Football, Sport News | August 24, 2011

Pre/Game for Bracken and Austin Hill Country

Austin Hill Country @   Bracken Christian
Knights   (0-0)     vs      Warriors  (0-0)

Game Time: 7:30 pm   August 26th

History: Bracken Leads series 3-2
2006    BCS 16  Knights 64
2007    BCS 54  Knights 48
2008    BCS 44  Knights 16
2009    BCS 64  Knights 72
2010    BCS 54  Knights 21

The ReSporter would like to start this year off with a stat line for Grady Achilles who has some impressive numbers for this team.

Taking away the number of quarters that Achilles has missed because of mercy games and then add in the missed game because of injury, then you have the running back averaging 220.2 yards per game on the ground.

The Warriors will start their quest for another Division I Championship in football this Friday at the Bracken field.

The Austin Hill Country has been picked to win TAPPS Division I in the Texas Football Magazine this summer. The Knights finished the year two wins away from playing in the final game.

AHC were beaten in their first and last game, finishing the year 10-2.

The Knights will be returning all of their starters from last season and is the major reason for the lofty preseason ranking.

Brandon Simpson will be the player the Warriors will have to keep under covers. The spread back finished with 1,351 rushing with 25 touchdowns.

The main reason the Warriors have a better than average chance to win would be based on most of these players having to play on both sides of the ball. This will give BCS a good chance of stretching the lead as the game goes on.

The question that must be asked: Has the Knights improved 33 points or has Bracken fallen off 33 points?

The Warriors lost one to two players on both sides of the ball, but the emergence of Austin Wilkerson more than makes up for the lost players for offensive power.

The defense kept the Knights 37 points less than what they averaged putting the game in the right frame of mind for what might be seen this coming Friday night.

The offensive arsenal for Bracken is second to none. The stats for Simpson could almost be tripled and you would have the stats for Grady Achilles.

Add the bruiser Ehren Jacobson, Eli Achilles, and Wilkerson to the backfield and there will be very few teams that will ever get a break from the onslaught that is possible for this team.

The foot of Kevin Knapick will have a work out for the kickoffs and the punting unit might not have 10 plays this year much less in one game.

Good game will be the order of the day, the Warriors will not go into this game with a ‘we won the game already’ attitude. The we need to prove ourselves to the teams again is paramount in the resolve for this team.

What a great way to start the season at Bracken, under the ‘bright’ lights without the generator. The only thing that will run better, will be the running game. Enjoy….