Coaches Corner, Football, Sport News | August 30, 2011

Coaches Corner with Lloyd Fields for BCS

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

The Bracken Warriors will be playing there second game of the season on a Saturday this week and the opponent has a winning streak of 15, the same as Warriors.

Emery-Weiner is a different type of school, in that, they have a lot of students…but they prefer to play 6-man football instead of 11-man. The result of that decision means the Houston school does not get to participate in any of the districts because there size would give them an unfair advantage.

“They are huge,” Head Coach Lloyd Fields said. “There number 25 reminds me of Marshall Walker from Kerrville OLH team.”

If you were one of the lucky people at the OLH games last year, then that might send chills up your spine when you hear the comparison. Walker had two super games against the Warriors last season.

The best way of knowing the type of team Emery-Weiner will be is by comparing common opponents that BCS might be familiar with.

Emery-Weiner beat Round Rock Christian last week, 66-36. That is the same team the Warriors beat last year by a 57-0 score. The next question would be based on how good Round Rock might be for this season.

“Round Rock is better,” Coach Fields said. “Emery-Weiner might have taken them lightly.”

Coach Fields talked about what the team would be doing this week after the opening game last week, “We are going to tweak our defense…our cornerbacks played well, but we need to work on the rest of the defense.”

“Peter Corey got better,” Coach Fields continued. “Austin Wilkinson is adjusting to six-man and Connor Simmons got better as the game progressed.”

The game one to game two will always be the time period that the team will see how they will perform for the year.

“They are huge on defense,” Weight Watcher Coach Fields said. “They are fast on offense…they have a lot of depth and the offense and defense has no one that goes both ways.”

In six-man football this might be the only team in Texas that can say that. Six man by definition means the schools don’t have a lot of players, much less enough to allow the luxury of playing just defense or offense.

The game will be very interesting for a lot of reasons, but the fact that Bracken is playing a team with a lot of depth, will have  Coach Fields using running back Grady Achilles just on the offensive side of the ball.

Coach Fields was also pleased with the kicking part of the game in last week’s contest.

“Kevin Knapick got all but two kickoffs into the end zone and he also was good on seven of the nine extra points,” Fields closed. “We will have to do a better job on trying to block the other teams points after though.”

A coaches job is never done. Coach Fields will have the team ready for the game this Saturday…it should be a can’t miss game.