Softball | May 3, 2011

Tailgate ‘down by the river’

tailgateThe Canyon Lake Softball team might have lost the game last Saturday, but their fans won the Tailgate.

It started on Friday night before the playoffs started, when walking to the game you would see the Hawk Flags and the group of students enjoying the pre/game festivities. The senior players talked about leaving a legacy and the students would like to start a tradition.

We have talked about this same group of students that would state how they ‘loved’ each of the players as they were announced at the games. In fact, their enthusiasm caused the public address announcer at the visitors field to quit announcing the players coming to bat.

The umpire in the first inning ask the rambunctious students not to call out the names of the batters of the opposing team. The students were not being rude, they just used the last name over and over with what it related to in songs they liked.

Hence the girl’s last name was Van and the crew would say the name and then ‘down by the river’. They even took upon themselves to announce the Hawks just so they could say that they loved them while they came to bat.

Stay five nights and get the sixth night free!

Stay five nights and get the sixth night free!

In responding to the students, Centerfielder Tiffany Arredondo said, “Pretty crazy and we appreciate what they do and for their support.”

The crazy part would be evident to all the fans at the game. Even the opposing fans seemed to appreciate the way these students showed their ‘love’ for the Hawks.

The game was tough for the Hawks, but the fans were in the game no matter the score and that is what makes the students at Canyon Lake some of the best fans for their fellow students.

The Hawks Softball team had a turnaround season and had the pleasure of finishing district in second place a short three runs of finishing first.

Thanks to Wesley Brown, Ezra Barrett, Keegan Collins, Nick Ferguson, Christian Payne, Garrett Hawkins, TJ Pippin, and DJ CoCo, the tradition has been started and that is what makes a new school great. The chance to be the ones that start the first playoff game or  tailgate.

That is something to build on for the future and next time the tailgate can concentrate on being ‘down by the Canyon Lake’.

Being down by the river just doesn’t compare.