Football, Sport News | August 24, 2011

Pre/Game: Canyon Lake Hawks vs. Blanco Panthers

Pre/Game:  Blanco Panthers @  CLHS Hawks 
                Record 0-0     @     Record  0-0
 At Hawk Field  7:30pm  August 26th

 Series History: Blanco leads series 2-1
 2008    CLHS    00  Blanco  63
 2009    CLHS    21  Blanco  14
 2010    CLHS    07  Blanco  12

The Blanco game last year left such a bad taste in the mouths of the Hawks that it took five more weeks before Canyon Lake found enough Dentine to get the taste out.

The Hawks would of beaten the Panthers by a boat load if the game would of been played at the end of the season. However, the game was the first game just like this year and CLHS will need to get out of the gate much faster in order to set the tone for this campaign.

Blanco finished the year 5-6 and even though the last loss was a playoff game,  the losing record was not what the Panthers had envisioned.

The Panthers are returning their entire offensive line, so the game to watch should be when Canyon Lake’s defense is on the field. The Hawks will have to stop the running game in order to get the offense on the field so they can atone for the non-existence game last year.

Tanner Rogers will be in his third year under center and will want to control the game with the running game. Tanner’s passing was average last season, but he hit the play when he needed on the win against the Hawks last year.

Zach Henshaw will need to start the game strong since he missed the first part of the season. In his last four games he had 771 yards and finished the season with 1161 yards in just eight games.

If the Hawks can establish the running game, then the passing game will open up and stretch the field.

The receiving core will be ready for action with Matt Magness and Jeremy Fulton anchoring a part of the offense that came on strong as the season progressed last year.

With the newness of Branson Belcher, it will be interesting to see how the offense can control the game. The offensive line will have to control the game in the trenches and that will tell the fans if they will be going home with a smile on their face.

The Hawks feel this could be there break out season. This game will give the Coaches a good idea of how all the work from the end of school has impacted the players for game ‘time’.

And the ‘Time’ is now…Good luck Hawks!