Football, Sport News | August 3, 2011

Canyon Lake Football Practice Starts

Head Coach Matt Monzingo

Head Coach Matt Monzingo

The Hawks have started their quest for another successful season this week when 140 boys started and braved the heat in practice.

“We are taking things still very cautiously,” Head Coach Matt Monzingo said. “The practices are going great as we try to get the heat by us.”

Canyon Lake is now in the process to see what type of team they will be as the coaches start the molding of talents.

“The kids understand how we started last year,” Coach Monzingo stated. “They are getting the questions answered and are gaining confidence.”

The Hawks started the season with a 1-3 record last year and need to find a way to get off to a better start.

This is the second year of the same schedule, except this time the away games will be home games. The Hawks will have a very exciting group of teams coming to town.

Canyon Lake will try to even the score against Blanco and then will welcome Austin-Travis and Sealy to town in back to back games.

Sealy will be ranked again and will be bringing some players that are already getting looks from several College teams.

Of course, Wimberley will be gracing Hawk Stadium after a two year hiatus where Canyon Lake has been the visitor. The Texans have some publications already pegging them in the favorite role to finish first in State.

When asked what has surprised the coaching staff so far in the start up, Coach Monzingo surmised, “We have been doing the same thing for the last three years and we have been surprised with there retention. That one item has made it so much smoother.”

The heat will be monitored closely as the temperatures will be soaring in the next few days.

“We’ve got to be careful,” Coach Monzingo reiterated. “We don’t want any heat issues, so we will not push them too far and risk injuries.”

With the pool being at the complex the team was taking advantage of this venue after the practices.

“This has been hotter than I remember from last year,” Junior Wes Dicks . It is a lot more fun and I am more excited about football this year.”

Dicks was still glowing after being able to take advantage of the pool, “It was so cool and it helped me to relax so I did not get a heat stroke.”

Football season is only a few weeks away now and the team will be putting the pads on the end of the week.

Junior Right Guard Wes Dicks

Junior Right Guard Wes Dicks

The pool might be a lot more crowded in the coming days. The Swimming coach might want to come and see if their might be some players that can be swimmers too. The only difference is the swim season the weather might be a tad cooler.