Football, Game Article | September 25, 2011

BCS Beats NBC, 55-0

Ehren Jacobson Rams through the Wildcats

Ehren Jacobson Rams through the Wildcats

Bracken Christian (BCS) Warriors controlled the New Braunfels Christian (NBC) Wildcats on both sides of the line winning on Saturday night, 55-0.

Taking the initials of both schools would give you a whole different battle: BCS (Bowl Championship Series) vs. NBC (National Broadcasting Channel).

Based on that criteria, the BCS entity will not be telecasted by NBC anytime in the near future.

The Warriors started on the Wildcats 22 yard line after Grady Achilles returned the opening kick-off 58 yards.

The first play was another dose of Grady Achilles with a run to the end zone. The score happened with just 27 seconds gone into the game.

Kicker Kevin Knapick was automatic from the bonus point area giving Bracken a quick 8-0 lead.

Kevin Knapick talked about the ‘Bonus’ kick after the game, “We have Pete (Corey) back at center and Sam (Hilgendorf) perfecting his hold…we won’t have to worry about scoring.”

Knapick continued, “Last year in the Semi’s we had to have a two point conversion to send the game into overtime.”

BCS had a total of six plays in the first quarter and a 24 point lead. The extra point play was run seven times and the Warriors were good on six of them.

Quarterback, Eli Achilles took the ball and found no player open on the next drive then bolted 65 yards for the next touchdown.

The play had an incredible block from Split End, Jordan McDaniel when he decleated an unsuspecting Wildcat giving Grady Achilles the lane to bolt the rest of the way for the score.

Zach Fasenmyer and Donald Loving catch a Wildcat

Zach Fasenmyer and Donald Loving catch a Wildcat

The next one play drive came courtesy of Austin Wilkinson. The run spanned 57 yards and the closest a wildcat would get to the Wilkinson run was about as close as you wanting to get to a skunk.

The numbers of plays in the first quarter for the two teams was dramatic: BCS 6 NBC 22

The TV market has gone to satellite and cable now leaving the NBC’s of the world with much more competition.

The Warriors continued the onslaught in the second quarter giving more people a reason to switch to the FOX News.

The BCS defense put up some decent numbers. NBC ran 34 plays and totaled 48 yards for a staggering 1.4 yards per play.

A little math would tell you that NBC would need 10.7 plays for a first down. NBC finished with four first downs, but two of the firsts was the result of the officials.

A five play drive starting the second quarter had Ehren Jacobson (21 yards) and Grady Achilles (15 yards)accounting for the 36 yard drive and another Knapick kick. Score? 32-0 and more Warrior viewers switching their channel to FOX over NBC.

“I’m feeling better and I have gotten faster,” Battering Ram Jacobson said. “I have learned what to do and when to cut and stiff arm.”

When asked how Jacobson would handle the off week he responded, “Make sure we are staying in shape and just getting better, we have some tough games coming up.”

The next drive once again had a Jacobson run of 7 yards and an Achilles 58 yard reception from Achilles. (we will let you figure that one out)

Grady Achilles hauls in pass from Eli Achilles

Grady Achilles hauls in pass from Eli Achilles

The game had some firsts for the Warriors.

  1. A lost fumble…the first of the season
  2. An extra point via a pass from Sam Hilgendorf to Jordan McDaniel after a muffed snap.

“Our offense is the best in the State,” Sophomore Hilgendorf  said succinctly. “Our defense is not perfect yet, but we are looking for perfection in everything.”

Arnold Adame had his highlight, catching a 15 yard pass for a touchdown after another bulldozing run of 31 yards from Jacobson on the same drive.

The game allowed many of the players who had injuries and inexperience to get into action.

“That was a lot of fun,” Junior Wes Flurry said in a hurry. “When the second ‘D’ came in, I was ready…this is my first year to play and I want to play all I can when Coach will let me.”

Wes Flurry and Donald Loving listen in on the BCS invitation from Coach Fields

Wes Flurry and Donald Loving listen in on the BCS invitation from Coach Fields

The BCS Warriors were all over the NBC Wildcats and Head Coach Lloyd Fields talked about what the team accomplished in the game, “Everybody got to play…these guys can read the playoffs and know what needs to be done, we need to look good when we win ball games. And tonight we looked very, very, good.”

The Warriors finished the game with another one play drive off the feet of Wilkinson for 70 yards. The run was the third longest in BCS history. Which is what NBC was after the contest.

NBC was finished and switched to the History Channel for their Fall Lineup of shows after the final horn sounded from the scoreboard. The speed limit back when NBC meant something, 55-0.

The Sunsets on NBC

The Sunsets on NBC

             1   2   3   4   Final
 Wildcats    0   0   x   x    0
 Warriors   24  31   x   x   55
 Scoring Summary:
 BCS-Grady Achilles 22 yard run (Kevin Knapick kick), 9:33, 1st
 BCS-Eli Achilles 65 yard run (Kevin Knapick kick), 7:04, 1st
 BCS-Austin Wilkinson 57 yard run (Knapick kick), 2:31, 1st
 BCS-Grady Achilles 15 yard run (Knapick kick), 8:31, 2nd
 BCS-Grady Achilles 58 yd pass from Eli Achilles (McDaniel pass from Hilgendorf), 7:31, 2nd
 BCS-Arnold Adame 15 yd pass from Eli Achilles (Knapick kick), 4:04, 2nd
 BCS-Austin Wilkinson 70 yard run (Knapick kick), 2:15, 2nd

                 NBC     BCS
 Total Yards     48      363
 First Downs     4       8
 Rushes/Yards    12/5    10/282
 Comp/Att/Int    7/22/1  3/6/0
 Passing Yds     43      81
 Punts/Ave       4/36.5  0/0
 Fumbles/Lost    0/0     1/1
 Penalties-Yds   1-5     4-40

 Passing         Comp    Att   Ave  Yds  TD  Int
 Eli Achilles    2       3    .667  73   2   0
 Grady Achilles  1       3    .333   8   0   0

 Rushing          Att   Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Austin Wilkinson  2    127  63.5   70   2
 Eli Achilles      1     65  65.0   65   1
 Ehren Jacobson    4     52  13.0   24   0
 Grady Achilles    3     38  12.3   22   2

 Receiving        No    Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Grady Achilles   1     58   58.0   58   1
 Arnold Adame     1     15   15.0   15   1
 Eli Achilles     1      8    8.0    8   0