30pm
Oct. 13th   JV Wimberley (A) 7:30pm Freshman Wimberley (H) 7:30pm
Oct. 14th   Varsity Wimberley (H)     7:30pm
Oct. 20th   JV Boerne (H) 7:30pm Freshman Boerne (A) 7:30pm
Oct. 21st   Varsity Boerne (A)         7:30pm
Oct. 27th   JV Fredericksburg (A) 7:30pm Freshman Fredericksburg (H) 7:30pm
Oct. 28th   Varsity Fredericksburg (H) 7:30pm
Nov. 3rd    JV Bandera (H) 7:30pm Freshman Bandera (A) 7:30pm
 Nov. 4th   Varsity Bandera (A)        7:30pm 

Special Events:
Homecoming September 16th
Faculty Night October 14th
Senior Night October 28th