Football, Sport News | August 17, 2011

2nd Article: Breaking down the BCS Schedule

Junior Quarterback Eli Achilles

Junior Quarterback Eli Achilles

The Resporter started earlier this week expounding on the Bracken Christian schedule. This will be the second in the series as we break down the next three games.

The first year Bracken played was the last time the team has lost in the middle part of their season. For the last four campaigns the Warriors have won games four-five-six-seven-eight-and nine.

This year shapes up to look the same.

Round Rock was blitzed by Bracken when the Warriors scored a 57-0 victory utilizing the offense and defense.

The defense held Round Rock to just one first down and the running and passing game ended up with negative yardage.

The offense had 15 total plays for 292 yards. The negative in the game would be the 15 yards of penalties.

Yes, we had to search long and hard to find anything negative about how the Warriors played.

This year BCS will play in Round Rock, but other than that the score should be similar and the Warriors will be home early after they mercy rule the home team.

New Braunfels Christian plays as an independent this season and had a 4-4 record last year.

Looking at the record, you will see that a victory over a JV Homeschool would not be a signature win. In fact, it is hard to find any of the four victories as a printing win, much less a signature.

The New Braunfels team last played the Warriors in the second season. BCS won 56-6 and was only the fourth win ever for the two year program. Since that game Bracken have a 39-6 record.

If New Braunfels has imported some talent, then this will also be a game that will be a drubbing.

San Antonio Lutheran started playing last year after having a three year layoff. The San Antonio school does not have a home field, so they will be playing BCS in Bulverde again.

Lutheran did not win a game last year and when the Warriors were in their first season, SA Lutheran was also the very first win ever. That 1-9 record had SA Lutheran as the only win for the good guys.

Last season, the Warriors had mercy ruled Lutheran after the first quarter. That could also be the same situation this year.

Two quarters is cruel and will not be humane for the team from San Antonio.

The middle part of the season will allow the Coaches to get more experience for the other players that don’t start and also work on parts of the game that might be lagging.

During this same time of the season last year, quarterback Eli Achilles went three games without an incompletion. Those accomplishments as well as keeping everybody healthy will be the main mantra as the Warriors prepare for the stretch run.