Football, Track & Field | June 14, 2011

Can Relays Relate?

The Canyon Lake Hawks in just their third year of competition won all three relay races this past season in the District Track and Field Meet. That feat is even more remarkable based on the fact the Hawks had only one Senior performing.

In the 4×400 relay the Hawks finished with 3:30.81 time which was a full two seconds better than Fredericksburg. The Texans were next, five seconds slower than Canyon Lake. This Relay was the only one where the Hawks had a Senior running. The two alternates were sophomores.

The 4×200 relay the Hawks won with two Sophomores and two Juniors. The alternates were one sophomore and one junior. The second place Billies ran two seniors and one each being a sophomore and junior.

The shortest distance relay, the 4×100 was won by the good guys with three sophomores and one junior. There was no other District opponent with that many youth in the relays.

The ReSporter has done some investigative work to find out if their is any relation to the relays and football…this is what we found.

2008: Relay Team finish           2009: Relay Team Finish    2010: Relay Team Finish

4x100                    4x100                 4x100
Fredericksburg           Canyon Lake           Canyon Lake
Burnet                   Wimberley             Fredericksburg
Wimberley                Fredericksburg        Wimberley
4x200                    4x200                 4x200
Wimberley                Ingram                Canyon Lake
Burnet                   Fredericksburg        Fredericksburg
Fredericksburg           Canyon Lake           Wimberley 
4x400                    4x400                 4x400
Fredericksburg           Fredericksburg        Canyon Lake
Burnet                   Wimberley             Fredericksburg
Wimberley                Canyon Lake           Wimberley

In the mile relay, Liberty Hill finished third in 2008, but was disqualified. You get the idea though. The three teams that dominated the relays that year were teams that performed like wise on the football field.

Fredericksburg was the only team that did not qualify the next year for the playoffs.

This past 2011 track season, Canyon Lake would be the first team to sweep all three relays in one year. The Hawks also have the runners returning except for one runner. The runner? Mikk Griffin.

The Hawks had older relay teams in the 2009 season and did better this past season by getting younger.

The question: Will the football team get better with the speed being injected to the gridiron. As the track team starts to dominate, the result has been a better football team based on playoffs the next season.

You will also notice the Hawks used the speed to advance to their first year in the playoffs. In just their second year of varsity sports.

The runners are playing in the offensive backfield, as defensive backs, and defensive line. The tracksters will be injected all over the field of play on both sides of the ball.

Just winning relays does not translate into wins however. The proof is watching Fredericksburg the last couple of seasons. The Billies have dominated the District Meet and if our memory serves us correctly the team ended with just one victory last year.

So, we can deduce that speed can solve a lot of problems on the gridiron, but the Coaches and players still need to use that speed correctly in order to give them a better chance for the victory.

This will be the athletes from the Relays that will change their track shoes for football cleats.
The grade year is based on this coming season.

Robin Pedranti          Senior
Daniel Camarillo        Junior
Doug Hubnik             Junior
Eduardo Covarrubias     Junior
Zach Henshaw            Senior
Alex Kemp               Senior

The relay’s might be able to relate on the football field. The case study will start this August. Bring your goggles for the lab and classes will commence each Friday night at 7:30 sharp.

Duration? At least 10 weeks. Extra credit if the team makes it to the playoffs.

The ReSporter’s next article will be a conversation with these young man.