Sport News, Volleyball | August 12, 2011

BCS wins in 5 over TMI San Antonio

Bracken Christian finally finished and persevered over the Panthers of TMI, 25-21, 23-25, 26-28, 25-23, 15-10.

The Warriors played with the lead in each game but had problems finishing two of the games after being in the lead. The fact the Warriors reached the 23 point plateau usually meant that they had hit a road block.

“We just have to push to the finish,” Head Coach Shaunna Teuton said. “In practice we tell them they have to finish and we do harder drills that will give them more aggressiveness and intensity.”

In the second game the Warriors had a 23-18 lead only to see the Panthers forge into the lead and win the game 23-25.

“Sometimes you get stuck in a weak rotation,” the studious Teuton said.

The third game had the same result as TMI caught and won the game, by coming from behind. The largest lead in the game was a whopping three points.

BCS had a short memory and did not allow the lost opportunities ruin their resolve.

The teams were evenly matched, but the good news was how the team seemed to find the right time to rally enough points to succumb the Panthers.

Amanda Morgan led the Warriors with 14 kills while Briana Martinez was all over the court supplying the team with a little of everything that added up to a well deserved win.

“This win will help us to play our next game,” Martinez said. “Sometimes when you have pressure you can do better.”

Pressure was a constant element throughout the contest.

“We really were intense and we wanted to finish,” Morgan interjected. “We showed our competitiveness and it just kicked in.”

The Warriors are now 1-1 for the season as they will face Keystone at home Friday, August 12th.

 Bracken Christian Warriors vs. TMI San Antonio
 Kills:   Amanda Morgan 14
 Digs:    Payton Stanush 29
 Assists: Becky Korkosz 18
 Blocks:  Amanda Morgan 2
 Aces:    Becky Korkosz, Karagan Day, Briana Martinez 2.