Football, Game Article, Sport News | September 11, 2011

BCS Dismantles Tomball Rosehill, 66-18

Bracken Christian moved their game one day later and proceeded to dismantle the Tomball Rosehill Eagles in Katy, Texas.  The Warriors won their sixth game over the Eagles without a loss.

The word for this article will be ‘Dismantle’. Definition? To take apart; disassemble; tear down. To put an end to in a gradual systematic way.

The Warriors scored four touchdowns via the pass which is a record based on the last two and a half years. The ReSporter was not around in the beginning of the start up program. The passing in the earlier years was better than the running machine that is witnessed presently. So there might have been games in the past that might of been better.

Try this on for size, in counting the number of plays it took Bracken to score:

  1. Two plays covering 40 yards to start the game.
  2. Two plays for 45 yards, the drive featured Grady Achilles last running play of the day.
  3. One play drive covering 61 yards, with Eli Achilles passing the rock.
  4. Two play drive covering 38 yards, one run and another pass to Arnold Adame.
  5. One play drive covering 53 yards, Achilles to Achilles pass play.
  6. Three play drive covering 58 yards, with Adame having the honors on a run.
  7. One play drive covering 34 yards on a Austin Wilkinson running play.
  8. One play drive covering 30 yards with Grady Achilles to Wilkinson pass play.
  9. Two play Ehren Jacobson drive on the two totes, the last run going for 47 yards.

When you add them up you will come up with 15 plays covering 419 yards for a lofty 28 yards per play.  Dismantle!

Completing four passes for 177 yards for a loftier 44 yards per reception. DIsmantle!!

Ten rushing plays for 223 yards on just 10 carries for over 22 yards per carry. DISmantle!!!

How about Arnold Adame touching the ball two times and scoring each time from over 33 yards from the goal line. DISMickeyMantle!!!!

The Warriors have played Tomball Rosehill six times now winning all of the contests. This game was the first one to be classified as a ‘Mercy’ game.

Bracken is now going into the part of the season where they have enjoyed six game winning streaks each year except for the 1-9 first campaign in 2006.

Tomball did score three times and ran back a kickoff to the Bracken 10 yard line.

The reaction time was pretty impressive. It took the Warriors a total of one minute and thirteen seconds to score the three pay back touchdowns. DISMAntle!!!!

There was only one possession Bracken did not score out of the 10 times the Warriors had the ball. DIS’MAN’tle!!!!!!

The little things add up to the big things in football and this year is no different for BCS. Including the game with Tomball the Warriors have yet to fumble or punt this season. Repeat: not talking about a lost fumble, talking about not having a fumble period. DISMANTle!!!!!!!

The improvement has also been evident in the last three games with, Penalties:
First Game against Austin Hill Country: 6 penalties for 60 yards
Second game against Emery-Weinger:  2 penalties for 15 yards
Third game against Tomball Rosehill  :  2 penalties for   7 yards

The special teams seem to be getting better from the kick-offs to the bonus kicks. Kevin Knapick has not had to punt yet this season, but his kick-offs are not giving the opponent a chance to do much damage.

The one kick return to the 10 yard line being the only chip in the armor for the Warriors. The six for eight on the bonus kicks is improving from the center to the holder. The trinity of kicking is a wonderful part of the game.

You could see the difference in the game against Rosehill as their kicker did not even get his tries close enough to scare the player centering the ball.

Bracken Christian Soldiers are going into battle with the goal of winning it all again. This game gave the opposition a good look at all the players. The depth is amazing and there will certainly be some more teams DISMANTLEd in the coming weeks.

                 1   2   3   4   Final
 BCS Warriors   30  14  22   X   66      
 TCR Eagles      6   6   6   x   18
 Scoring Summary
 BCS-Grady Achilles 25 yard run (pat failed), 8:57, 1st
 BCS-Austin Wilkinson 28 yard run (Kevin Knapick kick), 5:48, 1st
 BCS-Grady Achilles 61 yard pass from Eli Achilles (Knapick kick), 3:56, 1st
 TCR-Powers 17 yard pass from Nelson (pat failed), 0:55, 1st
 BCS-Arnold Adame 33 yard pass from Grady Achilles (Knapick kick), 0:11, 1st
 TCR-Edwards 7 yard run (pat failed), 5:59, 2nd
 BCS-Grady Achilles 53 yard pass from Eli Achilles (Knapick kick), 5:46, 2nd
 BCS-Arnold Adame 38 yard run (pat failed), 1:31, 2nd
 TCR-Edwards 4 yard run (pat failed), 8:32, 3rd
 BCS-Austin Wilkinson 34 yard run (Kevin Knapick kick), 8:16, 3rd
 BCS-Wilkinson 30 yard pass from Grady Achilles (Knapick kick), 5:01, 3rd
 BCS-Ehren Jacobson 47 yard run (mercy game), 1:35, 3rd

 Team Stats          Warriors    Eagles
 Total Yards         400         244
 First Downs         10          11
 Rushes/Yards        10/223      41/170
 Comp/Att/Int        4/8/1       7/13/1
 Passing Yds         177         74
 Punts/Ave           0/0         0/0
 Fumbles/Lost        0/0         2/1
 Penalties-Yds       2-7         0/0

 Passing             Comp    Att   Ave   TD  Int
 Eli Achilles        2       6    .333   2   1
 Grady Achilles      2       2   1.000   2   0

 Rushing             Att  Yds  Ave  Lg   TD
 Ehren Jacobson      4    76  19.0  47   1
 Austin Wilkinson    2    62  31.0  34   2
 Grady Achilles      3    47  15.7  25   1
 Arnold Adame        1    38  38.0  38   1

 Receiving           No   Yds   Ave  Lg   TD
 Grady Achilles      2    114  57.0  61   2
 Arnold Adame        1     33  33.0  33   1
 Austin Wilkinson    1     30  30.0  30   1