Football, Sport News | August 26, 2011

Pre/Game with Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Bracken Christian Warriors start defending their State Championship Trophy this evening and the ReSporter would like to spend some time with Head Coach Lloyd Fields each Friday before the game to give fans some nuggets.

“We are going to battle this evening,” Coach Fields started the conversation. “We are without two of our starters and Hill Country will coming in ready to play.”

The sage Fields has been around the block a few times and starts this year with a team that many feel will be playing again in the month of December.

There are still some concerns heading into this evenings game.

“Kicking game,” Coach Fields said without hesitation. “We could have a kickoff returned  against us this evening, we just haven’t been consistent in that part of our game this week.”

Fields also mentioned that the game might very will resemble the game played between the two heavyweights two years ago when over 130 points were scored by the teams.

The difference between that year and tonight for the fans will be the score. The BCS family would want the Warriors to finish the evening with the most points.

If the game becomes a track meet, then that should favor Bracken because the Warriors have more depth and not as many players playing on defense and offense.

Thanks Coach for letting us find get deeper into the dynamics of one of the headline games in the State.