Football, Sport News | August 11, 2011

Hawks Scrimmage Dripping Springs Saturday 8:30am

Alex Kemp shows next play during practices

Alex Kemp shows next play during practices

The Hawks are finishing their second week of practices and Head Coach Matt Monzingo seems to be in a good mood.

“We are way ahead of where we were last year at this time,” Coach Monzingo surmised. “We are two or three deep before there is any drop off.”

That statement allows the Coaches a lot of freedom to mix and match the team for both sides of the ball.

This is the classic for the coaches where they asked the class to read some books before the players came back to school after the summer months. The team would be telling the coaches that they not only read what was assigned, but also went to the library to get extra books read.

“We have defensive questions that will be answered in the scrimmages,” Coach Monzingo said. “We lost a lot of players in the middle.”

The confidence that the team will find replacements is foregone conclusion from the talking points given. The team still has to mesh and find that elusive ‘it’ that might catapult the team to the next level.

The scrimmage against Dripping Springs will be a Hawk stadium this Saturday starting at 8:30 am.