Football, Sport News | August 20, 2011

BCS 3rd Edition of Breaking down the Schedule

All State Running Back Grady Achilles

All State Running Back Grady Achilles

Bracken Christian has had book-end seasons the past few years. The season starts with good teams and ends with good teams. In between the Warriors have yet to be beaten the past four years.

This time we will go over the last four games of the year.

CASA is the next game and the Warriors own a 3-0 record against the team from San Antonio. In fact, CASA has yet to play a four quarter game against BCS. All the games have been Mercy games.

This year should be no different. There has not been any reports of mutations in San Antonio that would make the players better than what the Warriors are bringing back to the field this season.

Do not be surprised to see another shut out for the home team.

San Antonio The Winston is in the same jar as CASA. The Winston has been in a Mercy game in each game too against BCS.

Last year The Winston did have a decent running back and he should be back in uniform this year too. This was the first team to score on Bracken in four games last year and that might be the case this season also.

Sometimes the Warriors like the defense to give up points, so the offense can go back onto the field and have more playing time.

The thinking with this game will be no different than CASA, you will need to be sure you have been to the concession stand early, because the teams will be getting on the bus pretty soon after the halftime horn sounds.

Marble Falls Faith had a decent team last year. The Flames had the chance to play two games in the playoffs, with the last game losing to the eventual team Bracken Christian played in the Championship game.

Coach Lloyd Fields feels that the Warriors played probably there best game against Marble Falls last year. Fields has said that this game helped in giving the Warriors a slow start in the OLH contest the next week.

The biggest difference between the two years would be Bracken being the visitor. That is not always a bad thing for the Warriors. BCS is presently on an 18 game road winning streak entering into the season. The last loss was the second game of the 2007 season.

Look for another road win, maybe not as well played as last year, but a win is a win.

The Kerrville OLH game is probably the most anticipated game of the season. If the season plays out as planned this game will be for the District championship.

OLH lost some good players off of last years team, but Walker is back and that alone should be enough to get Bracken’s attention. That, and the on side kick, that has been the kryptonite in the Warriors armor from last year.

Hopefully BCS can figure out how to recover that part of their arsenal and keep some distance in the game.

OLH did not have a defense last year and until they find someone who can stop the other team, then the Warriors should be able to pull this game off again this season.

Few people will forget the two epic games played last season. If that is the case again this year, then the concession stand will get some overtime sales.

Hopefully the players all stay healthy and the ride is a smooth one for everyone.

The ReSporter can hardly wait to cover the best six-man football team in the State. It should be fun.