Football, Player Profile | June 27, 2011

Left Tackle: Jaazaniah McNair

jaazmcnairLast year was the tale of two seasons for Jaaz McNair. He started the season during the scrimmages and then came down with mono after the Dripping Springs scrimmage and was not back on the field until the middle of the season.

“I did not get back until the Austin Travis game and played my first game against Luling,” McNair coughed.

The offensive line was inconsistent during the first of the year and so it might not be a coincidence that the Luling game is when the Hawks put their best offensive game together running and passing up to that point of the season. The Hawks rushed for 233 yards and passed for 193.

McNair is another lineman from the ‘this will be a different year’ mantra.

“The leadership has stepped up and we have more of a killer instinct,” McNair reported. “We have camaraderie and that is when everyone is working together for a common goal and we have become brothers.”

The English teachers for McNair have to be impressed looking at the words this young man is using in these interviews.

When asked what are some of the goals for this coming season, McNair came up with lofty ones, “We want the backs to reach 300 yards in a game and give up zero sacks….we can accomplish this with all five of us working together and having good chemistry like last year.”

The ReSporter thinks the offensive lineman have a lot of pent-up words to say since they are the least interviewed people on the football team.

There were still games that the offensive line did not perform at a peak performance…Boerne comes to mind.

“The Boerne game we were thinking too much in that game,” McNair said.

Then in the Burnet game the line performed at a all time best. “That game put us on the map. We got to strap in because we were taking them for a ride.”

The ReSporter asked McNair what it is about the line that makes him get fired up. “Blocking for Eduardo (Covarrubias) and Zach (Henshaw) and you see your work in progress when you put them (the defense) on their butt. I also like pulling plays when I can get off as quick as I can and beat the linebacker.”

The ReSporter has to think that Offensive Line Coach Wallen has to be liking what he is reading right now.

Jaaz McNair is not the biggest lineman, but the heart and smarts will make up for the weight. Besides, when you have four other ‘brothers’ on the field and they all work as one then he weighs over 860lbs.

We won’t even go into his height.