Football, Game Article, Sport News | September 4, 2011

BCS Takes Care of Business over Emery-Weiner, 58-8

Peter Corey, Eli Achilles, and Kevin Knapick stop another Jaguar

Peter Corey, Eli Achilles, and Kevin Knapick stop another Jaguar

The clash of the two 15 game winning streaks was over with just eleven seconds into the game as the Bracken Christian Warriors were business as usual against Houston Emery-Weiner Jaguars at Warrior stadium last Saturday.

The eleven seconds is how long it took Grady Achilles to run back the kick off without being touched. The 62 yard run for intense and purposes had the visitors loading the bus for their drive back to Houston early.

The E-W Jaguars did mount a decent drive to the mid field stripe on their next possession, but a failed run on fourth down allowed the Warriors to do what they do best…taking a business class on how to sell jaguars and Score.

Bracken Christian took five plays to go 40 yards and increased the lead, 14-0 with five minutes still left in the quarter.

The Houston school had some very skilled and hard nosed football players, but the speed of the Bulverde school was too much for the slower Jaguar.

“Between games one and two is when you will make your most improvement,” Head Coach Lloyd Fields said. “We took care of business at the defensive end today, all three of the players played better.”

With BCS leading 22-0, Emery-Weiner had what turned out to be their only scoring drive. Starting sixty yards from the goal line, the Jaguars used 10 plays for their only score. Six of those plays, they passed the ball with the last covering 24 yards and a 22-8 score.

What momentum E-W had garnished with the drive was quickly doused when Grady Achilles darted 60 yards for the one play drive. The play took 14 seconds off the clock and the beleaguered Jaguars offense darted back onto the field.

Then an impressive drive that took 13 plays for E-W ended on the BCS 28 yard line and nothing to show for it. That is bad business!

Another five play scoring drive that was capped off by the battering ram called Ehren Jacobson from five yards out had the Warriors up 28 points with plenty of time to score again. Jacobson was running like he will be going into the construction business…he will always be wearing the helmet.

Emery-Weiner was not getting short changed and started an eight play drive that stalled after Peter Corey sacked the Jaguar’s quarterback on a second and three yard play.

“I’m getting better and this game was good and showed how good our defense is getting,” Senior Defensive End Corey admonished. “We got past the first part of the season and now we can fine tune our offense and we will have a good time.”

The 11 yard loss was too much to overcome giving the Warriors one last drive before they punched their lunch card. The three play drive had Grady Achilles for a 20 yard run…Arnold Adame with a 17 yard catch…and Austin Wilkinson finishing the halftime scoring from six yards out.

Austin, jack of all trades, gets ready for another tackle

Austin, jack of all trades, gets ready for another tackle

Wilkinson was in on every type of play in the game. Wilkinson was a running back, receiver, defensive back, and defensive lineman. His family must of been thinking they had quadruplets.

“This was my second game and it was time to step it up,” one of the Wilkinson quadruplets said. “I thought that either way I was going to be hurt…I will be feeling good.”

The former Smithson Valley defensive back, Wilkinson said, “They were big and reminded me of Steele high school…that #25 had some meat, but they all go down when you get them at the knees.”

E-W had not been beaten in 15 games and last season the Jaguars mercy ruled 11 of the 12 games they were in.

This Jaguar team might have applied for the wrong job since their business plan was not working.

Starting the second half the Wall Street Warriors were having a Bull Run type of day after stopping the Jaguars on their first drive.

The Jaguars could punt however and the E-W player pinned Bracken on their nine yard line after a 51 yard punt.

The Warriors did not have a return man on the punt giving them more yardage to work with after the ball roles dead. This gives the well oiled machine a chance to get as many plays on offense as possible.

The defense by this time in the game had been in on 49 plays while the offense had only come out of the huddle 17 times.

The offense was business as usual when Davis Scott took the center hand off for thirteen yards up the middle. The battering ram,  Jacobson was next as he made the two lane highway into four with passing lanes, running for 17 yards and another first down.

Sam Hilgendorf holds for another good PAT for Kevin Knapick

Sam Hilgendorf holds for another good PAT for Kevin Knapick

The Jacobson passing lane was not complete when the next two passes fell incomplete. The Lamborghini (Grady Achilles) was called in for the 21 yard touchdown run leaving the Warriors with just one more score to send the people to the exits.

BCS held the rusty Jaguar after an eight play drive giving the Warriors a chance to send their car to the parts grave.

On this drive Jordan McDaniel and Wilkinson both pitched in with a couple of receptions when the tow truck was finally called in for the Adame catch from 15 yards out sending the Jaguar home on a bus.

“It was great,” Sophomore Adame said. “I wasn’t expecting them to pass me the ball. I guess he (Eli Achilles) did.”

“I just want to help the team and go to State and win it again,” Adame closed.

The business as usual Warriors, took care of business and made it their business not to let  teams to bring their game into the Warrior stadium.

Both 15 game winning streaks are over. Emery-Weiner now has a loss on their ledger and the Warriors are sporting a 16 game winning streak.  The ReSporter will buy what Bracken Christian is selling!

                       1   2   3   4   Final
 Houston Emery-Weiner  0   8   0   x    8
 Bracken Christian    22  22  14   x   58
 Scoring Summary:
 BCS-Grady Achilles 62 yard kick-off return (Kevin Knapick kick), 9:49, 1st
 BCS-Grady Achilles 9 yard run (kick failed), 4:54, 1st
 BCS-Grady Achilles 71 yard run (Kevin Knapick kick), 2:55, 1st
 HEW-Livingston 24 pass from Schaffer (Jaffe kick), 9:52, 2nd
 BCS-Grady Achilles 60 yard run (Kevin Knapick kick), 9:38, 2nd
 BCS-Ehren Jacobson 5 yard run (pass failed), 2:35, 2nd
 BCS-Austin Wilkinson 6 yard run (Kevin Knapick kick), 0:00, 2nd
 BCS-Grady Achilles 21 yard run (Kevin Knapick kick), 6:25, 3rd
 BCS-Arnold Adame 15 yard pass from Eli Achilles (no kick), 2:06, 3rd

 Team Stats      Jaguars     Warriors
 Total Yards     160         352
 First Downs     9           12
 Rushes Yards    33-56       19-293
 Comp/Att/Int    14/27/0     4/8/0
 Passing Yards   104         59
 Fumbles/Lost    3/0         0/0
 Punts/Ave.      2/48.5      0/0
 Penalties-Yds   7-70        2-15

 Passing         Comp  Att   Pct  Yds TD  Int
 Eli Achilles    3     6    .500  44   1   0
 Grady Achilles  1     2    .500  15   0   0  

 Rushing         Att   Yds  Ave   Lg  TD
 Grady Achilles  10    220  22.0  71  4
 Ehren Jacobson   5     33   6.6  17  1
 Eli Achilles     1     16  16.0  16  0
 Davis Scott      1     13  13.0  13  0
 Austin Wilkinson 1      6   6.0   6  1
 Arnold Adame     1      5   5.0   5  0

 Receiving       No    Yds  Ave   Lg   TD
 Arnold Adame     2    32   16.0  17    1
 Austin Wilkinson 1    16   16.0  16    0
 Jordan McDaniel  1    11   11.0  11    0