Football, Sport News | August 3, 2011

Update on the BCS Football Practices

Bracken Christian Practicing for another Ring

Bracken Christian Practicing for another Ring

The Bracken Christian Warriors will be putting the pads on soon and with that another hurdle will be cleared for the fans that are anxiously awaiting another season of high expectations.

“Practice went well,” Coach Lloyd Fields said. “When we go to pads, then we will see what happens.”

The coaches have been putting in overtime as Coach Fields talked about the accomplishments thus far, “We are in good shape and we already have put in our offense and defense.”

The team will be in good shape based on the last statement, as the practices can be based on more repetition allowing the team to have a much better understanding of all the different facets of the game.

The Warriors were surprised two years ago when Austin Hill Country came to the home turf and put a whipping on BCS.

This year with the added bulls-eye, the team will realize real soon that they are the hunted and not the hunter.

“We are ahead of where we were last year,” Coach Fields fielded. “We need to perfect it and then execute it. If we don’t then our opponents might execute us.”

Coaches will always talk cautiously during this time of year, the press call it ‘Coach Speak’, but you do sense that the coaches do feel confident.

“We have had a good three days of practice and we will have to be in a different type of shape when we put the pads on,” Fields said. “This will be a new realm of conditioning in pads and having contact.”

Still the Warriors will be watched closely as the heat and the coaches not wanting to risk injury.  An injury on a 6-man team would be very damaging.