Football, Player Profile | June 28, 2011

Profile on Offensive Lineman: Ezra Barrett

The Profiled Offensive Lineman so far:

Wes Dicks      Junior    Right Guard   6’4”   270lbs
Logan Felch    Junior    Center        6’2”   190lbs
Jaaz McNair    Senior    Left Tackle   5’10”  190lbs
Ezra Barrett   Senior    Center        6’1”   240lbs
Offensive Lineman: Ezra Barrett

Offensive Lineman: Ezra Barrett

The ReSporter continues it’s trek through the vein of the football team. The offensive line is the most important part of the offense. If the line breaks down, then all of the other facets of the offense has a much steeper climb to put their hurt on the opponents defense.

We have heard two words repeated throughout the sessions: The line is excited and the brotherhood aspect or togetherness that the line has bonded.

“We (the line) will try to encourage and show how much we need everyone,” Ezra Barrett said. “We have to be our best in practice and in the locker room, to get better.”

This was conveyed while Barrett was on crutches with a turned ankle. The ReSporter had to drag (not literally) Barrett away from the 7 on 7 game where he was encouraging his teammates.

You can also see Barrett doing the same as a group of players go through all the routines during the Strength and Conditioning sessions this Summer. “Because of Brotherhood, everyone is one group,” the gimpy Barrett said.

As long as Barrett is on crutches, the ReSporter feels it can say things like that since our foot speed will help us escape.

When asked about how the Summer is progressing, Barrett said. “We are working out hard in the weight room and I’m trying to be a leader through hard work.”

Having a leader should be a key element so the team can level out the upheavals the team will surely go through in the season.

“I feel like we will be a good team and we have a chance to go far,” Barrett continued. “We can’t take things for granted. Compared to last year we are running through plays during our athletic period with more encouragement and brotherhood.”

Barrett was in the shadows of All-District Center, Eric Ogden last season. So the learning curve has to be a sharp one for the line to start as close to the team that finished the year last year.

The offensive line helped Zach Henshaw and Eduardo Covarrubias total 1083 yards the last four games of the season.

“Preparing for each team and don’t relax,” Barrett said confidently. “I have to get to it, because this is my Senior season. I’m more excited about this team and we can go far.”

The ReSporter can tell the players and you can see it in how Barrett talks, that the team knows the season is a marathon and not a sprint. And with a turned ankle the marathon should give Barrett enough time to catch this Reporter and win the race.