Volleyball | June 16, 2011

Volleyball Pre-View

vollyballjune17The Canyon Lake Volleyball team was the first Hawk team to win a playoff spot two years ago and would now like to see if they can be the first Hawk team to win District.

“It will be a challenge,” Head Coach Nicole Creek said. “We will have six players returning this season. Right now we still have some unknowns with some players being on the Varsity team last year.”

Fredericksburg will be returning the same number of players and the ‘wet behind the ears’ Hawks played the Billies close in both district games last year and had a legitimate chance of winning both games.

Wimberley was hurt the most by senioritis, losing seven players. The tradition and reloading will be in full swing for the Texans. Add the fact of losing the head coach makes the prognosis even more muddied for the State Finalist.

The Hawks won’t have to wear high heels to the games with the Texans after Wimberley lost much of their height.

Seleste Mills 6’
Shauna Miller 5’10”
Laura Blab 6’3”
Ashley Lyles 5’10”
Lea Watson 6’1”

Canyon Lake will have Boerne wanting to take the Hawks down a tad after losing the important third playoff spot the last two seasons to the Hawks.

“District could be wide open,” Coach Creek opened. “If we can figure our game out quicker, the girls do know my expectations better…the gap is not as wide.”

Creek was talking about the gap between the returning players and the ones that just graduated.

Canyon Lake has had a one and done scenario the last two years and Coach Creek responded.

“We have to change some things when we make the playoffs,” Coach Creek continued. “We will treat it like a regular game in the season…there is a lot going on before the game and we have to see how we can concentrate more.”

The Hawks will load up as much competition as possible before district action again this season. Canyon Lake will play three teams that are possible first round games after making the playoffs. Liberty Hill, Llano, and Lampasas will be on the schedule to help judge the progress.

“We (the Hawks) will have three tournaments that will challenge us again this year,” Creek said. “We will play in the Wimberley tournament because it gives us a chance to see teams from our district. The San Marcos tournament will allow us to play close to home like Wimberley for our parents and fans and the one tournament that will be different is the Leander Volleypaloosa tournament.”

The ReSporter feels Coach Creek picked the third tournament because of the funny name.

Katie Williams and Amber Ramsey will be bringing some much needed height again this season. The Hawks lost Tira Chalk to graduation and having the experience will help bridge the gap Coach Creek talked about earlier.

“Amber West is athletic and quick,” Coach evaluated. “Missy Romero and Vicki Henderson will give us more players to help set the offense. We might run more 6—2 instead of the 5—1 we have run the past two years on offense.”

The Hawks will also be adding Cayla Foster who played for La Vernia last season. Coach Creek also mentioned Logan Nease as a possible contributor along with the returning Kendall Felps.

Canyon Lake will be in Summer league games each Tuesday night at the CLHS gym. The team will get much needed game experience in this club atmosphere.

“The league will get the players more aggressive,” Coach Creek said.

So the question for Canyon Lake will be formed as the season comes in for a landing. The Hawks should have a decent chance of making the playoffs for the third year in a row….the team hopefully has the chance to be the first Hawk team to win district.

Being the trailblazer is always a good accomplishment and to set the stage for a great 2011 Sports Campaign for all Canyon Lake Sports.