Game Article, Volleyball | September 30, 2011

BCS Wins Big over Waldorf, 25-12, 23-25, 25-27, 25-23, 15-10

It was an epic battle, as the Bracken Christian Volleyball team held off Waldorf in a five game set on Friday night.

The win was important, since the Waldorf team was undefeated in district play.

Now BCS finds themselves with the same number of losses and a chance to forge into a tie with a victory Saturday against Kerrville OLH.

OLH was the only loss for the Warriors through the first round of district play.

BCS started the set on fire as they lapped the Waldorf team. With the score 11-9, Becky Korkosz and Briana Martinez served the team with a 12 point rally and winning the game by 13 points, 25-12.

Every time during the game, Korkosz was able to send her serve exactly where Coach Shaunna Teuton was instructing.

“That is the first time I have been able to get that many serves to where Coach (Teuton) was wanting the ball to go to,” Korkosz said with a smile on her face.

The six point rally buried Waldorf and gave the fans the idea it would be a three game blow out. Wrong!!

The Warriors were leading in the second game but could not keep the momentum as Waldorf rallied for the two point victory, 23-25.

“We got comfortable and realized that we had to play harder if we wanted to win,” Korkosz said.

Both teams were evenly matched throughout the rest of the night.

BCS was playing from behind in the third game, finding themselves down five to six points for most of the game.

The Warriors would stage another comeback with Pruitt serving up another rally with eight points and the short lived lead, 23-20.

Waldorf rose to the occasion and finally succumbed the Warriors, winning 25-27.

The fourth game was much like the others as the two teams played a back and forth in a game for the ages.

“We were encouraging each other and didn’t want to be done,” Caitlin Pruitt rallied. “I think the new hitting machine helped me tonight.”

“This was the first game that Caitlin played a whole rotation for a game,” Coach Teuton said. “This game gave her more confidence.”

Pruitt had been injured starting the season, the reason for the slower start.

Waldorf started the fourth game winning the first five points.

Bracken answered with a six point rally to bring the game to a tied score, 7-7.

BCS forged to six point lead off the serve of Pruitt once again, but Waldorf was not finished as they climbed back to a tie with a five point rally bringing the score 18 all.

Amanda Morgan was nails as she had four kills at the end to send the contest to a fifth and deciding game, 25-23.

What do you tell a team when you are going into the fifth game of such a tight game? Coach Teuton responded, “I told them that we had reached 15 points before Waldorf in every game. We talked about relaxing and doing our jobs and different girls stepped up.”

The good news for the Warriors was the games were actually tied in teams reaching 15 points first. Waldorf had reached 15 in the games they had won and BCS had done the same in the games one and four up to that point.

The Warriors belief in their Coach made the point mute as BCS reached the 15 point plateau first in the game that mattered.

The final game was back and forth without either team leading more than one point…until Bailey Beene put the momentum on her back, or in this case in her hands with a resounding block that broke the Waldorf spirit.

“I had been waiting all game for that and the block got us excited,” Sophomore Beene exclaimed.

Beene was the steel curtain at the net by getting her hand on several hits, slowing the ball down enough for the back line to recover and keep the rally points going through several times through the night.

This blocked point gave the Warriors a 10-8 lead. Beene was the next server and the three point rally put the game on Bracken’s doorstep.

During the final rally, Becky Korkosz was very instrumental with three kills with help from Karagan Day sending a ball from out of bounds down the line for the 14-10 lead.

The final point put the game, set, and match in favor of the Warriors.

“I told the team to celebrate until you get in bed tonight, because they have to be ready for OLH tomorrow,” Coach Teuton reiterated.

I think Beene might be counting blocks instead of sheep as she sleeps tonight. Sweet Dreams!!

BCS (District 4-1) defeated Waldorf (District 5-1)
 25-12, 23-25, 25-27, 25-23, 15-10

 Kills:   Amanda Morgan 15
 Assists: Becky Korkosz 14
 Digs:    Payton Stanush 23
 Blocks:  Bailey Beene 2
 Aces:    Caitlin Pruitt