Sport News | June 20, 2011

Strength and Conditioning

Coach Wallen watching Junior Michelle Anderson

Coach Wallen watching Junior Michelle Anderson

The Canyon Lake field house does not take a vacation like the main school hall will be during the Summer.

The Hawks have 60-80 students in attendance every night but Friday during the Month of June and July.

The Coaches split up with their responsibilities when the students break up into three separate groups for the evening of ‘fun’.

Coaches with the easiest job has to be the ones in the weight room.
Yes, the students are working hard, but they are inside. The three groups will rotate every 30 minutes are so during the workouts.

There are two groups outside working on running, jumping, and any other mode left up to the mind of the sweltering coaches that are under the Sun.

The groups also will be broken up based on age, sex, and sport in many instances.

Coach Cody Means commented, “The team seems to make working out an event as they show excitement in the weight room.”

Defensive Back/Quarterback Brandon Berger

Defensive Back/Quarterback Brandon Berger

This is something that the ReSporter has noticed also, while the athletes are working through the many drills, the mindset seems to be all out at all times. The weight room has signs on the wall that state, Win State.

The signs were not hoisted up by the Coaches, but students as they have set the bar for the highest rung on the ladder. Hearing the athletes outside going through their drills will give you a feeling they mean business.

Notice the wording was ‘hearing’ not seeing. You don’t have to see what the athletes are doing when the drill is filled with exciting noises getting everyone working at their highest level possible.

When the evening is finished students either wait for a parent or their own car for a ride home and an early night in the bed after the program is over.

Strength and Conditioning is getting the job done as offensive lineman, Wes Dicks said earlier in his interview with the ReSporter. The young man has doubled his strength since his freshman year and Dicks will be a Junior this next season.

The two names will not sound like fun, but the Coaches have instilled teamwork into the athletes as they help in them encouraging others to get the drill done.

Freshman Trevor Drum

Freshman Trevor Drum

Tuesday is the crazy day, when you have Volleyball, 7 on 7, and the remnant that are working on their strenght and conditioning.

While sitting with a former Pro-Football player in the stands one Tuesday evening, I was told how impressed he was in watching the new crew work out and the enthusiasm the athletes showed.

The Canyon Lake students have started a new campaign with a fervor that should take them far in the next sporting season. The finished produce will be showing off in less than two months and that will hopefully leave you with much more to read about on this website.