Football, Sport News | August 15, 2011

Breaking down the Bracken Warriors Schedule

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

The ReSporter will break down the schedule for the Bracken Christian Warriors for this upcoming season in three parts.

The first two installments will have three games each and then the final segment will include the last four games of the season.

The Warriors have had similar strength of opponents the past few years at the same position in the schedule and this year will be no different.

The first three opponents had a collective 28-7 record last season. So, the Warriors will have to be hitting on all cylinders once the team straps on the chin straps.

Austin Hill Country is one of only two teams that has beaten BCS two times since the school started playing in 2006. The Hill Country Knights were the last team to beat the Warriors on their own turf two years ago.

The Knights finished the season 10-2 last season losing the first game (Bracken) and the last game in the playoffs against Abilene Christian by just one point.

The Warriors held Austin Hill Country to their lowest point total for the season. Austin has been gathering steam, on the team most likely to succeed, in beating the Warriors this season.

One thing the Knights do for BCS is bring out the best in running back Grady Achilles. In the last two seasons Achilles has rushed for 674 yards and scored 13 touchdowns against the Knights.

The main reason for the gaudy numbers might revolve around the fact that Austin Hill Country is one of the few teams that play the Warriors close enough to allow Achilles to play the full four quarters of the game.

If the Warriors can stay healthy then their depth will wear down the Knights and the game will be well in hand by the end of the third quarter. Look for the Warriors to win by 35-44 points.

The next game will likely be played by two teams that will both have 15 games winning streaks. Houston Emery-Weiner finished last season 12-0 and won the last two games the year before.

Emery-Weiner plays as an independent and only played one game that was a common opponent for the Warriors. Round Rock Christian was the team that had the dubious honor of playing both teams and not scoring one touchdown in either game.

In fact, Emery-Weiner mercy ruled every game but one on their schedule last year.

This will be an intriguing game to say the least for the Warriors as the only team that was not mercy ruled by Emery-Weiner finished the season ranked No. 1 for Independent schools last season.

The good news will be a home game for Bracken, but other than that there is not enough information to form a point total in the game.

Tomball Rosehill is the team with the most losses to the Warriors. Bracken has a 5-0 record against Rosehill and this should be a game Bracken can improve to 6-0.

Rosehill has the reputation of being one of the largest teams in six-man football, but watching the games played the past few seasons will give you a notion that the fastest team will win most of the time.

Guess what…Bracken is a fast team. This will be the first road game of the year for the Warriors. There is a chance to see road team with a chance to come home early if BCS can get out of the blocks fast.

If Tomball Rosehill can’t sustain drives using their tight offense, then the game will go in favor of the Warriors.

The first three games will give the Bracken fans a good idea of where the season will be headed. Of course, the variables will always have a big say in what actually happens.

That is why they still play the games.